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Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch


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  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Left and Right Side configurable
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Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch


HRT WPS Hanger
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The Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch was designed as a universal ambidextrous pouch add-on to your plate carrier. Designed in conjunction with John Lovell of WPS this pouch is a lightweight, durable and flexible organizer to ensure you always have what you need for the job. The location allows you to have your mission essential gear in a convenient side location freeing up MOLLE allowing you to run slick. The pouches unique design allows for user to configure the pouch for a right or left side position. The Multi Hanger pouch was designed to accept an array of items such as radios, magazines, flashbangs or any other mission specific gear.  The Multi Hanger Pouch can be mounted under your cummerbund. It is compatible with virtually any plate carrier that has loop Velcro on the front of many plate pockets.



  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Left and Right Side configurable

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155 reviews for Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch

Based on 155 reviews
  1. Avatar

    Ryan Sabella


  2. Beau Booker

    Beau Booker

    Well made

  3. Vincent Burris

    Vincent Burris

    They work great. Will purchase more.

  4. Avatar


    Does the job well. Fast shipping.

  5. Shane VanHeel

    Shane VanHeel

    Fits great for my radio, will get another one for my mag

  6. Branden Swartz

    Branden S.

    Great product. Works perfectly as advertised. The customer service from this company is top notch and they make awesome products.

  7. Avatar

    Aaron Flippo

    Simple wins every time

  8. Alex Lasker


    Great product.

  9. Darryl Hast

    Darryl H.

    Much needed accessory.

  10. Samuel Longden

    Samuel L.

    I’m a smaller guy and thought a magazine under the armpit would be uncomfortable. I bought it anyways and realized it works super well and I hardly notice it. Highly recommend it since you can store more than just a mag with it.

  11. Avatar

    Zachary A.

    Holds a Motorola XPR 7000 series perfectly behind the cummberbund. Top controls are still accessible and it sits comfortably.

  12. Avatar

    Mike Terry

    Order arrived on time and is very well constructed. Will work great with any plate or chest harness set up.

  13. Avatar

    William M.

    This is a great way to carry extra gear when space is limited.

  14. Avatar


    Works perfectly for everything I need it for. PRC-152s fit very snug and secure in it.

  15. Avatar

    David Hawkins

    Awesome quality

  16. Avatar


    Perfect addition to my vest, fits my radio nice and snug and doesn’t interfere with my movement.

  17. Avatar

    Ross T.

    Got 2, cause 2 is 1, 1 youre done

  18. Avatar

    Kody B.

    Everything fits perfect

  19. Avatar


    Has good retention and durability

  20. Avatar

    Brian S.


  21. Avatar


    The multi hanger pouch works great and keeps my radio secure to the inside of my cummerbund during missions and training.

  22. Avatar

    Brent H.

    Good add on from warrior poet.

  23. Jameson Holder

    Jameson H.

    Amazing product. It’s so convent to have an extra magazine inside the cummerbund of the plate carrier. Will hold other items as well.

  24. Avatar

    Julio B.

    Hold the mag perfectly even hung side ways. Great quality. Only improvement would add tabs to attach S&S pull tabs.

  25. Avatar

    James P.

    I use this for my radio and the internal strap easily always me to switch sides if needed. I also have the tourniquet holder that I use on the opposite side.

  26. Avatar

    Michael Swain

    Great gear

  27. Avatar


    I’ve not yet been able to use this product on a plate carrier yet, but I threw one of my Gen 3 Pmags in it to test it out. It fits great, has excellent retention, but I can tell that the magazine can be drawn relatively quickly. Pair that with having it between the PC cummerbund and the body and that mag shouldn’t go anywhere. Great and versatile product.

  28. Avatar


    Top notch quality. I like how I can place this inside my carrier. Good for mags, radio, water bottle, etc. Hanging horizontally doesn’t work well, needs a retaining strap for that.

  29. Avatar

    Jameson H.

    John Lovell and HRT killed it on this one. Keeps an extra magazine tucked up nice and close to my body and out of the way. Surprisingly comfortable.

  30. Avatar


    Excellent and versatile pouch for radio or extra mag

  31. Avatar

    Orry C.

    delivery was quick, great product

  32. Avatar

    Paul N.

    awesome concealable mag pouch for my kit so i have more free room on my cummberbund.

  33. Avatar


    Simple and effective

  34. Avatar

    James Howden

    I got this to run my coms in, I don’t really have the radio yet but I know it’s going to work perfectly.

  35. Avatar

    Chris Garner

    Love the pouch easy to remove if you dont need it.

  36. Avatar

    Michael B.

    This is a new, interesting and useful product. I have added it to my HRT carrier and use it to carry a flash bang.

  37. Avatar


    Either make the entire field hook & loop or get rid of the piece that is not. Blocks the placard from getting a full grip and is really just a useless strip. Otherwise this works as intended. Would buy again (just cutting that strip at the end off).

  38. Avatar


    Good for radio if you don’t want to use buttons or screen

  39. Avatar

    Jake H.

    Perfect radio holder

  40. Avatar


    Using to hold coms. Have it setup inside cummerbund and works well.

  41. Avatar

    Daniel Heydenburg


  42. Avatar


    The Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger pouch is spot on. I often need to carrier duel comms, one for team and another for command (Motorola APX 6000 and APX 7000). The WPS Multi Hanger secures both very well. If I don’t need both comms, an extra mag, TQ or a small med kit is easily inserted. Extremely versatile.

  43. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    Great product!

  44. Avatar


    Very good, Holds out POS Harris radio

  45. Avatar


    Good pouch! Does exactly what I need it to, which is to hold a magazine. Not so great for larger radios.
    The elastic side-pouch is actually quicker to get a magazine out of than the placard. I don’t know what wizardry caused this, but the side pouch works well.

  46. Avatar


    These work great period! Very comfortable under arms and behind cumberbund. Can’t even tell I have them. I would like a Ridgid insert as it’s hard to insert the mags wo using two hands. It will also push the front plaques out a little more then you think cause it reduces the amount of Velcro a little in the layering process.

  47. Avatar



  48. Avatar

    John L.

    Very pleased with it in fact ill be ordering another one shortly.

  49. Avatar

    Rob G.

    Good product, personally would have employed Velcro as a fastener first the strap.

  50. Avatar

    dominic p.

    Must have

  51. Avatar

    Jerrid G.

    What’s to say, it does exactly what it’s supposed to. Awesome addition to my plate carrier.

  52. Avatar


    They work as expected.

  53. Avatar

    Joshua R.

    Great pouch. Keeps my radio tight

  54. Avatar


    Decided to order another one.

  55. Avatar

    Michael F.

    This is a nice addition, but be wary of the extra gear inside the cummerbund. Easy enough, but could be easier to remove magazines.

  56. Avatar


    Love the flexibility it gives in locating a spare mag

  57. Avatar


    Holds mags tight and I don’t even feel it being there. Very well done. It can be difficult to put things in it once you’re wearing your kit, so make sure you stick the mag in beforehand.
    I’m concerned about the actual durability, especially if you train frequently and are constantly inserting/pulling mags. It *looks* as if it’s easy for it to wear out quickly, simply b/c of the elastic nature of it (i.e. relies on friction to hold things and not let them fall out, but increased friction also causes increased wear-n-tear). Only time will tell how well it does.

  58. Avatar

    Cody Corado

    At first I didn’t know if I would like the product but I am very glad I bought. Its very comfortable and does not take up much space.

  59. Avatar

    Jeff Kernaghan

    Love it.

  60. Avatar

    Wes I.

    Works as intended. Fits AR mags and radios. Can be mounted on the left or right side of the PC.

  61. Avatar

    Gabriel Martinez

    Solid, perfect for my kit

  62. Avatar

    Arne S.

    Pretty slick piece. I’m going to see it onto the straps so I don’t risk it coming off.

  63. Avatar

    wyatt m.

    Although this is a great, comfortable, and functional piece, ill give it 4 stars because the velcro isn’t the same on both sides. This limits the mounting options, it would be nice to see the same velcro, with a smooth velcro panel to put on the side not in use.

  64. Avatar


    Works exactly as intended.

  65. Avatar


    Gets important pieces of kit out of the way of rifle and slings and puts them in better spots well designed. Will be purchasing 4 more soon!

  66. Avatar


    Holds radio fine. Hardly feel it.

  67. Avatar

    George Gulla

    Easy way to customize your carrier and add what you want.

  68. Avatar


    This is a great pouch. It has many uses. It can double as a radio pouch, horizontal mag pouch, med gear pouch, etc. I love it!

  69. Avatar

    Samuel P.

    Great product for a multitude of reasons. I dont need a lot of equipment on my carrier so this is a perfect product for either a baofeng or medkit(and it fits nice and snug) tucks in close to the body. I’d order again without a hesitation.

  70. Avatar


    Top notch.

  71. Avatar

    Hunter Couffer

    As of me writing this i have not recieved the products yet, had a bunch of issues in shipping and am expected to recieve them today. I am however excited to recieve and use them on my kit.

  72. Avatar

    Bryce R.

    I got two one for a radio on my left side and one for a mag on my right. thought it would be uncomfortable at first but once my carriers on I don’t even notice it.

  73. Avatar

    Courtney Nance

    Better at holding an extra mag than a pocket pussy.

  74. Avatar

    Rhett Valier

    Wish the section of nylon that sewed into the inside of sleeve wasn’t as thick or didn’t have as much thread used to sew it in. Have problems getting the radio in and out sometimes

  75. Avatar

    Robert F.

    Simple and useful

  76. Avatar



  77. Avatar


    Doesn’t work that well for a side mag carrier on my setup, not stiff enough/not enough support when pulling the mag. A cumberbund mag carrier is still a better option. Wouldn’t be an issue for a small, lightweight radio or anything else you’re leaving in place. But it does work well as a hanging carrier under the back of the PC as an alternative to a belt mounted horizontal mag carrier.

  78. Avatar

    Brian Latiolais

    This thing is great. It fits both the Lancer mags and my radio perfectly. It’s a little difficult indexing PMags but both Lancers and PMags are easy to draw.

  79. Avatar

    Christopher S.

    Great product. Whether it is a Magazine, Gloves or Radio it all fit securely.

  80. Avatar


    Solid piece, well made

  81. Avatar

    George Elarba

    Amazing set up for mag or radio

  82. Avatar

    Richard S.

    Shown as a mag holder but fits my radio perfectly.

  83. Avatar


    Cant go wrong with WPS gear.

  84. Avatar

    Jonah H.

    Light and durable, stitching is on point. Will definitely buy more and I highly recommended

  85. Avatar

    Nicholas Murtha

    Works just like it should!

  86. Avatar


    Haven’t gotten it yet

  87. Avatar

    Mark A.

    Huge fan of WPS!!!!! Bought 2 not really sure how I wanted to use them at first but works perfectly for extra mags, or a Motorola APX style radio.

  88. Avatar

    T Evans

    So after waiting months for certain other manufacturers to stock their similar expander wings, I discovered these and haven’t looked back.
    The price of these is about a third of the option I was looking at, and I couldn’t be happier I found these. Retention is great, and the fact that the design is reversible is mind-blowing.
    Since I don’t believe in perfection, the one complaint I would have (which is really just a nit-pick at best) is more colors. However I was adding this to a rig in a non-standard color (Wolf grey), so I can’t be mad at them.

  89. Avatar

    James Hall

    I wear an overt armor carrier every day at work. I had need of adding a single rifle magazine carrier to my loadout. Given my mission, having the mag tucked out of the way discreetly was a bonus. The pouch holds the mag securely and it’s relatively comfortable tucked into my cummerbund. I’m very satisfied and would recommend this gear to anyone with a similar mission.

  90. Avatar


    Great hanger. Will fit a tazer and Motorola radio. Perfect for adding those extra things to you carrier.

  91. Avatar


    Multi use! Can be a radio pouch as well, zero worries of anything falling out.

  92. Avatar



  93. Avatar

    Renato Corona

    So easy and convenient!

  94. Avatar


    Legit product

  95. Avatar

    Warrior Poet

    Good product

  96. Avatar

    Joseph Marcotte

    Good quality product.

  97. Avatar

    Austin Roth

    So far so good I have one holding a mag and another holding my radio works great

  98. Avatar

    David Twinam

    Cool way to add an extra Mag or TQ!

  99. Jeff Taluy

    Jeff T.

    Great accessory. Fits my radio or M4 Mag no problem.

  100. Avatar

    Chris H.

    Great for radio use, keeps it snug against your body and fits all different types and sizes!

  101. Avatar

    Kevin R.

    These are very versatile and can hold a myriad of things. I have 2 that I swap between carriers and use for radios, mags, medical, tourniquets, etc.

  102. Avatar



  103. Avatar

    xavien fernandez

    Holds great. I bought 2 thinking it was ambidextrous but was only able to use one on the right hand side

  104. Avatar


    Must have item. Well-made and I really like that it is reversible and can be used on either side of the pc. Holds USGI and PMAG 30 round magazines very secure. Haven’t tested with a radio but I would expect the level of retention and comfort.

  105. Avatar

    Charles D.

    Overall great for adding more space to the carrier.

  106. Avatar



  107. Avatar

    Garrett S.

    Quality of the materials is what you would expect, this product serves the basic purpose it was designed for.

  108. Avatar

    John Petty


  109. Avatar

    Randy Takacs

    Works great adds no bulk.

  110. Avatar

    Richard B.

    As advertised, exultant customer service

  111. Avatar

    seok hyun cho

    It’s got a good composition and I’ll have to use it, but it’s

  112. Avatar

    Josh H.

    Have not used this yet, but it appears to be well made.

  113. Avatar


    Conveniently, holds either a spare mag or my duty radio. Tucks nicely under the comber bun.

  114. Avatar


    Good product.

  115. Avatar

    Stuart Stiles

    I use it to carry a fourth mag, as I value ammo capacity. I have used it for a radio pouch, an impromptu ifak, a handy spot to keep my beef jerky and my tests have proven functional for bottled beer. Cans, not so much, but with a little ingenuity, anything is possible. Its handy and functional, almost impossible to break, even for me. Also, the folks at WarPoet are pretty cool. Three thumbs up.

  116. Avatar

    Dylan S.

    Big enough to fit and retain an 800 Radio as well as mags

  117. Avatar

    Charles P.

    Great quality, well thought out design.

  118. Avatar

    Benjamin C.

    Good stuff

  119. Avatar


    easy to use. holds mags firmly

  120. Avatar

    Jeremy Dick

    Great perfectly happy with it

  121. Avatar

    Adam B.

    This is a well thought and made pouch. I am using two of these to carry to Magpul mags (keeping the front slick with no magazine pouches). It has good retention, sits very comfortable with my HRT RAC carrier.
    Unfortunately, it is made in China.

  122. Avatar

    Alex A.

    Holds spare mags or coms like tightly but with ease of access.

  123. Avatar

    Tristan K.

    This pouch is grate at retaining and interchangeable but sadly have not used it much yet

  124. Avatar


    Retention is great, it holds all of my current needs, just when reinserting items it requires two hands and sometimes difficult

  125. Avatar


    Minimalistic design, multiple mounting options; convenient and well made. I have noticed the quality of the products HRT makes to be high standard!

  126. Avatar

    Ryan K.

    Best gear ever!

  127. CHOI Seongjun

    Seongjun Choi

    I appreciate your service

  128. Avatar

    Anthony Terbeek

    Love the reversible style. Picked up 2 of these

  129. Avatar

    Dalen H.

    This is a well priced genius product that allows for multiple items such as radios, TQs, and mags to be swapped in and out from side to side without buying separate products to accommodate.

  130. Avatar


    Great product and company mission. The logistics (order processing and shipping) were not the best nor the worst, they were however, acceptable.

  131. Avatar

    Trevor B.

    Good product

  132. Avatar

    Matthew Gallaway

    Good retention

  133. Avatar


    Keep it simple right, well made can highly recommend

  134. Avatar

    michael leon

    They are ok at best. When you insert a magazine the fabric is very soft and the magazine will begin to sag downward. You have to tighten your cummerbund very tight to keep the magazine in place. Not very well designed. It’s good for a tourniquet but not for a magazine.

  135. Ryan McNamara



  136. Avatar


    Have not used but sure it will work great

  137. Avatar

    Dave Clark

    Love these pouches

  138. Avatar

    Robert Moon

    Top notch quality works better than I thought it would

  139. Avatar

    Marquez B.

    Fantastic quality over all else and very satisfied with my purchase. I use it as my comms holder and it is perfect for my setup at my entry-level position.

  140. Avatar


    Nice and versatile

  141. Avatar


    Just excellent.

  142. Avatar


    Awesome product.

  143. Avatar

    James Boyle

    Every product I’ve ever ordered and received from HRT has been sent immediately, arrived sooner than first suggested, and arrived in protective packaging. The many items I’ve ordered building out my HRT HRAC plate carrier have been received constructed with the highest quality materials and with the highest quality construction standards. I’m 100% happy with this company, their products, and their customer service and support. Highly recommend to others hoping for a great product in a timely manner.

  144. Avatar

    Todd Nielsen

    This was the perfect pouch to fill my needs of an extra mag for classes or a radio for operational needs!

  145. Avatar

    Aiden K.

    Fits usgi mags well. Works well with qd cummerbunds

  146. Avatar

    Evan G.

    Just what I needed. Use one for a 5.56 mag and the other my radio. No issues.

  147. Avatar

    Tyler S.

    Nice addition to the system

  148. Avatar

    Christian C.

    This hanger is great. I use it to bump my Motorola APX series radio to my side. It’s a perfect piece of gear for what I needed it for.

  149. Avatar

    Jim H.

    Great design.

  150. Avatar

    william c.

    A must

  151. Avatar

    Thomas Castonguay

    works great

  152. Avatar

    seok hyun cho


  153. Avatar


    Multipurpose. Radio, tourniquet, mag, and much more

  154. Avatar

    City of New Philadelphia

    Very convenient

  155. Avatar

    Cody R.

    Does it exactly what I need it to do!

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