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HRT Tourniquet Pouch


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  • Universal tourniquet fit
  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Pouch Only (Tourniquet NOT Included)
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HRT Tourniquet Pouch


HRT Tourniquet hanger
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The HRT TQ Pouch was designed as a universal TQ add-on to your plate carrier. It is a lightweight, durable and flexible to ensure you always have a tourniquet at the ready. The location allows you to have your tourniquet in a convenient location freeing up molle real-estate. The TQ Pouch can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into your plate pocket on most carriers. It can also be mounted on the side of our placard system. It is compatible with virtually any plate carrier that has loop Velcro on the front.



  • Universal fit
  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Pouch Only (Tourniquet NOT Included)

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99 reviews for HRT Tourniquet Pouch

Based on 99 reviews
  1. Avatar

    Joseph W.

    Good stuff, pretty tight on the TQ but still doable to remove it in a hurry.

  2. Avatar


    Works great and very affordable

  3. Ryan Meacham

    Ryan Meacham

    fits perfect on belt and plate carrier

  4. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson

    OK and does it!

  5. Avatar


    Sturdy, elastic is strong and have no fear of it falling out, one critique is it’s only accessible from one side. But still a solid product would recommend

  6. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson

    Excellent product and service!

  7. Micah Galvan

    Micah Galvan

    cant leave home without it

  8. Scott Kiefner

    Scott Kiefner

    Perfect to place were you need it.

  9. Ricky Mata

    Ricky Mata

    Standard issue, works as intended

  10. Avatar

    Jason Finch

    Great product… holds tourniquet tight!!!

  11. Avatar


    I use this to keep my tourniquet on my center line, I can reach it with either hand. Great concept!

  12. Avatar


    Very simple idea. Now I carry a tourniquet on my vest. Keep it up High Risk Training!

  13. Avatar


    Great addition to my gear, awesome product and superior quality

  14. Avatar

    Randal J

    Every officer should have a tourniquet and with this product there is no excuse no to. Super fast shipping!!

  15. Avatar


    I don’t use them for tourniquets, but they work amazing for smoke grenades. Smokes fit a little tight which is perfect for their retention.

  16. Avatar


    Perfect for the CAT. I ordered one for all five of my guys. They hold up well and won’t snap like rubber bands. If only it could be mount horizontal or vertical.

  17. Avatar


    This item is vital for quick access of TQ. I know a lot of people use rubber bands but I got sick of replacing them due to the rubber bands drying out and breaking.

  18. Avatar


    Perfect for everyday use and getting to the equipment in a fast safe way. Build quality is awesome.

  19. Avatar


    Got this for Christmas and after a month its still holding up here in AZ. I use it for my smoke grenades.

  20. Avatar

    DR. J

    this thing is great!

  21. Avatar


    Great for CAT-T’s, its a little tight with a SOF-T, but still holds it well. Easy design. Being a SWAT doc these are great to keep on either side of my carrier.

  22. Avatar


    stitching is well done, shipping was fast and spoke with one of their guys, awesome customer service!

  23. Avatar

    Michael Souza

    simplistic yet practical. great products guys!

  24. Avatar

    Zachary A.

    It holds a Tq without taking up molle space. What can I say? Also will hold a mini stapler, leash, or emergency banana.

  25. Avatar

    J. Travis

    Really good quality

  26. Avatar

    David Hawkins

    Can’t have too many TQ’s

  27. Avatar

    Charles Thompson

    High quality, and great retention!

  28. Avatar

    Thomas R.

    Easy install. holds the tourniquet tightly so it won’t slip out but still able to quickly remove it in an emergency unlike others I have used

  29. Avatar

    Ross T.

    It’s great

  30. Avatar

    Brian S.


  31. Avatar


    You can’t keep enough tourniquets on your person whether it’s training or during missions. I keep multiple tourniquets on my plate carrier given I’m the team medic and being able to fit one more securely is always worth having.

  32. Avatar

    Tomas Guzman Jr

    Got the best of both, a good price and quality and allowed me to run my kit the way I imagined it.

  33. Avatar

    Michael Swain


  34. Avatar


    Excellent tourniquet holder, very similar build to the magazine holder. I look forward to pairing this with a tear-away IFAK to free up some room on the inside. Great stuff.

  35. Avatar

    Brandon Pack

    holds Tourniquet tightly and easily allows user to remove them

  36. Avatar

    Jameson H.

    Very convenient way of adding an extra tourniquet to your kit. Keeps my C-A-T secure and easily accessible.

  37. Avatar


    Perfect for hanging extra tourniquet or medical item

  38. Avatar


    Great fit

  39. Avatar

    Dalton A.

    Fits good

  40. Avatar


    Great hanger! Thick elastic, I don’t see it stretching out any time soon

  41. Avatar


    Easy, and out of the way

  42. Avatar

    James Howden

    Fits a CAT tourniquet perfectly and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall out under any normal circumstances. I’m super happy With my purchase, thank you HRT.

  43. Avatar


    awesome but it would be amazing if the whole top was Velcro. just a thought

  44. Avatar


    Makes access to TQ quick and easy.

  45. Avatar

    Jake H.

    Great way to carry tourniquet

  46. Avatar


    Holds well. Using it hanging straight down under front of carrier so that I can get it to either side.

  47. Avatar

    Alonzo B.

    Easily attaches and holds most name brand tourniquets

  48. Avatar


    The HRT TQ pouches are freaking awesome. I work in with a small 3-5 man unit so I like to carry multiple TQ’s on my plate carrier. One inside my issued IFAK which is mounted on the right side of cummerbund, one is in an issued pouch on the left side. The HRT TQ pouch is mounted under the front plate velcro closure and off set for easy snatch and grab with either hand. Does not interfere or get in the way of any other gear and is comfortable.

  49. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    Great holder! It would be great if you guys developed a holder for a RATS tourniquet.

  50. Avatar


    Amazing product 👌 love this low profile holder…

  51. Avatar


    Tourniquet dongle pouch dongles. Not much to say here.

  52. Avatar


    Little tight. Hard to place TQ in and doesn’t come out as easy as I would prefer. But solid piece of kit! Can hardly tell it’s there at all.

  53. Avatar


    Nice piece of kit holds multitude of things

  54. Avatar


    Great way to keep an extra cat5 out of the way and available

  55. Avatar

    Mark A.

    works great

  56. Avatar

    Rob G.

    Love it, does what it should and build quality is excellent.

  57. Avatar


    Great idea and versatile.

  58. Avatar


    Handy for a lot stuff

  59. Avatar


    Does what it says. Holds it properly in place. Similar concern about the multi-hanger pouch (see self-quote from another item review below), except that it should be less of an issue here b/c you’re not expected to be inserting/pulling CATs with any degree of frequency. (If you are, you probably have bigger problems to worry about anyway.)

    It *looks* as if it’s easy for it to wear out quickly, simply b/c of the elastic nature of it (i.e. relies on friction to hold things and not let them fall out, but increased friction also causes increased wear-n-tear). Only time will tell how well it does.

  60. Mikko Lantinen

    Mikko L.

    Simple, effective, works very well in retaining a TQ without taking “any space”.

  61. Avatar

    Cody Corado

    Best way to hang a tourniquet

  62. Avatar

    Wes I.

    Works as intended.

  63. Avatar

    Christopher T.

    Good place to store your tq.

  64. Avatar

    wyatt m.

    Excellent hardware, but similar to the multi hanger, ill give it 4 stars because the velcro isn’t the same on both sides. This limits the mounting options, it would be nice to see the same velcro, with a smooth velcro panel to put on the side not in use.

  65. Avatar

    Michael FREY


  66. Avatar


    Fits my seasoning and salt and pepper shakers for down time and chow time great . It’s just a bonus the TQ fits snug to .
    Allows me to do speed spreads of seasoning and salt and pepper on my mre’s.. great product

  67. Avatar

    George Gulla

    It’s a little tight at first but I’m sure will become more flexible with use. Easy to customize your rig.

  68. Avatar


    This is a life saver!!! Will be ordering more. Thank you guys and gals for the these great products.

  69. Avatar


    This is a great TQ pouch, but also has many other uses. It can double as a radio pouch, horizontal mag pouch, med gear pouch, etc. I love it!

  70. Donald Brooks

    Donald B.

    Great for an off hand pistol hanger on the cummerbund.

  71. Avatar

    Courtney Nance

    Better at holding a tourniquet than a pocket pussy.

  72. Avatar

    Robert F.

    Simple design…it works

  73. Avatar


    Great addition to my setup. Does exactly what it is supposed to do.

  74. Avatar

    Christopher Chan

    easy to access

  75. Avatar

    Brian Latiolais

    As long as you flat fold the tourniquet it’s relatively easy to index and easy to draw. Stays where it’s supposed to under my placard.

  76. Avatar

    Christopher S.

    Very useful pouch. Allows me to have a snug and secure option for carrying a tourniquet.

  77. Avatar


    Good quality

  78. Avatar

    Chris H.

    Awesome product!

  79. Avatar


    Great tension for secure fit of the TQ simple and easy-to-use design

  80. Avatar

    Garrett S.

    The Price is Right for this product and the quality is on par for what you would expect. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, nothing less nothing more.

  81. Avatar

    Reese B.

    Prefect for you radio too

  82. Avatar


    Important and a must have!

  83. Avatar

    Justin C.

    Simple but it works the best. High quality, I run multiple on each of my different kits. Well done!

  84. Avatar


    Simple and effective

  85. Avatar

    Christopher L.

    Holds it perfectly!

  86. Avatar


    This carries more than tourniquets!
    Multiple carrying as well as mounting options. Well made!

  87. Avatar


    Great product and company mission. The logistics (order processing and shipping) were not the best nor the worst, they were however, acceptable.

  88. Avatar

    Den Mak


  89. Avatar


    Fits perfectly under the placard and is quite comfortable.

  90. Avatar

    Scott A.

    Works as advertised.

  91. Avatar

    Edward Melsek

    It’s a good product…low profile.

  92. Avatar

    AJ Glawe

    Gets the job done

  93. Avatar

    James Boyle

    Great product, made with the highest quality materials.

  94. Avatar

    Matt H.

    Works as intended.

  95. Avatar

    Joseph Ferraro

    Just waiting for the carrier, super excited!

  96. Avatar


    High Quality TQ Pouch.

  97. Avatar

    City of New Philadelphia


  98. Avatar


    Wearing this one right now. I actually get positive comments on this TQ holder. Wear it at least 4 days per week. The department I work with also loves your products. I’d love to see Wilder make a special badge holder we can use inside the walls so I don’t have to use this foreign stuff. Thanks!

  99. Avatar

    David Scott

    It functions as advertised, no issues would recommend.

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