HRT HRAC Adaptive Plate Carrier


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  • 500 Denier Cordura, placard style, double stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro spacers can further increase comfort for extended periods of use.
  • Medium Carrier fits: 10″x12″ or SAPI Medium Plates
  • Large Carrier fits: 10″x13″ or SAPI Large Plates
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HRT HRAC Adaptive Base Plate Carrier

The HRT HRAC is a no-nonsense plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular. This base model is easy to don and doff.  The carrier is made from 500 Denier Cordura treated with DuPont Teflon. and has attachment points for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system ( Included with all HRT Placards) on the chest to instantly don/doff additional equipment based on your operational needs. Our optional MOLLE and Quick Release Cummerbunds expand real estate for additional pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you might need to fulfill your mission.

  • 500 Denier Cordura, placard style, double stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro spacers can further increase comfort for extended periods of use.
  • Medium Carrier fits 10”x12” or Medium SAPI plates
  • Large Carrier fits 10”x13” or Large SAPI plates

***Back-order items will ship in approximately 4 weeks from your time of purchase***


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Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam, Multicam Black, M81 Woodland


Medium, Large

198 reviews for HRT HRAC Adaptive Plate Carrier

  1. Matt

    I have had cheaper plate carriers in the past and this blows them out of the water. Once you get it and try it will love it. It is very comfortable. I’m a taller guy, 6’6″ and it fits well. I was able to fit 11×14 steel plates in it. They protrude only a little at the bottom but they are completely secure with the bottom securing strap.

  2. Travis Smith

    Nothing to say that hasn’t been said before. Excellent construction, well thought-out design, more comfortable than any other PC that i have used. Padding on the shoulders and down the back makes extended periods of use suck less.

  3. Lucas

    Love it, comfortable, light, low profile, good quality. Price was high yes but I think this is one I will have for a long time and will pay for itself.

  4. Anonymous

    My first PC. Fit is great. Comfortable on the chest/back. PC sits high enough to cover vital organs and no head/neck movement is compromised. I run it currently with a response placard on the front. I got this because I wanted to have the protection needed just in case. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a PC. HRT personnel are quick to responses and answering any questions you may have.

  5. Aaron

    I wanted the larger AR500 plates and the number of carriers to got those was limited. I checked out two other carriers but the HRAC was by far the winner. The construction is solid, adjustments are simple, and it is very streamlined yet comfortable. The padding on the interior of the back is clutch as well. Highly recommend for any size plates.

  6. Adam S

    Need I say more? Bad ass product and it arrived in 2 days. Response placard is perfect for most situations. Awesome job!

  7. Brian

    LOVE this product. Can’t wait to get my plates for them. I’d recommend this carrier

  8. Hudson

    Nice, looking forward to range time.

  9. Thomas Cloud

    Very comfortable. Very durable. Easily adaptable. Great product! The response placard i got with this is genius!

  10. William

    I’m a pretty recent customer of HRT; but when I decided I needed an upgrade over the issued gear I’ve seen one website continued to show up. This carrier has an impressive amount of molecularity and adaptability. Comfort is well beyond the non-padded carriers I’m used to. What more can I say then I like my HRAC PC so much it rides shotgun in my patrol car.

  11. Bjdonohoue

    My partner and I bought 2 and we can not say enough about how awesome this plate carrier is! We work in private security as well as compete in shooting matches around the world. This plate carrier is built to take the daily abuse like no other and the weight displacement is unmatched. I’ve spent hours in mine and you hardly notice. It breaths, its comfortable, and above all I trust it.

  12. Kevin Gonzalez

    Very happy with item and good quality


    Very comfortable, stitching is strong and careful attention to detail was used for the manufacturing. I give it 5 stars!

  14. William C.

    Ive bought quite a few of these from HRT. High quality functional legit Gucci gear!

  15. William C.

    High quality unique system great for any operator.

  16. Anonymous

    Awesome carrier. Set it up for my needs, awesome quality compared to my ats aegis and a banshee and fits like a glove. Loving it so far. My go to

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
  17. Michael Souza

    Great plate carrier that was though out before production! Highly recommended!

  18. Alexander C.

    Most comfortable plate carrier I’ve ever worn. Very easy to adjust, and the interchangeable placards are excellent.


    Vest fits well and snug. Love it. Just wore it during some training. Also just got the new side pouch and can’t wait to run it. I would have no problem leaving you another review on that product if you need one.

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    Image #1 from JARED KELLY
    Image #2 from JARED KELLY
  20. Anonymous

    Great product just replace the regular cummerbund and you’re good to go.

  21. Anonymous

    Great build quality. Awesome customer service. Had a small hiccup in the manufacturing process but HRT was very open with communicating it and even offered a refund, something a whole load of companies wouldn’t dream of doing. Have already recommended to colleagues and friends.

  22. Brad

    Great carrier. Fits 10”x12” steel plates w/build up coat and trauma pads nice and snug but doesn’t feel like it’s stressing the stitching much at the same time. Easy to make size adjustments. Shoulder padding is just enough without feeling bulky (although if you have a thick neck like me the insides will pinch and rub a little). Very easy to move/twist around and in. Love the modularity options (waiting to budget swift clip panel arrangements). Quality piece and highly recommended if you’re not required to have a quick release system.

  23. Anonymous

    Outstanding plate carrier. Thank you.

  24. Spencer G.

    Excellent Carrier! Can’t wait to deck it out. Thanks HRT

  25. Edward P.

    Probably the most comfortable pc I’ve ever owned. The pontoons really keep the corners of the plates off of me eliminating my usual hotspots at the lower corners and provides an air channel for circulation. They also eliminate the need for backers if you have stand alone plates. Plate pockets secure extremely well on the bottom (with a rip cord to access), enough room for plate and spall sheet in the front, might be able to squeeze a thin map pack/poncho in with the rear plate.
    I purchased the adaptive pc so I could utilize my existing hydration system. It secures well and doesn’t flop around using the Molle loops, but the RAC model looks like it would be rock solid with the zip on systems (and adaptability). The front, well, you’re gonna need a placard.
    Shoulder straps adjust quick and easy, angle is good, no chaffing around my neck, comfortable but not heavily padded, loops are good for hydration tubes or comm wires. M-4 rifle shoulders well.
    Supplied cummerbund is quick donning/doffing, probably a good idea for maritime work, but I went with the upgraded cummerbund to accommodate side plate pockets and radio/IFAK/mag pouches.
    Good color, matches Other popular manufacturers gear.
    Medium size fits 10” x 12” plates well, might need a large if your running really thick polymer plates.

  26. Michael

    The website had me expecting a long lead-time for delivery, but it was on my doorstep within a week. The carrier feels very well built: all the stitching is tight, the material is sturdy, and construction is just solid all around. I loaded the carrier with AR500 10X12 III+ plates and they fit very securely.

  27. chris Hatter

    Great gear

  28. Eumir P.

    I would like to thank the HRT staff for the quick response answering my many questions prior to purchase. The carrier has surpassed my expectations so far.

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    Image #1 from Eumir P.
  29. Anonymous

    Very good product. Would recommend using for LE when get called to a hot call and need extra protection or get the cummerbund and use for tactical situations. I like the how “flat” it is by the chest area. Doesnt change cheek weld too much. The raised inner channels are awesome. Gonna order the extra padding for air circulation. Fast shipping and good communication.

  30. Timothy

    This is an excellent carrier. Very well made a durable with plenty of versatility especially considering the price. It’s incredibly comfortable to boot. HRT has held to their reputation also. Fast shipping. Great product. I’m definitely a fan

  31. Tiana

    I am very happy with this purchase. Excellent quality

  32. Ross T.

    Actually really like this carrier. Shipped in 2 weeks from order, which was pretty fast considering everything going on. Fit my plates a little snug, but I got them in there no problem. Time will tell, the carrier itself seems well made, and is COMFORTABLE!!!!

  33. Alec Felmlee

    I absolutely love this carrier when I am running and gunning on the range I love the easy adjustments I can make on the fly!

  34. Jordan Sorenson

    Was backordered when purchased. Came way before estimated time. Top quality gear.

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    Image #1 from Jordan Sorenson
  35. Kyle

    The fit and finish of my HRAC was perfect.

  36. Dylan

    I had a Velcro strap broken on the back but it is not really notice able since it’s under the cumberbund flap but overall really good

  37. Ryan

    I’m a small guy at 5’6, 140lbs and the medium fits me perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for in terms of fit, functionality, and style!

  38. ryan g.

    I highly reccomend the HRT HRAC plate carrier. It fits perfectly with the maximus placard I had previously bought.

  39. Brian S.

    It’s a GREAT plate carrier.

  40. Michael Swain

    Need to offer cummerbund in a small size. And multiple riveted holes for larger range of sizing options

  41. Randy Wills

    Awesome product and shipped super fast. Thanks guys!

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    Image #1 from Randy Wills
  42. Patrick

    Awesome plate carrier. Love it. Feels like it is made to last forever.

  43. Anonymous

    Fits well and holds the plates perfectly in place

  44. Andrew S.

    Very high quality and comfortable at an affordable price, what more could you want

  45. Calvin

    Great fit out of the box, easily adjustable

  46. Benjamin Magargee

    It’s comfy but the customer service wasn’t the best, however, there is a pandemic so I’ll just assume it was because of that.

  47. Caleb martin

    Best plate carrier for the money! I love the fact that I can easily shoulder my weapon without all kinds of bulky material being in the way. The fabric is awesome and durable and the size and beyond perfect. The carrier almost (at least for my build) 5”11 200lbs feels like it was tailored to my upper body!

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    Image #1 from Caleb martin
  48. TYLER H.

    Big fan. I switched to this after my Mayflower APC, and the quality is on-par. I personally am not a fan of the provided buckles and straps, but that can really be switched out.

  49. Anonymous

    Excellent quality.

  50. Christopher

    Ordered during the shutdown due to covid, which really delayed manufacturing/shipping (completely understandable), but HRT was great about keeping me updated about delays and the delivered product is great. It’s comfortable, well made, and easy to wear for long periods of time. Probably the most comfortable carrier I’ve worn

  51. Brandon Sexton

    Excellent quality, exactly what I wanted and the best stitching I’ve seen. Hands down the most comfortable plate carrier I’ve ever owned.

  52. Micah

    Well made! I feel like it has top quality construction. So far it is as comfortable as a plate carrier can be.

  53. Michael Perry

    Awesome stuff and awesome service!

  54. Sean


  55. Anthony B.

    Very light weight, easily adjustable, perfect color good stitching I couldn’t be more happy

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    Image #1 from Anthony B.
  56. Brian Maynard

    Absolute quality. Look forward to doing more business with HRTtactical.

  57. Christian

    Fits better than my issued carrier.

  58. Jacob

    Really awesome carrier only giving it a 4 bc I haven’t had tons of time to wear it and run it out the quality is great. Hope to talk my department into buying some

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    Image #1 from Jacob
  59. GENE

    Great plate carrier. Durable and comfortable

  60. Lee

    Feels high quality. Happy with this purchase.

  61. Matt D.

    Well made product. Better than I’d imagined when ordering. Stitching is well done and all the components feel like great quality. Lead time was extremely accurate and it was well worth the wait

  62. Chris Garner

    Good quality. I wish it can with cummerbund instead of strap.

  63. Anonymous

    Solid quality well built very pleased with the purchases arrived before quoted lead time

  64. Joshua D.

    The HRAC plate carrier along with the Maximus placard is simply fantastic. My questions along the way were answered quickly and I would not hesitate to do business with HRT again.

    Currently utilizing the budget friendly LAPG Level IV Plates and they fit perfectly.

    The shoulder straps are simple and unobtrusive which makes it better when shouldering a rifle.

    The single strap cummerbund works but upgrading to the Molle or QR cummerbund is a no brainer here.

    Stitching on all seams appears very durable. I tried stressing the seams while the plates were in the carrier and they wouldn’t budge.

    Adjustability is great I’m 5’10 180 and it fits snug and doesn’t move around at all.

    I’m in Arizona so as with any plate carrier it gets hot. Would recommend the pontoon set for added airflow if you’re in a hellish environment.

    Overall very happy with this carrier and HRT. This carrier is just as good if not better than some of the bigger names in the industry. Look forward to putting this carrier through more abuse.

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    Image #1 from Joshua D.
  65. Anonymous

    Great quality product at an affordable price!

  66. Luis Verissimo


  67. Anonymous

    Simple, well thought out design to work with several placards and interface with other gear besides HRT. Needs change so change the placard. Every aspect is well thought out design. Comfort as good as it gets.

  68. Nolan Ellis

    Love it

  69. Joseph F.

    I’m just a civilian who bought this for home defense/shtf situation but it is really well made and comfortable. I wanted a plate carrier that was a little more low profile, so this works perfectly for me. Have recommended to many of my friends as well. Thanks HRT!

  70. Johnny G.

    Seems really well built. Nice quality. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it looks like it’ll hold up to some serious abuse.

  71. Joel Rios

    The quality of plate carrier was good. The problem is my plates didnt fit.

  72. Paul

    Good product, easy setup and adjustability

  73. Anonymous

    Great equipment! Fits great and extremely comfortable

  74. Jake H.

    Great plate carrier

  75. Heather Schmidt

    its a little confusing to adjust the 2 band cummerbund that i bought separately because i have a smaller build, but once i got that adjusted i loved it!

  76. Daniel

    Snug fit for plates and solid stitching.

  77. Derek M.

    Very well made, super lite and the material is pliable and moves very well conspired to other carriers that are very stiff and you have to wear them in. The Ranger green matches the Esstac brand mag pouches very closely too.

  78. Brandon P.

    Great carrier for the money my only issue (which is minor) is that on of the elastic bands on the side (for cable management I’m assuming) was Partially ripped . Other than that very comfortable.

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    Image #1 from Brandon P.
    Image #2 from Brandon P.
  79. alejandro G.

    Im a big fan of larping with my plate carrier, ive got 10×12 RMA plates they fit tight, even convinced the girl friend to get a a tactical sweater like mine.

  80. Roman G.

    Feels very durable and looks great!

  81. Sean M.

    Great quality and fit. Excellent purchase!!!

  82. Brad B.

    I rated this a 5 because I wholeheartedly love this vest. By far the most comfortable plate carrier I have. Keep up the great work!!

  83. William

    Well worth the wait. Could not be happier with the plate carrier and accessories. Fits my 10×12 level 4 plates perfectly. Ill be buying another one in a different color soon.

  84. Anonymous

    Very well made.

  85. Tyler

    I am really pleased with this carrier. Channels really help with the sweat, incredibly modular, and priced right. It was a tight fit with my 10×12 ceramic plates with trauma pads but I suppose you want it tight. I have not taken this on any hard training sessions yet but working out with it fully loaded I have been pleased with it. HRT was really easy to work with after a shipping issue and instantly made it right. Fine company and good products.

  86. Anonymous


  87. Anonymous

    Thoughts: currently I have in it 2x Lvl3+ ar500 (8lb/ea) plates with trauma pads, an HRT rifle placard, side elastic pouch, tourniquet dongle pouch, 4x ar mags 2x glock mags, all loaded. I am a husky American.

    The Plate Carrier has a tight fit for a 10×12 plates (better tight than loose). With everything adjusted correctly for my body the weight distribution is good. Despite most of the weight on the front of the plate carrier, it doesn’t sag forward. It actually doesn’t shift around at all in normal motions. When my chest rotates the PC moves with it perfectly. After removing the internal pontoons it is pretty comfortable. The adjustment range is very large. I am using the smallest shoulder adjustments to get correct height on the plates. There’s 1 1/2” of excess Velcro attachment that I tuck in behind the shoulder-pad wrap.

    •no-nonsense shoulder straps makes shouldering a stock easy.
    •an actual internal sleeve for changing pontoon inserts
    •shoulder pads work well
    •buckle system for the chest band works well.
    •has bands for 2 or 3 leg cummerbunds, and space for a full passthrough cummerbund. This makes the plate carrier compatible with many cummerbunds.
    •the shoulder straps and the chest band don’t loosen when wearing heavy plates.

    •Excess stitching on the bottom corners, pinching abdomen occasionally. This is due to the plate retention design, which is passable. If moving towards a traditional retention design would eliminate the lower corner stitching, please do that. Not a huge deal, but the first thing I would fix. Actually, just please fix this.
    •the internal pontoon “padding” that came inside the pontoon sleeves caused the entire weight of the PC to rest on two pressure points on my chest and back, and was extremely uncomfortable. This is super minor, as you can remove the internal padding. (Please, HRT, don’t ship the PCs with this padding inside. It’s not worth it.)

    Overall, I’m glad I went with this one over my other options. I almost got the TT Rouge or the SPC, but this one exceeded my expectations. Many competitors’ PCs are about equal in cost to this PC plus the HRT placard, so HRT gives me more options

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
  88. Mark Landon

    This thing could not be any better the fit is great the channels keep a lot of sweat from being a problem

  89. Steven Davis

    Best Plate Carrier I have. Fits perfect and great quality.

  90. Kristoffer

    An excellent base rig!

  91. Dustin Koehn

    Just purchased one for my wife. She is 5 foot even with a 37” chest. Any smaller than her and you may need an alternative. A Great carrier. Quality is pristine. I love how versatile they are and the modularity of them makes them ideal for anyone’s tactical needs. Would strongly recommend these.

  92. Albert

    Very high quality, adjustments are easy Definitely a must buy!

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    Image #1 from Albert
  93. Anonymous

    Quality carrier and well thought out. Price is very nice also. Best carrier out there for the money hands down.

  94. Corey

    HRT plate carrier Is Awesome and easy to set up.Ive Training with it a few times already and I would recommend this plate Carrie to anybody on here reading the reviews well worth the money!!!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Corey
    Image #2 from Corey
  95. Jeffrey P.

    Just getting back into tactical training si bought the HRAC plate Carrier-fits perfectly and is comfortable holding my placard with spare magazines. Highly recommended.

  96. Dwight

    So good I got 2. This system is by far one of the best plate carriers I have worn in Military and Law enforcement!

  97. Major Haines

    Comments are from Sgt Ted Jackson. Upon delivery, the units met all expectations of quality (selling point) and the ease of application and adjustability. Also, in light of the current pandemic, we appreciate the timely manner for product delivery.

  98. Derek Weston

    Although, I did return the Plate Carrier I was very impressed with its quality and the customer service was awesome. The carrier was just not the right fit for me. But I would recommend it especially for the price.

  99. Zach

    Such a great and comfortable plate carrier I ended up buying two of them!

  100. Samuel

    Comfortable and really well made. My only criticism is in regard to the internal pontoons. They are a little too thick and they push the PC a bit too far off the body. I also wish there was cushioning in the space inbetween the pontoons.

  101. Trevor

    One of the most comfortable carriers I have worn , super happy ! Keep up the good work

  102. Jeffery

    Limited time (~8 hours) running with plates but everything fits and is comfortable. Product shipped within hours of order and arrived with 48 hours during plandemic and Election season. Very impressed with product and service.

  103. David

    Haven’t yet used it but looks very well made and thoughtfully designed. Outside reviews were very positive.

  104. Dillon O.

    Love the way it fits and seems very durable

  105. Michael F.

    Shipped in declared lead time. Molle straps feel like cheap material, but are still sewn in well. Go with the quick release cummerbund, the Velcro cummerbund is annoying with having to lift the placard. The cummerbunds have to be tied in the back, instructions on line really leave it open for you to decide, and adjustment is difficult if you’re a bigger guy. I’m 6’3 220 lbs and it’s close to not working for me. 10×12 level 4 plates fit, but it isn’t the best fit, the material bends weird at the top, it’s not cut the same as the plates. Other than a weird warping with the plates, annoying cummerbund, and the height level of and pouches attached to the cummerbund (stupid high), it appears to be well constructed so far.

  106. Anonymous

    Good fit. Well made. Simple but versatile. As comfortable as armor/carrier can be. Get the pontoons and it’s comfortable for the whole day.

  107. Corey ware

    This is the perfect plate carrier system. It fits like a glove with no extra useless material.

    The Shoulder straps are perfectly placed so you can shoulder your weapon without touching the thick padding on the straps throwing off your aim.

    The material and stitching feels rugged and strong.

    cummerbund allows you to quickly adjust the plate carrier to whatever clothing you are wearing.

    But most of all The easy change of the placard’s that is awesome!

    In my opinion this is a top-notch plate carrier I would not choose anything over it I am completely 100% sold and I will tell others to buy it as well.

  108. Zachary W.

    I run multi curved steel plates, it doesn’t even feel like I’m running steel plates. This pc is so easy to adjust, even when you are wearing it. The most comfortable pc I’ve worn.

  109. Anonymous

    Well made, comfortable, simple and fast delivery

  110. William Corkren

    Like all HRT products this plate carrier is very high quality. The biggest difference between this one and my HRT RAC plate carrier is the zippers for the back pouches the RAC has. However there is plenty of molle to make up for it

  111. Jeff C.

    Lead time, Shipping and Tracking could improve greatly. But the Product is absolutely Superior, and I guess worth the wait as this is my second carrier and I am planning a third already.

  112. Michael I.

    Excellent quality, great features, and very comfortable. I received mine in less than 2 weeks despite their website saying it could be up to 6 weeks!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Michael I.
  113. Mikko L.

    Excellent value for the price. Robust design and confidence inspiring stitching. The low profile shoulder pads are very comfortable for long hours of use while allowing easy shouldering of your rifle in any shooting position. Easily modifiable for any mission demands.

  114. David Goss

    well designed, i think some of the sewing could be a ‘little’ better…but it’s only because i’m spoiled with tactical gear. likely will get one as a replacement for my current plate carrier

  115. Zach N.

    Great quality. Fast delivery. Fits my 12×9.5×1.2 inch plates perfect. Definitely will be ordering from hrt again.

  116. Wes I.

    Great build quality. Fits and feels great. The added cushion/padding on the back of the plate bags help with comfort and airflow. Plenty of options for placards and other accessories to add to it. My 10×12 plates fit nice and snug with no wiggle room. There is a little bit of extra room on the bottom of the plate bags with 10×12’s. It will accept any type of lace up style(in the back) cummerbund.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Wes I.
    Image #2 from Wes I.
  117. quinn t.

    Great quality and great customer service

  118. Aaron Hildebrand

    Easy to move around in, slim, and very minimalistic.

  119. Anonymous

    I don’t like the way the plates are installed. The Velcro flap should’ve went to the back of the plate. It would’ve made it easier to push up underneath the plate and remove it. If you’re going to keep it the same maybe send a thin plate shaped plastic peace to help insert the plates and the flap. I like the plate carrier it works well and it’s comfortable.

  120. Anonymous

    It’s good to go.

  121. Anonymous

    Great carrier! I’ve been looking for this exact kit for a while.

  122. Anonymous

    better then i expected. plates fit in well

  123. Tri

    Great quality product.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Tri
  124. vanmarter78

    Overall very happy with my plate carrier. Compared to my AR 500 carrier I feel this one beats it on quality and comfortability. I am more than impressed with what I received from this company. The Carrier was sent out very quickly and delivered in a very timely manner. Thanks!

  125. Brian D.

    Not quite what I needed. exchanged for the RAC and really happy with that. Quick. Fast. Done.

  126. Anonymous

    AWESOME!!! Wish I had this kit in ASS CRACK ASTAN. Very comfortable and well made, if I were twins, I’d buy another one!!! HRT IS MADE FOR DOWN RANGE !!!

  127. Matthew

    Awesome well made and fits great. Im 5’6” 160 and its perfect with plenty of adjustability. Currently i’m using a set of sapi cut level III lightweight plates and they fit no problem and are comfortable in this carrier worn on average about 3-5 hours at a time 3 times a week. Shipping was fast enough regarding the current climate and received it in about 2 weeks. Look no further for a great lo profile plate carrier that is very versatile allowing you to use HRT placard attachments in the front as well as other companies if you choose. Thanks for a great product.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Matthew
  128. Bryce R.

    Comfortable, good distribution of weight and all the feature you could want with out the price of other carriers.

  129. William Carmany

    I wear body armor for 10 to 12 hours a day and this is the most comfortable and most breathable plate carrier I’ve had.

  130. Daniel

    A lot of adjustability for a great fit and real nice quality. Outstanding product and a great price compared to other carriers with less features. I live in AZ so the air channel created by the pontoon padding is great. I have yet to see this feature on any other carrier. This is hard to beat in my opinion. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  131. Jeff Carroll Sr

    High quality, best fitting, easily adjustable. The best, most economical on the market. You get what you pay for. I have three of these each set up for different situations. Highly recommend!

  132. Teddy C.

    Well made and more versatile than other carriers I’ve had. Fits like a glove after minor adjustments.

  133. Phillip Ameduri

    Like the gear. Just had to follow up on the order and found it was never shipped. Follow up would be nice to keep people up to date on the orders

  134. John

    Super clean, effective, and lightweight. A great product

  135. Daniel P.

    The value is outstanding. The quality is very high. The weight is very reasonable. My only complaint is not having the option to buy the cumberbund of choice with the carrier. So, I now have a 1.5″ cumberbund taking up space in a closet. It would be a value added option to offer a $10 discount to buy this with the molle cumberbund. Those two together are an excellent system.

  136. Maxwell

    Love the plate carrier so far. It was easy to adjust and feels really solid. I’m just waiting on the tourniquet hanger

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Maxwell
    Image #2 from Maxwell
  137. Jose

    Great carrier, Love that Green!
    Unfortunately only available in one size, medium. Would prefer if it came in a larger option at the same cost and features

  138. Fredman T.

    Great plate carrier. High quality and comfortable.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Fredman T.
    Image #2 from Fredman T.
  139. Michael

    Very well made, been wearing it in, working out in the desert, keeps as cool as possible. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is that there should be an option to order it with the upgraded cummerbund. Even if just to save on waste. Correct me if there is, and I’m just blind.

  140. Noah

    Love it. Great fit and feel.

  141. Joé K.

    In my opinion a great plate carrier. It’s compfortable, breathable and fits perfect. This is now my favorite plate carrier, I use it for training on the range. I can recommend this plate carrier, especially when you are not a tall person.

  142. Daniel

    Amazing carrier. Shipped fast. I love the modularity yet minimalist aspect of this. Quick to don and doff. Very comfortable. A lot a value and quality for the price.

  143. Gabriel

    Amazing PC

  144. Edward B.

    Well worth the price, quality built plate rack. Very comfortable to wear for the hours at a time I’m in it.

  145. Theron Davidson

    The only thing I wish this career had is a brake away buckle on the shoulders

  146. Anonymous

    The quality was good. The cummerbund was very uncomfortable and had to connect once on. After changing this I really enjoyed it.

  147. josh c.

    Great carrier for LEO. Stout enough to put everything i need on it but slimline enough to throw on over the uniform. Excellent build quality.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from josh c.
  148. Anonymous

    Very pleased with my carrier. I haven’t gotten to put plates in it yet but it appears to be well constructed and is represented accurately in the pictures/descriptions. I also love whoever sprayed cologne in the bag haha. That was a pleasant surprise. Keep doing that. Will definitely be ordering more soon.

  149. Anonymous

    Very comfortable.

  150. Caleb martin

    Best plate carrier Iv ever had. And you can’t beat quality and a company that backs it up with a lifetime Warrenty!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Caleb martin
    Image #2 from Caleb martin
  151. Brandon C.

    Doesn’t fit curved plates very well but works.

  152. Damien Doisher

    Looks awesome! Stitching is great and fits comfortably. Would highly recommend this product.

  153. Cameron P.

    This was an excellent buy! I’m super happy with my plate carrier. Also got the molle front placard. Definitely would buy and recommend!

  154. Anonymous

    I use this vest for high risk security jobs. It’s very comfortable wearing all day, breaths well in the Texas heat. Easily worn while driving. Love it’s adaptability to different operational needs.

  155. John W.

    Very pleased. Easy to adjust and fits well. I plan on grabbing some accessories now that I know I like it.

  156. matt

    Good stuff

  157. Sidney Lopez

    Outstanding products even better service

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Sidney Lopez
  158. Chris H.

    Fantastic plate carrier, our whole team loves how comfortable they are!

  159. nicholas h.

    Great price great product great company

  160. Charles D.

    Great plate carrier, especially for the price. I don’t think that you could find a better quality plate carrier for what your paying for with this one. You can definitely tell it’s made from high quality material and they pay attention to detail.

  161. Mario

    Honestly, the piece of gear you can have! I have this for duty, and range use. Looking forward to trying out their quick detach cummerbund pretty soon. Definitely recommend! Keep up the awesome work, HRT!

  162. Reese B.

    Love everything about your company. Great customer service! I had ordered the wrong Vest. I put in a return. Ordered the new one. They got it shipped to me in 3 days from order date.

  163. Anonymous


  164. Cody Osburn

    Overall the fit and quality is great. I also enjoy the integrated padding and airflow channels on the inside. The cummerbund leaves some to be desired and I will probably be changing it out for an elastic option.

  165. Eric

    Pretty nice carrier. The only complaint is the security of the hook and loop on the placard in relation to the carrier. It can be a bit weak. Other than that this carrier is well stitched, formed and kept to minimum. Fits shotstop g2 plates incredibly well

  166. Nickolas K.

    Great fit and quality. Delivered quick too!

  167. Scott S.

    Good and comfortable plate carrier. Easy to set up and stow.

  168. Michael Fratto

    The fit is amazing no matter how much adjusting you need to do

  169. Eduardo Z.

    This is my first ever plate carrier. Picked up some composite body armor from another site. Inserted the body armor into the plate carrier with ease. Then adjusted the side straps so that the fit was a bit more than snug. Then I did some jumping jacks and burpees to make sure the setup didn’t slosh around. As an average guy I don’t think I’ll need a cummerbund or the placard with the extra mag pouches that go on the front. They look cool but I don’t foresee needing to have then. Overall 100% satisfied with this purchase. I don’t expect any carrier to be comfortable, but this carrier actually feels great. As a wise man once said, “buy a cardigan if you want to feel comfortable!”
    From one average person to another average person I recommend this product.

  170. Anonymous

    Most comfortable kit I’ve ever worn, tough stitching.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  171. Daniel

    Amazing carrier for any active law enforcement officer. Extremely comfortable and 10/10 customer service. HRT takes care of their LEOs. Fast shipping

  172. Wade

    Well made piece of equipment, holds plate in place better than I’ve ever seen with any other carrier.

  173. Keith

    Great product that fits perfectly.

  174. Ethan M.

    So far ive loved the HRT HRAC. Im a smaller guy and i was worried it would be to large on me. However it proved to be highly adjustable and you can feel the quality when you pick it up. The velcrow is stronger than I had expected and it wont move an inch on you when your movin’ an groovin.

  175. Ryan Vance

    I ordered the black medium and fits like a dream! Fast shipping also.

  176. Wykeem Flood

    This kit is amazing, I’m able to shoulder my rifle perfectly and the quality is amazing! I wish I had this in Iraq!! It’s hella comfortable

  177. Steven Coffman

    The HRAC is fantastic quality especially for the price point. Materials are excellent, stitching is very well done and high quality. My multicurve ceramic plates fit snug and have no movement at all. I paired it with the Maximus Placard as well as the pontoons and is without a doubt the most comfortable plate carrier I’ve ever worn! I’m very happy with the system.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Steven Coffman
    Image #2 from Steven Coffman
  178. Brooklynn

    Nice material fit really well

  179. Wykeem F.

    I love this kit, not following the hype and still a great set up

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Wykeem F.
  180. Anonymous

    Very solid and comfortable fit. Amazing customer service!

  181. Nick Brook

    This was by far the best PC bar none not only for the price but for anyone that needs quality and not breaking the bank.

  182. Dakota H.

    Solid piece of kit paired with the Maximus placard and QR cummerbund. Haven’t fully gotten everything together yet but it’s a work in progress.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Dakota H.
    Image #2 from Dakota H.
    Image #3 from Dakota H.
  183. Anonymous

    Shouldering the rifle stock is difficult due to slippery material covering.

  184. michael leon

    I’m sorry. I don’t like to give bad reviews but I will in hopes that you change the way you manufacture this plate carrier. 1- the shoulder pads were way to thin, almost none existent and immediately I felt a hot spot on my shoulder. 2- the rear padding, which are two pieces that run the length of the plate carrier might as well have been two pieces of 2×2 wood, they were so hard. I immediately removed them but since there isn’t anymore padding other then those two strips and the fabric is so thin, I immediately started to feel the curvature of the ballistic plate on my back. Also since it’s just a nylon fabric pressed against your back, you start to sweat bullets after about 5 minutes. 3- the way the plate is held in the plate carrier pocket, it does not allow you to tuck a flat IFAK kit between the ballistic plate.
    I didn’t not like it one bit and immediately changed back to my condor MOPC.

  185. Jane

    Super high quality with solid stitching. Awesomely adjustable even for a gal built kind of like a beanpole. Holds 10×12 plates snugly but without stretch. Also distributes weight just great, even with a loaded up placard. Also comfortable to wear in a range of weather. A+

  186. Arens M.

    Very comfortable, super adjustable, incredibly lightweight.

  187. chris


    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from chris
  188. Stephen

    The carrier is surprisingly comfortable. Attached with the cummerbund, making it easier to take on and off and make adjustments, as well as, the Maximus placard. It suits my needs and has exceeded my expectations. My only complaint (and this is most likely my fault due to the cut), is that my plates do not seat all the way in the carrier, so there is about an inch of play at the top.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Stephen
  189. Anonymous

    Extremely well made using the most durable nylon and stitching. I ordered the HRT HRAC and the HRT Response Placard. I found a local veteran owned gun shop in Phoenix to buy my Ace Link IIIA PS Armor Plates, which fit perfectly in chest and back body armor sleeves. And now I’ve just places my order with HRT Tactical and purchased the HRT Zip-On Panel MOLLE Adapters and the HRT Zip-On HydroMax Pack to finish off this plate carrier build. After our lawmakers in Washington DC completely failed to protect law-abiding non-criminals from their militant leftist ideologue enforcers in 2020, I decided that my life, my safety, my God given natural right to self preservation, was MY responsibility and not the very government that was simultaneously trying to limit and prevent my Constitutional right to own a firearm, while also advocating for the defunding of American law enforcement agencies across the country. This plate carrier build project, along with an HK MP-5 SBR and a Shadow Systems MR920L Elite, Surefire X300B, Trijicon RMR projects are my response to Washington DC’S decision to punish law abiding Americans, while advocating for and defending the career criminals who these political elites have placed as their highest priority. So go ahead Nancy and Corn-Pop, defund whatever. I’m ready.

  190. Timothy Rash

    Amazing…comfortable….sized perfectly…. build quality to tier. I’m actually trading it out for my jpc, and I can already tell I won’t be going back to the jpc. Thanks!!

  191. Sam C.

    Great carrier, extremely comfortable!

  192. Daltyn Baker

    Love it just wish i got a size bigger kinda small but thats my fault not theirs

  193. Christopher B.

    Super comfortable

  194. Leon Manuel III

    I never received my gear I reached out company with no response

  195. Kolby F.

    Awesome product!

  196. Michael

    It’s comfortable

  197. HAYDEN B.

    This rig fits really well and accepts all kinds of plates from thin steel to thick sapi inserts. 10/10 would buy 3 more

  198. William La Turco


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