HRT Pontoon Set


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  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable for every day deployment
  • Mesh channels for maximum air flow and comfort
  • Universal fit for Non-HRT carriers
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HRT Pontoon Set (2 Pads)

The HRT Pontoons are perfect when wearing the HRAC or RAC plate carrier and more air flow or comfort is required. The pontoon comes in a set of 2 pads and easily attach via the loop on the carrier. The Pontoons provide the user with even more air flow and comfort but can easily be added or removed when needed.

These Pontoons can be added to the front of back of your carrier, or purchase 2 sets for the ultimate padding and air flow setup.

  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable for every day deployment
  • Mesh channels for maximum air flow and comfort
  • Universal fit for Non-HRT carriers

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62 reviews for HRT Pontoon Set

  1. Anonymous

    Were a little hard on initial use but ran em through a range for a couple days and they softened up quite a bit.

  2. Thomas R.

    Just took a class in Florida with these installed they 100 percent allow a really nice air flow between you and your plate carrier! I noticed other guys constantly taking the plate carrier off due to the extreme heat that day. I was able to keep mine on ll day with the pontoon set installed

  3. Charles

    Makes my vest so much more comfortable

  4. Brent H.

    Get two sets of these for both the front and back. Super comfortable.

  5. Christopher D.

    These seem to work great to allow more air flow for those hot days.

  6. Anonymous

    Very comfortable set!

  7. TYLER H.

    Not very comfortable. I would advise a different brand.

  8. Link

    I have worn these for countless hours at this point with constant movement, they do an exceptional job of keeping the carrier comfortable even during extended use. Initially the combination of the internal padding of the HRAC and the pontoons was too much and pushed the carrier too far off the body. I removed the internal padding via the velcro on the bottom of the carrier and now only run these removable pontoons, it is the prefect level of padding and fitment. I use these front and rear on the HRAC and love them.

  9. David

    They are both excellent quality and enhance the comfort greatly. My only question is why they do not come with the carrier?

  10. Dylan

    Great add on definitely help keep the vest off your body

  11. Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  12. Stephen

    These pontoons augment what was already a nice air flow channel and also provide some extra support and cushion.

  13. William

    definitely helps with breathability and padding.

  14. Randy

    These are amazing for comfort and airflow especially in FL. I have them on the inside of the front and back of my carrier.

  15. Anonymous

    Great addition to the plate carrier.

  16. Blake F.

    Definitely worth it, makes the carrier that much better

  17. Adam O.

    Worth every penny

  18. Rob G.

    Greet product, one I will be highlighting very soon.

  19. Joshua R.

    These pontoons are amazing. If you have single curve plates they are a must buy.

  20. William Corkren

    These pontoons work great and provide a nice space to allow airflow.

  21. Anonymous

    Well made. Provide additional stand-off, hopefully protecting from back-face deformation. In the everyday, they allow pretty good ventilation and make the rig comfortable if stuck wearing it all day.

  22. James


  23. Anonymous

    Super comfortable, allows good airflow

  24. Anonymous

    Airflow is definitely better. Wearing a fully-loaded plate carrier for 12-15 hours in a row is a lot more comfortable, temperature-wise, as I don’t have to constantly move it and fight it with airflow. You’ll probably get a lot more out of these depending on your environment. I think hot and humid environments will definitely see more benefit than cold/freezing ones.

    That said, for a plate carrier at this price-point, maybe these should already be included with it 😉

  25. Anonymous

    Pretty innovative stuff.

  26. Alonzo B.

    Added a lot of additional comfort to my plate carrier and keeps me cooler on hot days

  27. wyatt m.

    At first I thought they’d be bulky, but this is the most comfortable pontoon system I’ve ever worn or tried out. It also makes the PC fit better in my opinion, and it distributes the weight better.

  28. Ray F.

    They will promote air circulation and do fill out the rig nicely. They only come in pairs, they should be in sets of 4. They do cause the cummerbund to do a sharp 90 degree angle. It feels a little weird but it’s not bad.

  29. Frank L.

    Great product really gets the air in and gets the carrier of your chest . My only complaint would be I wish they were a little thicker or possibly gel filled so you could freeze them before mission

  30. Anonymous

    Fits kit great, and Comfortable

  31. Paul S.

    Good spacer for skinnier people. Padding could be a little softer however.

  32. Frederick H.

    They’re pretty solidly built, there really isnt much to say about them outside of that. The only real ‘issue’ you might find is that if you’re use to just having a flat back(or front) it will be uncomfortable at first

  33. Anonymous

    Was a bit skeptical before I ordered, the pads aren’t very thick, so I only ordered 1 pair and through them on the front. They provide more cushion than I expected without pushing the PC too far out from the body (a problem I’ve have with other pads). I’m sold enough that I’ll order a 2nd pair for the back.

  34. Christopher Chan

    made my rig rather bulky but overall worth it

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous

    Love them. Great purchase.

  37. Brian

    Keeps you cool in hot environments!

  38. Nicholas Murtha

    Makes a difference once you put plates in

  39. Christopher T.

    Efficient way to provide airflow.

  40. Chace Downing

    Very comfy

  41. Brian

    Keep air circulating with in for hot and stressful situations

  42. DIEGO

    Absolute must have for any PC. You will immediately notice the difference in heat reduction and they are very comfortable

  43. Chad

    Does an AWDSOME JOB keeping me cool!

  44. Anonymous

    +10 to tactical ventilation and +8 to comfort when larping on the flat range. Definitely increases to the amount of loot I drop when I inevitably get yeeted during Biden’s Chinese invasion. -glocksucker

  45. seok hyun cho

    I need to see the functional part. I haven’t packed a lot of time yet, but I think there’s a very good feature hidden in it.

  46. Austin

    Amazingly comfortable, allows a lot of airflow which helped keep me from sweating my balls off.

  47. David Ashcom

    This stuff is very high quality and all well worth the money. Fast shipping too!

  48. Anonymous

    No compaints

  49. Anonymous

    Good Product.

  50. Stuart Stiles

    It’s honestly worth it to have these for the simple fact it affords you the option to ask others if their carrier has pontoons and walk to a distance and watch them look for them. Seriously fun that cannot be purchased. As an added bonus, I have found you get about three more hours of wearing steel plates before you wonder why you enjoy punishing yourself. Well made. Worth the money in my opinion.

  51. Seongjun Choi

    I appreciate your service

  52. Ralph Garcia

    Real comfortable

  53. Steven Coffman

    The pontoons add additional comfort and airflow to the plate carrier which improves long term comfort as well. I haven’t used them in the summer time yet, but I can already tell a difference in breathability and increased airflow.

  54. Donnie H.

    Great product goes well with carrier.

  55. Nick B.

    Buy these you will need them and they are a game changer

  56. Matthew Gallaway

    Very comfortable

  57. Sal C.

    Great system and easy setup

  58. Darren

    Love the pontoons, makes air flow even better with this plate carrier.

  59. Gregory W.

    Bought a pair for the front and back of my Veritas Lite plate carrier and they’re a great addition. Good quality materials and easy to attach/adjust via hook & loop. Makes the carrier more comfortable and raises a majority of the carrier’s surface off the body for help with temperature.

  60. Anonymous

    Must have for your carrier

  61. James Boyle

    Excellent product as advertised. Completely makes a difference in providing extra airflow to prevent body heat and perspiration when wearing plate carrier for extended periods of time. The difference is night and day. Highly recommend especially at this extremely reasonable price.

  62. seok hyun cho

    very good !!!!!

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