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HRT 2-Band Molle Cummerbund


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  • Constructed of 500D Cordura nylon
  • Fully adjustable with rear bungee lacing system to accommodate most sizes
  • Two rows of PALS webbing on each exterior side to customize your kit with MOLLE pouches
  • Cummerbund fits most carriers on the market with rear pass through pocket (Will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier)
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HRT 2-Band Molle Cummerbund


HRT 2 Band Cummerbund
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The HRT 2-Band MOLLE Cummerbund was designed with the purpose to reduce weight, but still maintain the function of a MOLLE cummerbund. The 2-band cummerbund is roughly 2/3rds the weight of standard cummerbunds on the market, featuring 2 rows of PALS webbing to attach your MOLLE pouches or side plates. With its universal one size fits most design this cummerbund is compatible with our RAC Plate Carrier and HRAC plate carrier along with most other carriers on the market. This cummerbund will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier as you need will LBAC sleeves instead. 

Like all our product the cummerbund is backed by our lifetime warranty.



  • Constructed of 500D Cordura nylon
  • Fully adjustable with rear bungee lacing system to accommodate most sizes
  • Internal pocket for soft armor 2.75″ x 15″
  • Two rows of PALS webbing on each exterior side to customize your kit with MOLLE pouches
  • Cummerbund fits most carriers on the market with rear pass through pocket (Will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier)





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146 reviews for HRT 2-Band Molle Cummerbund

  1. luis rivera

    luis rivera


  2. Avatar


    Well made

  3. Avatar


    Wish they had a 2 band QD option

  4. Branden Swartz

    Branden S.

    This cummerbund is very comfortable. Install was easy and it’s just the right amount of cummerbund, it’s not oversized to where you feel like you can’t move. Very comfortable and flexible.

  5. Avatar


    Awesome Cumberbone wish it was the standard one that came with

  6. Steve Strank

    Steve Strank

    Great upgrade.

  7. Avatar

    Arnold Navarro

    Great product

  8. Avatar

    Westley Roberts

    Well built

  9. Avatar


    The attachment system is a bit sketchy since it’s just bungee cord. Regardless it is still holding and holds securely.

  10. Avatar

    Stuart H.

    I’m happy with the cummerbund.I’m not a big guy 5’11 180,so I had to fold the cummerbund were you tie it in the back of the plate carrier to get it a little more of at tighter fit out of the box. They have a YouTube video if you need help with install

  11. Avatar

    Blaine G.

    Fits well and nicely constructed

  12. Jerrod Alford

    Jerrod Alford


  13. Avatar

    Ricardo O.

    A-mazing piece, really comfortable. thank you HRT.

  14. Avatar


    Great product

  15. Avatar

    William M.

    Very comfortable and adjustable

  16. Avatar


    Really nice build quality and you can put it on tighter than a lot of other MOLLE cummerbunds since these are really flexible.

  17. Avatar

    Edward P.

    A must have upgrade, wish it was offered as an alternative with the plate carrier. Looks like it would work with any pc that has a Molle field for a cummerbund.

  18. Avatar

    Charles Thompson

    Follows the HRT carrier philosophy of comfort, airflow and weight savings, without sacrificing modularity! Use the FAQ on HRTs website to see how to rig it up!

  19. Avatar

    Ross T.

    Like warm hugs.

  20. Avatar


    The cummerbund is worth the buy to be able to add side plates or other accessories to the plate carrier. Nothing against the strap and buckle the plate carrier comes with but being able to add side plates is much better than just air….

  21. Avatar

    Travis Davidson

    Well made!

  22. Avatar

    Richard Vezzani

    Have no issues with it. comfortable and just works as it is supposed to.

  23. Avatar

    Michael Swain

    Already made comment

  24. Patrick Davis


    great cummerbund.

  25. Avatar


    Sturdy and easy attachment. Holds the carrier very tight

  26. Avatar

    Brandon Pack

    little confusing to install, would like a how to video.

  27. Avatar

    Jameson H.

    Very well made cummerbund at a reasonable price. Outstanding stitching and QC. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

  28. Avatar

    Alexander M.

    Great easy and sturdy product. Wish it had insert for armor, but I might eventually upgrade to the quick release version that has the capability

  29. Avatar

    Benjamin Magargee

    Perfect fit

  30. Avatar

    TYLER H.

    Thoroughly OK. Nothing special, nothing crummy.

  31. Avatar

    Brandon Sexton

    Excellent quality, exactly what I wanted and the best stitching I’ve seen. Lightweight and comfortable.

  32. Avatar


    Works as I would expect

  33. Avatar

    Dalton A.


  34. Avatar


    Very comfortable! Easy to install and adjust

  35. Avatar

    Brian H.

    Solid gear.

  36. Avatar

    James Howden

    Great piece of equipment, well built. Wasn’t too much information on how to attach it to the carrier so I had to get creative with it. Also it’s a bit of a loose fit for skinnier folks lol. Hope it’s fits better once I get plates in the carrier. If there’s other ways to attach this better I would sure like to know, but still happy with it. thanks again.

  37. Avatar


    Extremely comfortable and well made. Going to order a second RAC system

  38. Avatar

    Luis Verissimo


  39. Avatar

    Nolan Ellis

    The size I got is a medium but the Velcro doesn’t sit in the right spot because when I use the front mag holders it’s sitting on the non Velcro part. It’s too big for a medium need to rethink sizes

  40. Avatar

    Johnny G.

    Cummerbund is nicely made however I wish it had a different method of attachment to the carrier on the back rather than a couple durable looking cords. We’ll see, they look beefy & they might surprise me but I dont like them…

  41. Avatar

    Marc Urban

    I’m a bit disappointed in the size and thickness it’s much smaller than I anticipated
    Seems a bit flimsy but time will tell

  42. Avatar

    Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  43. Avatar


    Love the cumberbun

  44. Avatar

    Jake H.

    Like the cummerbund over the original clips

  45. Avatar

    Mike m.

    Very comfortable

  46. Avatar


    Very comfortable

  47. Avatar


    Only reason for 4 stars is because this is my first plate carrier ever and I don’t know how to attach the cummerbund and I can’t find any videos on YouTube yet about how to attack the cummerbund. Please make a video for YouTube HRT.

  48. Avatar


    At 6’2 190lbs these overlap a bit to much,would be nice if they came in different sizes. There also appears to be an inner pocket to add side protection but I haven’t read this info anywhere (not to say there isn’t info about this option ) Very well made though !

  49. Avatar

    Nathan F.

    Could have used instructions on how to attach to the carrier.

  50. Avatar

    Rodney Casen

    Perfect addition!!

  51. Avatar

    Heather Schmidt

    a little confusing to adjust for a smaller person but works well once you get the hang of it

  52. Avatar


    Easy to install and durable.

  53. Avatar

    Derek M.

    Very well built and pliable unlike others that the nylon is very stiff.

  54. Avatar

    Jake P.

    Great product great service

  55. Avatar

    Daniel Heydenburg

    Needs lacing instructions.

  56. Avatar


    a definite must have

  57. Avatar

    Zachary A.

    Order was promptly shipped, and of great quality.

  58. Avatar


    Works well.

  59. Avatar

    David W.

    Wish they were a tad more rigid, but they function fine and haven’t caused any issues. Solid.

  60. Avatar

    Mark Landon

    Well built the width is perfect

  61. Avatar

    Blake F.

    Super high quality. However I would have liked a little handle or loop on the Velcro under the placard to remove it faster.

  62. Avatar

    Derek Weston

    Would like to give a better review but need instructions on how to connect the cummerbund together. I got it together but no idea if it’s correct. Still in trial phase to see if it’s as good as advertised.

  63. Avatar


    If you are buying HRT plate carrier I would recommend you to buy HRT Cummerbund it works great it’s a little difficult to set up but it goes well with it

  64. Avatar


    This didn’t not end up working for my needs. Quality product just not what I needed. Ended returning it to get the quick release.

  65. Avatar


    Very comfortable and fail safe. I would like to try the QR but I always go back to the tried and true.

  66. Avatar

    Jeff C.

    For new people with regards of how to put together and incorporate these products, instructions would be helpful.

  67. Avatar


    I think this should be standard equipment, it puts the stock belt to shame. Must have upgrade!

  68. Avatar

    Derek Weston

    Customer service was great I ended up returning the cummerbund because I returned the plate carrier. It was good quality but hard to put together which is the only reason I give it a 3. But customer service the Company in itself gets a 5.

  69. Avatar


    Quality products!!

  70. Avatar


    Exactly as expected, quality is excellent.

  71. Avatar


    I wish I there was a 3rd row of molle, this cummberbund limits your accessory abilities. Otherwise super solid construction. Instructions for suggested installation would’ve been nice.

  72. Avatar

    Joshua R.

    Well made. Was sent the wrong color but HRT customer service is very responsive and happy to help.

  73. Avatar


    I liked this cummerbund a little better than the stock one for the more snug feeling on the carrier.

  74. Avatar


    Great fit for me.

  75. Avatar

    Michael F.

    Could use a better securing mechanism in the rear.

  76. Avatar

    Sean R.

    Well, it unfortunately doesn’t fit HRT’s cummerbund soft armor… could have been explained a little better in the description. Yes, it is ideal to “square up your plates to the target”, but “SH*T does happen” and “bad guys get a vote too”. So, it is better to have something than nothing. I would recommend, increasing the width of the 2 band slightly to fit the soft armor. Ultimately, offering one cummerbund with a quick release option and one without. And possibly a stretch material design for a truly minimalist option. Just a thought…

  77. Avatar

    Zachary W.

    I haven’t attached the cummerbund yet.

  78. Mikko Lantinen

    Mikko L.

    Compliments the HRAC well allowing for more load bearing capacity. Easi installation and adjustment.

  79. Avatar

    Cody Corado

    I wish they would of just used velcro instead of the bungi system. But it works as advertised.

  80. Avatar


    Great product and with the placard it is super fast to get on and off. Actual prefer this over tubes.

  81. Avatar

    Jeff Kernaghan

    Fits perfect.

  82. Avatar

    Alonzo B.

    Easy to set up with video supplied by HRT. Works great

  83. Avatar

    Jonathan K.

    Awesome product. Sturdy and purchased it in ranger green to complete my HRT carrier

  84. Avatar

    Benjamin Thompson

    Excellent quality

  85. Avatar


    Does what I wanted

  86. Avatar

    Ray F.

    Exactly what I wanted. The elastic cord retention on the back was a new thing for me but I’m glad I tried it.

  87. MichaelDiLuccio


    Much needed

  88. Avatar


    Very comfortable

  89. Avatar


    It holds it more secured to the body and mor comfortable

  90. Avatar

    Ryan G.

    100 times better than the small band that comes stock. Very good carrier upgrade

  91. Avatar


    Got this to go with my plate carrier and was easy to install, this cummerbund provided better fit and more stability for situations where you may need to move at a faster pace and climbing over/under obstacles. If you will be doing work id really recommend getting this piece.

  92. Avatar

    Chris Garner

    Great fit good quality

  93. Avatar


    Very well made, durable, and works perfect with my carrier.

  94. Avatar


    Nice quality. Need example on proper elastic bands attachment at the back.

  95. Avatar

    William Carmany

    This cummerbund has a low profile and is very comfortable.

  96. Avatar

    John Reiman

    Like a glove!!

  97. Avatar


    Though I prefer a slick cummerbund I did try it with both a med kit and utility pouch attached. Works great either way and molds to your body as you bend and twist.

  98. Avatar

    Daniel P.

    It is high quality and works within the system well, but could be lighter weight. Its adjustability is a big plus.

  99. Avatar


    Solid stitching and really comfortable while being easy to adjust.

  100. Avatar


    A good simple cummerbund that pairs nicely with the HRAC carrier

  101. Avatar

    James Brown

    Great purchase. Easy to install and makes a world of difference

  102. Avatar


    Easy to install on plate carrier. Feels comfortable on body. Works well for carrying extra gear/equipment you want/need on your sides

  103. Avatar


    Decently stiff, but decently flexible. I also replaced the cummerbund on my 5.11 carrier that I use for running with this one.

  104. Avatar

    Edward B.

    Very comfortable and easy to install while watching the HRT video.

  105. Avatar

    Theron Davidson

    Not good for heat but it is vary comfortable fit

  106. Logan Byrd


    Must have for the RAC plate carrier.

  107. Avatar


    Love it

  108. Avatar

    Daniel C.

    This makes the carrier fit so much better to my body. This should be an upgrade option for the carriers. Highly recommended buying this for your carriers.

  109. Avatar

    Jose Flores

    Nice compliment

  110. Avatar

    Joseph Marcotte

    Same as for the carrier.

  111. Avatar

    Brandon C.

    Maybe have variable sizes.

  112. Avatar

    Austin Roth

    Works as it should, so far haven’t had any problems with it. Very pleased

  113. Chace Downing

    Chace Downing

    Needed addition to my rac

  114. Avatar


    Super high quality, ultra strong material. Couldn’t be happier with my “Gucci” gear from HRT!

  115. Edgardo Gonzalez


    I like the cummerbund, I do, it does what is supposed to do. But I wish I would of gotten the one with the quick release. If like to test that system out & see what it can withstand.

  116. Avatar

    Robert Keever

    Just a cummerbund. Nothing special

  117. Avatar

    xavien fernandez

    Easy install and good quality

  118. Avatar


    Very comfortable. Strong hook and loop and I really like the slimmer two rows of molle rather than the usual three rows. The overall construction of the cummerbund is great feels like it would last forever

  119. Avatar

    Charles D.

    Was overall a good fit for the plate carrier. Not only does it make the plate carrier for better, but it also adds comfort of fit.

  120. Avatar


    I’m waiting on the quick release cummerbund but every time it is in stock I’m at work and can’t order it fast enough to get one I think it will really help my setup

  121. t t


    Simple design but very effective. Works perfectly well for the cummerbund solution for the carrier. Not sure how the short 2 row MOLLE is going to perform for various needs but will see in the future.

  122. Avatar


    Very sturdy and fits double mag pouches and an ifak comfortably

  123. Avatar


    Works great with carrier

  124. Avatar

    Richard B.

    As advertised, exultant customer service

  125. Avatar

    Dakota B.

    Does an amazing job at holding plates up without folding.

  126. Avatar


    Nice quality

  127. Avatar


    Great Quality gear!!!

  128. Avatar


    Cummerbund is stiff and has mole that I plan on using for additional pouches.

  129. Avatar

    Ethan M.

    I would highly recommend the 2 Band Molle Cummerbund. It made all the difference over the standard strap that comes with the HRT plate carriers. It provides a far more solid fit around your body and doesnt allow your carrier to move from side to side while running. It has plenty of room for side attatchments, however there is not a pocket for side plates if that’s something that matters to you.

  130. Avatar

    Ryan Vance

    Easy to put on and feels better and more secure!

  131. Avatar


    The cummerbund is comfy and very well constructed. The webbing is firm and provides ample room for the addition of other gear (items added for reference). I use hard side armor and it was easy to add the external pouches for my loadout.

  132. Avatar

    Eddie Genita

    The Cummerbund is amazing. I should have bought this earlier

  133. Avatar

    Dustin P.

    Comfy AF

  134. Avatar

    Gaddie Wider

    Good product. The bungee connect is in the back is more complex than other carriers, but gives more stretch.

  135. Avatar

    Nick Brook

    Its a must for this PC don’t think just buy it you won’t regret it.

  136. Avatar

    Trevor B.

    Good solid cummerbund, the design used to fasten it to the carrier was a little confusing and took a lot of effort to get to fit right.

  137. Avatar


    Great product.

  138. Avatar

    william c.

    Great fear

  139. Avatar

    michael leon

    Cummerbund is fine.

  140. Dominic Muhilly

    Dominic Muhilly

    I definitely prefer more of a thinner cummerbund unlike the tri-row molle ones, this cummerbund, I really like because it’s out of the way and not touching anything on my tac belt.

  141. Avatar


    Great product made well and does it job.

  142. Avatar


    Great fit. holds the vest to my chest way better than the straps that came with it. It’s thin enough I can still move my arms, but it still holds my carrier

  143. Logan Byrd


    A must for HRT carriers.

  144. Avatar

    Henry Yennie

    Much better support.

  145. Avatar


    Great product…. Setting up my 2nd carrier, all HRT RAC and gear… I’d prefer the quick release but I can upgrade later

  146. Avatar

    William La Turco

    Little small

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