HRT Tactical Hand Warmer


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  • Fleece-lined
  • Shoft-Shell outer material for water repellent properties
  • Elastic cuffs for fit and comfort
  • Mesh pocket to hold air activated hand warmers
  • Lifetime Warranty
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HRT Tactical Hand Warmer

The HRT Tactical Hand Warmer is perfect for keeping your hands warm on a cold day. With it’s soft shell water repellent exterior and fleece lining the hand warmer will keep your hands warm and dry. The warmer fits directly under your flap or placard system on your plate carrier. It attached via hook and loop Velcro. This design allows the user to still run a hanger pouch or Tourniquet in front or behind the hand warmer. It features an additional pocket with easy access to store additional items or place a “air activated hand warmers” to add even more heat and comfort.  The HRT Hand Warmer is the perfect design to restore dexterity in frigid conditions for maximum performance.

Like all our product the hand warmer is backed by our lifetime warranty.

  • Fleece-lined
  • Shoft-Shell outer material for water repellent properties
  • Elastic cuffs for fit and comfort
  • Mesh pocket to hold air activated hand warmers


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Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Multicam

32 reviews for HRT Tactical Hand Warmer

  1. TT

    Great product at a fantastic price point. Combined with a rechargeable hand warmer, this is going to get daily use at work as a patrol and SWAT cop. It obviously attaches to my plate carrier, but I’m even more stoked that it attaches to my patrol outer vest.

  2. Zach

    Its made well and I think a must if you shoot in cold weather or snow. I am really happy with it so far. Lightweight and works great so far.

  3. Leland S.

    Priced great for a amazing product

  4. Justin P.

    i love it! keeps my hands warm while i stand around at the matches. some guy online hated saying it was bigger than my chest rig/ pc but he was obviously jealous and probably has cold hands.

  5. Jason

    Love the product and was more than pleased with the customer service I received. Asked for rush shipping and they got it to me in time for an outdoor class in December in NE Ohio. Will be a repeat customer.

  6. Richard Seal

    Easily attach to plate carrier, plenty of room for my hands. Heat packet pocket makes it great for keeping cold hands ready

  7. Anonymous

    Bought this while on contract in Afghanistan. Solid construction, fits nicely behind my HRT nut sack dangler pouch, has a deep pocket for snacks. Biggest downside was the lack of insulation in it. It had a basic layer of fleece lining the inside, I was expecting thicker insulation. I had a extra shemagh that I stuck inside of it and it works wonderfully now. Convenient place to stick my hands.

  8. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Airborne approved.

  9. Leland S.

    Fringing Great, nice and warm and it’s a great spot to stow things when not on the move. 1st Sgt hasn’t said a thing so I’ll keep warm till he does!! Shipping did take longer than norm, granted it was beginning December.

  10. Anonymous

    Exactly what I needed on those long cold SWAT CallOuts

  11. James Hopkins

    Can’t beat it for free.

  12. Christopher M.

    Great product! I am running this on a Ferro Concepts Slickster plate carrier and have a couple of nights on the range (mid 20’sF to mid 40’sF with some wind and light rain) with it already. This hand warmer mounts easily to any plate carrier either via velcro on the back of the actual plate pocket (how I’ve mounted it) or via the overlapping velcro between the cummerbund and the front of the plate pocket. There is enough room to wear light/shooters gloves, and get hands in and out easily, even with chem hand warmers and an empty mag or two. The material sheds light precipitation easily and is just warm enough to hold in the heat from the hand warmers. It is lightweight enough that you don’t notice it being there when you’re not using it. It’s also thin enough that stacking a Ferro dangler pouch (med kit) on top works great. If the velcro interface works with your kit, then this is a great cold wx addition.

  13. Anonymous


  14. Eric A.

    Not very impressed with these. Firstly they have no insulation so they aren’t warm. I wore them to the range yesterday in -8 Celsius and my hands were freezing even with gloves on. And second, my hands hardly fit inside. A bit too small.

  15. Michael S.

    Everyone on my team that saw it last training was jealous and had cold hands.

  16. Andrew Gutt

    This product is built very and good choice of interior materials. The Velcro is very strong and holds well. Only problem is ranger green is no where near the industry color.

  17. Charles L.

    This hand warmer hanger is exactly what I was looking for. Lays flat beneath my medical kit hanger and does not get into the way or get caught up on anything while moving through obstructed environments. Easy entry and exit from the cuffs allows me to remain mission functional in incline to weather and cold environments that would have previously necessitated heavy gloves which encumber functionality. Very happy with this product so far. Further testing and training will tell if it holds up over time.

  18. Anonymous

    Definitely keeps your hand warm and comfortable, reminds me of a hoody pocket. Comes with a mini pouch too. Good niche

  19. Jonathan

    Great piece of kit for sure! I’ve used it on a few morning warrant services and it’s perfect for a quick hand warm up. Would highly recommend!

  20. Alex

    Awesome product. Really fills the need.

  21. Anonymous

    Love it

  22. Jason W.

    Excellent product. Has been a lifesaver in the northeast winters.

  23. Randy P.

    An awesome piece of gear; especially while operating in cold weather environments

  24. Michael B.

    Great value for the price. The little pocket to insert hand warmers is so clutch!!

  25. Ryan


  26. JUSTIN F.

    Game changer for those cold days on duty.

  27. Sean O.

    No idea why no other company has thought of this. I live in Idaho so in the winter time this is going to be MONEY!!

  28. Devin D.

    Arrived quickly, good quality

  29. Daniel C.

    HRT Tactical Hand Warmer has a pocket for hand warmers and in warmer weather could double as a dump pouch.

  30. Ryan

    Great for holding by breakfast burrito

  31. Dustin

    Not sure yet but have heard good things from good folks so we’ll see… With a couple hand warmers I’m not sure how this could fail

  32. City of New Philadelphia

    Great idea and like the extra pocket

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