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HRT Tourniquet Pouch V2


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  • Holds Tourniquet and Shears
  • Universal fit
  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Pouch Only (Tourniquet NOT Included)
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HRT Tourniquet Pouch V2


HRT Tourniquet Hanger V2



The HRT TQ Pouch V2 was designed as a universal TQ add-on to your plate carrier. The Version 2 adds the option for keeping and securing a pair of trauma shears independently of the tourniquet. It is a lightweight, durable and flexible to ensure you always have a tourniquet at the ready. The location allows you to have your tourniquet in a convenient location freeing up molle real-estate. The TQ Pouch can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into your plate pocket on most carriers. It can also be mounted on the side of our placard system. It is compatible with virtually any plate carrier that has loop Velcro on the front.



  • Holds Tourniquet and Shears
  • Universal fit
  • Velcro attachment to plate carrier
  • Simplistic design
  • Pouch Only (Tourniquet NOT Included)

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48 reviews for HRT Tourniquet Pouch V2

Based on 48 reviews
  1. Avatar

    Rodney Miller

    HRT is a great company with great products. I can’t say enough as to how good they have been so far.

  2. Avatar

    Joseph W.

    Solid tq pouch, can run it as a dangler, beneath the placard, etc. I bought one of these and one of the V1 for a medic set up, run underneath my cummerbund. Pouch is a little stiff to work tourniquets into (i’m using CATS), but easy to remove.

  3. Slowest ...

    Slowest ...

    Love the cord for the shears. Quality HRT is SOP.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. Avatar


    Industry standard, good material

  5. Avatar


    funny tq pouch

  6. Avatar

    Robert L.

    Quality material, no frills. All you need for a slick configuration

  7. Samuel Longden

    Samuel Longden

    Works great, definitely need both shears and a tourniquet to keep it snug. If you don’t plan on carrying shears, buy the v1.

  8. Avatar


    Very tight tolerances-increased stretching of the fibers when used with latest CAT6 tourniquets/larger windlass; slight concern over long term durability

  9. Avatar

    Robert H.

    Sturdy and well made, functions as described, have yet to run a drill with it installed on carrier, so can’t speak to operational functioning however. Plan to utilize in a drill this weekend. More to be revealed.

  10. Avatar

    Randy Wills

    This thing very nice!

  11. Avatar


    Great addition

  12. Avatar


    Apparently I can’t just review the products I have actually used.

  13. Avatar

    Hunter Couffer

    As of me writing this i have not recieved the products yet, had a bunch of issues in shipping and am expected to recieve them today. I am however excited to recieve and use them on my kit.

  14. Avatar

    Ryan G.

    Holds tourniquet very snug, still easy to remove, and the Velcro mounting is perfect with an HRT plate carrier

  15. Avatar

    Ethan D.

    Works great and does the job.

  16. Benjamin Madrid Jr

    Benjamin M.

    Nothing is going to fall out! Super strong!

  17. Avatar

    Tallon C.

    Awesome product. Simlle design.

  18. Avatar

    Justin Baxley

    Great quality. I love that I can move it to where I want and need.

  19. Avatar


    Haven’t used it a whole lot so I can’t give 5 stars just yet. Very tight so nothing will go flying

  20. Avatar



  21. Avatar


    Works great to stop catastrophic blood loss when you accidentally shoot your fellow goon while practicing 360 no-scopes on the paper target battlefield. 👍 -glocksucker

  22. Avatar

    Richard B.

    As advertised, exultant customer service

  23. Avatar

    Dylan S.

    Solid holder for my CAT and keeps everything slim and out of the way

  24. Avatar

    Jeremy Dick


  25. Avatar

    Alex A.

    Holds tourniquet very tight but still easy to deploy.

  26. Avatar


    Simple yet effective with the placement flexibility. Must have for any kit.

  27. Avatar

    Trevor B.

    Good product

  28. Avatar


    Fits also other small stuff, quite flexible pouch

  29. Avatar


    This is a well build and engineered piece of gear. It has served its intended purpose.

  30. Avatar

    Sean O.

    A little tight and hard to get the TQ in, but it gets in there and hold it very securely.

  31. Avatar

    Andrew C.

    Simple elastic TQ holder with the nice ability to hold shears as well.

  32. Ryan McNamara


    works great

  33. Avatar


    The only nit pick I have is the cord for the shears (maybe have a smaller sleeve instead?), other than that exceeds my expectations well put together mine is set up the same as the stock picture but on my right

  34. Avatar


    Works great, exactly as advertised.

  35. Avatar

    Todd Nielsen

    This is an amazing piece of kit! It holds everything nice and snug and keeps it accessible by either hand!

  36. Avatar



  37. Avatar

    max jewell

    also great!

  38. Avatar

    Mathew Gonzalez

    Build quality is good and it does what it states.

  39. Avatar



  40. Avatar


    Nice to be able to hold more than just a TQ

  41. Avatar

    Matt karden


  42. Avatar

    Jim H.

    Super tight elastic that holds the TQ in place well. Can’t figure out how the cord is supposed to retain the shears though…

  43. Avatar

    Thomas Castonguay

    works great

  44. Avatar

    Seffan Bune

    Works perfect with my kit.

  45. Avatar


    High Quality TQ Pouch

  46. Avatar


    Works as intended.

  47. Avatar


    Great solution for carry tourniquet and shears

  48. Avatar


    This is at the top of my PC. Works great and is out of the way.

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