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HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch


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  • 500 Denier Cordura outer carrier
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Internal compartments sealed by hook-&-loop
  • 2 Compartment Design
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HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch


HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch Modulus System
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The HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch was designed as a universal utility pouch add-on to your plate carrier. It is a lightweight, durable and flexible organizer to ensure you always have what you need for the job. The location allows you to have your mission essential gear in a convenient location freeing up your sides and reducing your silhouette. The inside of the sporran pouch offers compartments to keep your equipment secure and organized. The Sporran Pouch can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into your plate pocket on most carriers. It is compatible with virtually any plate carrier that has loop Velcro on the front and many plate pockets.



  • 500 Denier Cordura outer carrier
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Internal compartments sealed by hook-&-loop
  • 2 Compartment Design

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56 reviews for HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch

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  1. Avatar

    William J Bailey IV

    Well made. Great hanger pouch with ability to add armor for extra coverage.

  2. Avatar

    steven stoltenberg

    I like it I make sure when ever I get a new plate carrier I get one of these

  3. Blake Schwind

    Blake S.

    Sits right where I need it to, MOLLE on the front is a huge plus as well.

  4. Avatar


    Nice all around multipurpose pouch

  5. Avatar

    Joseph W.

    Solid dangler, good construction. Run with a carrier (under placard, in plate bags, wherever), it’s difficult to open the pouches. For non-essential gear it works well, but under stress access could be difficult. I wouldn’t recommend it for an IFAK. I run admin and sustainment in there, and it suits my needs well.

  6. Steve Strank

    Steve Strank

    Very handy addition.

  7. Slowest ...


    Awesome, vesatile pouch. Multiple inner elastic storage straps and divided compartments. Has room for a 6X6 armor plate too.

  8. Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Dangle dangle

  9. Austin Diehl

    Austin D.

    Great option for running medical. The two separate zipper closure pockets help keep things further organized. The front pocket has several elastic loop fields built in to retain small rolls of gauze, gloves, face mask, etc. It’s a deceptively useful dangler, while not having a huge footprint like many other dangler pouches.

  10. Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Good size

  11. Avatar

    Ryan Blau

    perfect for personal med kit

  12. Joseph Progar


    A little pricey, but a nice piece of gear.

  13. Avatar


    Great pouch with lots of options for organizing my crap on the range. Only 4 stars since its more expensive than others on the market, but it has more features. Quality is great.

  14. Avatar

    Derrell Jones

    Love this hanger pouch! Very well made. It keeps all of my medical supplies right where I can access them. Well thought out guys!

  15. Avatar

    Jimmy D

    Great pouch to go with my HRAC to keep my sides free.

  16. Avatar

    Kevin Gonzalez

    Very good quality and fast shipping

  17. Avatar

    Hunter Lafever

    Well built, not a fan of the placement for the Velcro attachment area. Makes it difficult to place in a area that doesn’t hit the body.

  18. Avatar

    Brian S.


  19. Avatar

    James P.

    I was concerned about where it might end up hanging, but turned out to be a mute concern. When wearing on the kit it sits even with my belt line and is easy to access.

  20. Avatar

    Orry C.

    Quick delivery, product was exactly as shown

  21. Avatar

    John Raterink

    Great addition to my plate carrier.

  22. Avatar

    Michael B.

    Excellent quality pouch.

  23. Avatar

    Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  24. Avatar

    Joshua L.

    Quality, well made product. Haven’t had a chance yet to test the durability, but it appears that it will be very durable. Only cons for me are that I had to wait longer because it was back ordered/out of stock and that the price point is what I consider a little high. However both of these cons seem to be normal these days for anything gun or tactical related, doesn’t mean I have to like like it though.

  25. Avatar

    Ricky L.

    Decent sized drop pouch, I have a trauma kit placed in it with room left over for additional items. Zippers are smooth and stitchings are great

  26. Avatar

    Zachary W.

    Can fit a cat tq and other medical equipment and still have room for snacks or other items.

  27. Avatar

    William Corkren

    I’m sure it will be great if I ever get it

  28. Mikko Lantinen

    Mikko L.

    I’m not a huge fan of low dangling hanger pouches, but this a low profile design that allows you to carry more stuff if needed without adding things to the side of the PC leaving space for the users arms to move.

  29. Avatar


    Amazing quality as always. Very good organization and ease of use.

  30. Avatar

    Ray F.

    Spacious and plenty of outer attachment areas for tourniquets and chem lights.

  31. Avatar


    Great kit, I’ve slipped a side plate in to mine protect the boys…

  32. Avatar

    Bryce G.

    Great idea for IFAK

  33. Avatar

    Jonah H.

    A little on the large side but not intrusive, very well made.

  34. Avatar

    Tallon C.

    Good internal storage

  35. Avatar


    Too legit to quit

  36. Avatar

    Robert Keever

    So many places for snacks, I don’t have to use my dump pouch anymore.

  37. Avatar

    Kevin R.

    Has good space inside

  38. Avatar


    High quality fabric and stitching. Lots of organizers and dividers. I really like it for a Medical kit, everything has a spot. The pouch is big enough to fit 2 of everything you would find in a basic IFAK except TQ’s which is really the only negative.
    I Have 2, very likely to buy again.

  39. Avatar

    Alex A.

    Great extra storage.

  40. Avatar


    Fits perfect on my plate carrier, fits all my medical and basic needs for field

  41. Avatar


    I hang my Sporran below my Maximus, I also stick it on my Agalite AMAP. This hanger carries my Survivor Filter and Survivor Tabs. Every item I have used from HRT is of the highest quality, I highly recommend their products.

  42. Avatar

    Damon H.

    Great customer service as usual and amazing products!

  43. Avatar

    Devin D.

    Arrived quickly, good quality

  44. Avatar


    I love the Sporran pouch! It’s made very well and a great addition to my Maximus placard!

  45. Avatar


    Fits well, good quality, hangs in a great place. Only improvement I wish it had is to sit/open slightly outward for ease of access under the carrier.

  46. Avatar

    Guillermo Fontanez

    Fits perfect and doesn’t get in the way.

  47. Avatar

    ANGEL E.

    Amazing although the zippers could be smoother. Otherwise theres nothing like it. The compartments are perfect.

  48. Avatar

    David McCallister

    Awesome pouch. Have everything I need medically & stays compact and slick.

  49. MichaelDiLuccio


    There’s nothing wrong per say with the pouch but a design flaw imo that make it difficult to use. The zipper is at the top of the pouch and gets wedged between the carrier/ placard. If you move it down you now lose how secure it is and is too floppy. So it’s difficult to use and even unusable in awkward positions,

  50. Avatar


    Great addition for any piece of kit. Additional space for mission essential items – including beef jerky!

  51. Avatar



  52. Avatar

    william c.

    Just get it

  53. Avatar


    This lil two seperate zip pouch hanger is sturdy with high quality fabrics and stitching. I never realized it was everything I needed in a drop pouch compared to the ones I’ve wasted my $ on in the past. I’m glad I found HRT because it’s changed the quality of gear I now own and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a drop pouch that doesn’t mimic other pouches on the market. It’s it own drop pouch and I dig it.

  54. Avatar

    City of New Philadelphia

    Very Useful and the multiple pockets works well

  55. Avatar

    Phillip W.

    Great drop pouch for an ifak

  56. Avatar


    Great product

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