Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch


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  • 500 INVISTA Denier Cordura outer carrier
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Left and Right Side configurable
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Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch

The Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch was designed as a universal ambidextrous pouch add-on to your plate carrier. Designed in conjunction with John Lovell of WPS this pouch is a lightweight, durable and flexible organizer to ensure you always have what you need for the job. The location allows you to have your mission essential gear in a convenient side location freeing up molle allowing you to run slick. The pouches unique design allows for user to configure the pouch for a right or left side position. The Multi Hanger pouch was designed to accept an array of items such as radios, magazines, flashbangs or any other mission specific gear.  The Multi Hanger Pouch can be mounted under your cummerbund. It is compatible with virtually any plate carrier that has loop Velcro on the front of many plate pockets. Goes great with our RAC Plate Carrier.

  • 500 INVISTA Denier Cordura outer carrier
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Left and Right Side configurable

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Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown

38 reviews for Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger Pouch

  1. Zachary A.

    Holds a Motorola XPR 7000 series perfectly behind the cummberbund. Top controls are still accessible and it sits comfortably.

  2. Mike Terry

    Order arrived on time and is very well constructed. Will work great with any plate or chest harness set up.

  3. William M.

    This is a great way to carry extra gear when space is limited.

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    Image #1 from William M.
  4. Anonymous

    Works perfectly for everything I need it for. PRC-152s fit very snug and secure in it.

  5. David Hawkins

    Awesome quality

  6. Charles

    Perfect addition to my vest, fits my radio nice and snug and doesn’t interfere with my movement.

  7. Ross T.

    Got 2, cause 2 is 1, 1 youre done

  8. Kody B.

    Everything fits perfect

  9. Juan-Antonio

    Has good retention and durability

  10. Brian S.


  11. Michael

    The multi hanger pouch works great and keeps my radio secure to the inside of my cummerbund during missions and training.

  12. Brent H.

    Good add on from warrior poet.

  13. Jameson H.

    Amazing product. It’s so convent to have an extra magazine inside the cummerbund of the plate carrier. Will hold other items as well.

  14. Julio B.

    Hold the mag perfectly even hung side ways. Great quality. Only improvement would add tabs to attach S&S pull tabs.

  15. James P.

    I use this for my radio and the internal strap easily always me to switch sides if needed. I also have the tourniquet holder that I use on the opposite side.

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    Image #1 from James P.
    Image #2 from James P.
  16. Michael Swain

    Great gear

  17. Anonymous

    I’ve not yet been able to use this product on a plate carrier yet, but I threw one of my Gen 3 Pmags in it to test it out. It fits great, has excellent retention, but I can tell that the magazine can be drawn relatively quickly. Pair that with having it between the PC cummerbund and the body and that mag shouldn’t go anywhere. Great and versatile product.

  18. Jacob

    Top notch quality. I like how I can place this inside my carrier. Good for mags, radio, water bottle, etc. Hanging horizontally doesn’t work well, needs a retaining strap for that.

  19. Jameson H.

    John Lovell and HRT killed it on this one. Keeps an extra magazine tucked up nice and close to my body and out of the way. Surprisingly comfortable.

  20. David

    Excellent and versatile pouch for radio or extra mag

  21. Orry C.

    delivery was quick, great product

  22. Paul N.

    awesome concealable mag pouch for my kit so i have more free room on my cummberbund.

  23. Andrew

    Simple and effective

  24. James Howden

    I got this to run my coms in, I don’t really have the radio yet but I know it’s going to work perfectly.

  25. Chris Garner

    Love the pouch easy to remove if you dont need it.

  26. Michael B.

    This is a new, interesting and useful product. I have added it to my HRT carrier and use it to carry a flash bang.

  27. Aaron

    Either make the entire field hook & loop or get rid of the piece that is not. Blocks the placard from getting a full grip and is really just a useless strip. Otherwise this works as intended. Would buy again (just cutting that strip at the end off).

  28. Jamison

    Good for radio if you don’t want to use buttons or screen

  29. Jake H.

    Perfect radio holder

  30. Davis

    Using to hold coms. Have it setup inside cummerbund and works well.

  31. Daniel Heydenburg


  32. Deke

    The Warrior Poet Society Multi Hanger pouch is spot on. I often need to carrier duel comms, one for team and another for command (Motorola APX 6000 and APX 7000). The WPS Multi Hanger secures both very well. If I don’t need both comms, an extra mag, TQ or a small med kit is easily inserted. Extremely versatile.

  33. Danielle S.

    Great product!

  34. Dean

    Very good, Holds out POS Harris radio

  35. Anonymous

    Good pouch! Does exactly what I need it to, which is to hold a magazine. Not so great for larger radios.

    The elastic side-pouch is actually quicker to get a magazine out of than the placard. I don’t know what wizardry caused this, but the side pouch works well.

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  36. Anonymous

    These work great period! Very comfortable under arms and behind cumberbund. Can’t even tell I have them. I would like a Ridgid insert as it’s hard to insert the mags wo using two hands. It will also push the front plaques out a little more then you think cause it reduces the amount of Velcro a little in the layering process.

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
  37. Anonymous


  38. John L.

    Very pleased with it in fact ill be ordering another one shortly.

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