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HRT Quick Release Cummerbund


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  • Quick Release with ROC Buckles
  • Internal pocket for soft armor
  • Constructed of 500D Cordura nylon
  • Fully adjustable with rear bungee lacing system to accommodate most sizes
  • Three rows of PALS webbing on each exterior side to customize your kit with MOLLE pouches
  • Cummerbund fits most carriers on the market with rear pass through pocket (Will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier)
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HRT Quick Release Cummerbund


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The HRT Quick Release Cummerbund was designed with the purpose to quickly doff and don your carrier, but still maintain the function of a MOLLE cummerbund. The Quick Release Cummerbund utilizes ROC buckles for quick detach, featuring 3 rows of PALS webbing to attach your MOLLE pouches or side plates. The cummerbund also features an internal pocket for soft armor. With its universal one size fits most design this cummerbund is compatible with our RAC Plate Carrier and HRAC plate carrier along with most other carriers on the market. This cummerbund will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier as you need will LBAC sleeves instead.

Like all our products the cummerbund is backed by our lifetime warranty.



  • Quick Release with ROC Buckles
  • M/L up to a 38-40″ Waist
  • LG/XL up to a 40-50″ Waist
  • Internal pocket for soft armor M/L (5″ x 15″)
  • Internal pocket for soft armor L/XL (5″ x 19″)
  • Constructed of 500D Cordura nylon
  • Fully adjustable with rear bungee lacing system to accommodate most sizes
  • Three rows of PALS webbing on each exterior side to customize your kit with MOLLE pouches
  • Cummerbund fits most carriers on the market with rear pass through pocket (Will not work with the LBAC Plate Carrier)





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137 reviews for HRT Quick Release Cummerbund

Based on 137 reviews
  1. Avatar


    Quality is great just a bit too bulky for me. I prefer the 2 band cummerbund

  2. Jacob Dakin

    Jacob Dakin

    Love it, it’s far superior to the belt and buckle style that came with my HRT plate carrier in fitting the carrier to my body as well as donning and doffing.

  3. Avatar

    Adam M.

    I put this on a 5.11 TacTec plate carrier. Very easy to install and extremely comfortable. Great way to add MOLLE webbing and an option for soft side body armor. I highly recommend adding this cummerbund to your plate carrier!

  4. Avatar

    Carl Stuff


  5. Avatar

    Brian Latiolais

    Great quality!

  6. Avatar

    Cole Van Sickle

    its necessary to add this to your carrier

  7. Todd Tucker

    Todd Tucker

    Seems to be a solid product, happy with the design and comfort

  8. Avatar


    Secures to the plate carrier well, but the quick release system is kind of a pain. Good luck hooking that thing under pressure in a stressful situation

  9. Ricky Mata

    Ricky Mata

    Nice cummerbund

  10. Avatar

    Ryan Blau

    Love the qd option for this

  11. Jake Hager

    Jake Hager

    Just bought a RAC plate carrier and the quick release cummerbund. I wear a carrier on a pretty much daily basis for work and couldn’t be happier with this one. The carrier/cummerbund are solid. The quick release cummerbund is super convenient and makes putting the carrier on and taking it off fast and efficient. Everything I’ve purchased from HRT is top notch quality and is super comfortable and versatile. HRT knocked it out of the park.

    Image #1 from Jake
  12. Avatar


    Looks nice, not as easy to engage/disengage QR as some other designs

  13. Avatar


    Perfection works great with body armor inserts.

  14. Samuel Longden

    Samuel Longden

    I would just order this alongside your carrier. It’s such a simple and yet very necessary addition. Removing the carrier is significantly easier and quicker than the buckles. Putting it on takes some practice to line up the two ends, but it’s so worth the price. The extra Molle space is amazing as well. Highly recommended.

  15. Bethany Flint

    Bethany Flint

    The gear is awesome and my husband is very happy with it

  16. Andrew Wallan


    Rugged, comfortable and worth the money.

  17. Avatar


    Very good quality at a fair price.

  18. Avatar


    Very comfortable and plenty of space if needed

  19. Avatar

    Dylan James

    I wish that the soft armor sleeve extended a little further underneath the plastic quick disconnect buckles up front and I wish there was some clear directions on how to attach it to a plate carrier

  20. Avatar

    Brian S.

    Makes putting the plate carrier so easy.

  21. Avatar

    Brent H.

    Get this added with your RAC carrier if you’re planning on running side armor(which they sell on their site from ace link specifically for this quick release cummerbund). Worth it.

  22. Avatar

    Tomas Guzman Jr

    This piece completed my kit because it allows me to be light,fast, and it’s breathable.

  23. Avatar

    James P.

    Have not used this yet, construct looks very sturdy.

  24. Avatar


    Perfect fit. Even for small waist sizes

  25. Avatar

    Caleb martin

    Best system I have ever used with swift clips durable and very easy to take on and off. Quality is super!

  26. Avatar

    Jeffrey L.

    Total quality product! Would not shop anywhere else.

  27. Avatar


    I got no words to say but ,” SICKKKKKK! ” 💪💪💪💪

  28. Avatar


    More then satisfied with the product and good quality for the price.

  29. Avatar

    Brandon C.

    Great product. Quick release is nice.

  30. Avatar



  31. Avatar

    Frank L.

    Quality kit . I have 2 sets of hrt kit with hrt plates and all are built with best materials and quality stitching. Better then kit I was issued at ranger battalion. You guys need to link up with 2/75 and work out a deal .

  32. Avatar

    Nikolas H.

    Very skinny guy here – The RAC Carrier and the 3 Band Cummerbund fit me perfectly. If you’re a tall & skinny boi scrambling throughout the web right now deciding on what you want to purchase without having to fear if it will actually fit when it comes in – Get HRT. This gear fits me (155lbs at 6’2) perfectly and comfortably

  33. Avatar

    Ricky L.

    Stitching is great, QD tubes are easy to use and access

  34. Avatar

    William Corkren

    The quick release is great and adds more versatility to my kit

  35. Avatar

    Corey ware

    , But allows you to adjust the play carrier to whatever clothing you’re wearing

  36. Avatar

    Clint S.

    Super easy to retrofit, and extremely intuitive to use. Quality is 10/10.

  37. Avatar


    The bungee cord at the back might need to be slightly longer (e.g. 1″ or 2″?) to allow more ease of setup, especially when trying to tie the knot to keep things in place. I would’ve preferred velcro, to be completely honest, as it would’ve made not only the installation process a lot faster, smoother, and easier, but also dealing with adjustments/fitting after the fact. I don’t the “advantage” on that point.

    The armor inserts appear to be for soft side armor only. Perhaps there’s an ability to mount pockets for hard armor side plates, but if so, it seems you’d have to find something to attach onto this.

    Also, I’m always concerned about plastic on gear. (The quick-release plate carrier also has a plastic buckle on the right shoulder.) Just falling to the ground at the wrong angle might be enough to break it and then the rest of the carrier is going to swing around b/c it’s not locked into place.

    Finally, it can be difficult to attach the cummerbund buckles when you intend to have the carrier tight to your body. I guess that’s why it’s called “quick-release” and not “quick-buckle-up”.

  38. Avatar

    Al T.

    Again now instructions you have to resort to the internet and an off the wall person

  39. Avatar

    Daniel M.

    Love this Cummerbund. Once you set it up super easy and comfortable. The quick release buckle was little difficult to used too but you get over it quickly.

  40. Avatar


    Excellent addition to any rig. Added the armor inserts for added protection. Great gear!

  41. Avatar


    Love the quick release and the fact you can put soft armor inserts inside.

  42. Avatar


    Functions perfectly

  43. Avatar


    I love it. Was the best upgrade to my outer vest.

  44. Avatar


    The QD cumberbund is an amazing and crucial add on to any carrier. Great price amazing quality. Have them on each of our kits and will be getting more. Who wants to mess around with all the pain in the but velcro when we can snap in and out in a jiffy like batman and robin!
    Thanks guys.

  45. Avatar


    Awesome cummerbund, adjustable to size and looks great.

  46. Avatar

    Jonathan S.

    This is an AWESOME upgrade! Makes getting into and out of the plate carrier significantly easier. I personally don’t like having to actuate the velcro every time since even the good name brand stuff (and this is good stuff) will loose it’s sticky over time. This eliminates that concern as well as being EXACTLY in the same position every time you put it on, no worrying about exact placement of the velcro tab. Easy enough to learn to snap it back, I can’t do it without looking, but it’s not hard to get it lined up.

  47. Avatar


    These cummerbunds are absolutely excellent. Very high quality and the ability to quickly don and doff my carrier is so excellent.

  48. Avatar


    Loads better than the original single strap cumberbund

  49. Avatar

    Christopher Welch

    Wish it had mag pouches built in to the Cummerbund!

  50. Avatar

    James Hartsell

    Fast and good quality!!!!!!!!

  51. Avatar


    Game changer for ease of remove, I still wiggle it on with it fastened to get it on for speed, I wear it tight so unless my team is with me, it’s doable

  52. Avatar

    broderick anderson

    Great fit

  53. Avatar


    Took getting used to but makes me wish I bought a quick release plate carrier! This saves my velcro and ears every time I put my kit on. Removal takes seconds and it leaves my cummerbund right where I left it every time. Thicker material than factory, highly recommend to anyone viewing this companies product. Will be back for more.

  54. Avatar

    Paul S.

    This cummerbund system is amazing, and is crisp and fast for donning and doffing. Highly recommend for any plate carrier setup.

  55. Avatar

    Chris Mraz

    Sturdy, well made!

  56. Avatar

    Ethan D.

    Great product. Install is simple.

  57. Avatar

    Bryce R.

    A great addon to the RAC/HRAC systems. It takes some time to get the trick down with the quick release but with some practice its way better than the traditional cummerbunds.

  58. Avatar

    Frederick H.

    Now for starters I’m not giving it a 3 because it was utter shit, it’s build really well and the QD is smooth and easy enough to use/reattach(though it can be a bit if a pain but that seems to be a universal issue with tubular QDs)
    My issues ultimately came from the overall fit, I just couldn’t get it how I like it. It was either way too tight or just too loose for my liking. And even when it was loose if you went to throw on winter training gear it became too tight again so there was just no winning for me. I ultimately returned it but I’d never say it was a bad product to not buy it

  59. Avatar

    George E.

    This was my first cummberbund I’ve bought for my plate carrier and I really do enjoy it. The great build quality ease of installation we’re just some of the things that made this a great cummberbund.

  60. Avatar

    Robert F.

    Scoring it low. Nice cummerbund but the fiddle factor is too high with the ROC style quick release.

  61. Avatar


    Well made and feel good

  62. Avatar

    Troy C.

    Great design, very durable.

  63. Avatar


    Has to be my favorite HRT piece to date. The QD will save years off your life, not to mention the Velcro!

  64. Avatar

    Joe S.

    What I love about this cummerbund is the quick release buckles, they are very well made and make it super easy to drop my carrier if needed.

  65. Avatar

    Richard S.

    The quality is excellent, but the workings of the buckle are not intuitive and took a while to figure out. I also find the buckle hard to reach while attempting to latch/unlatch the cummerbund while wearing the fully assembled plate carrier w/accessories.

  66. Avatar



  67. Avatar

    Eric Chung

    Doffing is super easy, but donning can be somewhat cumbersome because you have to align the top and bottom of the clips before locking it in.

    Wish they came with longer shock cord to attach it to the carrier, but it’s plenty for the average size folk.

  68. Sidney Lopez

    Sidney Lopez

    Fits great

  69. Avatar

    Joseph Scomolla jr

    Awesome quality and fast shipping I don’t know what else to say. Remember 1 thing you get what you pay for.

  70. Avatar

    Jeff T.

    Love the Quick disconnects

  71. Avatar

    Chris H.

    Awesome add-on, makes it so much easier to take on and off, plastics seems pretty durable.

  72. Avatar


    Love it, works like a charm

  73. Avatar


    This is well worth the investment. Had to get Ranger Green to go on my coyote brown vest just to get one but who cares, not wearing for a fashion show!! Easy to install and use. Wish they would issue these in the Navy!

  74. Avatar



  75. Brian Barringer


    Absolute must have fast and easy to operate.

  76. Avatar

    Daniel Jacobs

    Love the buckling system on the cummerbund. Have the soft armor in them as well.

  77. Avatar


    Intuitive. Simple. Efficient. What else could you need?

  78. Avatar


    A little tight, but good product.

  79. Avatar


    Comfortable with easy access to remove carrier on the fly. Works great, no issues. 10/10

  80. Avatar

    Ron Still

    It’s awesome plate carrier is awesome also !

  81. Avatar

    Kyle T.

    Solid workmanship in the product. It works flawlessly. I received it quickly and have not had a single issue with the product. The quick release tubes work amazingly well and it fits the carrier exceptionally.

  82. Avatar


    Well made

  83. Avatar


    I love it. Quick release is great for quick dismount

  84. Israel Ramirez

    Israel R.

    Awesome Quick Release Cummerbund! Waited a while for multicam black to come back in stock (seasonal color), but it was well worth it! Comfortable and the space for the soft armor makes it feel like I don’t have anything on. Recommend if your looking for a cummerbund for your kit .

  85. Avatar

    Alex A.

    Fits well. Adds a lot more support and comfort.

  86. Avatar

    Christopher L.

    Love the QR, best I’ve worn

  87. Avatar

    Tristan K.

    Definetly make putting the vest on and off much easer

  88. Avatar

    Nick A.

    Love having the addition of soft side armor

  89. Avatar

    Daniel Jones


  90. Avatar

    Michael R.

    So far, so great. I honestly don’t know what else to say. They’re a great option for a QD cummerbund. Still have to run it through some trials, but if this remains unchanged, it works.

  91. Avatar


    Love this plate carrier an cummerbund comfortable an fits great!!

  92. Avatar

    Raul O.

    Best cummerbund on the market

  93. John Barcinas


    Easily installs to the carrier also comfortable. Great job HRT!

  94. Avatar

    James B.

    Quick and easy to hook in. Comfortable

  95. Avatar

    Dalen H.

    The attachment points in the back seemed unnecessarily complicated, but this is still one of the best cummerbunds. It comes with built in padding and is very durable. The QD feature is great but not very ideal for running pouches or whatever near the QD, as it causes problems when attaching.

  96. Avatar

    Thomas B.

    My Son loves his vest, straps and cummerbund!! Awesome equipment and even better service!!

  97. Avatar


    A little tricky to get the initial length right, but works great! The quick release, although plastic, seems incredibly stout and I doubt there will be any issues with it.

  98. Graham Failor


    Good so far, used a couple times on some high intensity LEO drills. Held up well and fits great to my body, I also know my body differs from other people but you can adjust the size to a certain extent if needed!

  99. Avatar


    Great product and company mission. The logistics (order processing and shipping) were not the best nor the worst, they were however, acceptable.

  100. Avatar

    Paul Olson

    Great piece of gear.. well designed and made. Thanks!

  101. Avatar


    Great product and an amazing company.

  102. Avatar

    Juan M.

    Great product. Difficult to install but once installed and fitted its great. It goes well with the RAC carrier.

  103. Avatar

    Craig Koelblin

    Very good quality and easy to install. Shipping was faster than I expected.
    Really wish I found this company sooner.

  104. Avatar


    Very high quality piece of kit and it makes getting in and out of my PC so much faster and easier. I highly recommend this upgrade!

  105. Avatar

    Dakota H.

    Takes a bit to get it adjusted just how you want it but when you do it phenomenal.

  106. Avatar

    Matthew Gallaway

    Good all-around, quick release is a bit weird to put together.

  107. Avatar

    Matthew R.

    Love the quick release

  108. Darren Harlow


    Works exactly as advertised. Very fast shipping.

  109. Arens Marthone

    Arens M.

    Easy to install, easy to adjust, perfect. It’s nice to utilize the QR feature after a call out, makes de-kitting much faster.

  110. Avatar


    Feels high quality like it will last a long time

  111. Avatar


    Very comfortable and quick release is awesome

  112. Avatar

    Christopher S.

    Great product and the quick releases are sturdy and easy to use, it definitely beats peeling Velcro to take your carrier off and it’s a lot quieter too!

  113. Avatar

    Cody Harrison

    I heard of you guys from Iron Infidel and you guys have thought of everything when it comes to gear, the best plate carrier I own and that I’ve used so far. Very mission adaptable I can gear it up heavily or gear it down to be slick and use for exercise. Highly recommend this carrier

  114. Jerrod Alford

    Jerrod A.

    Very nice product. Well made

  115. Avatar


    Excellent build and quality

  116. Ryan McNamara


    really nice add on.

  117. Avatar

    Max Q.

    Looks good. I think I need to ‘play’ with it a little bit and rearrange my carrier

  118. Avatar


    Great cummerbund.

  119. Rosendo Mesa


    Perfect for easy in and out of the vest without lifting the placard

  120. Avatar


    Definitely what I would consider a necessary upgrade from the getgo.

  121. Avatar

    Luis Verissimo

    Never disappoints!

  122. Avatar

    Michael H.

    Quick Release Cummerbund is an awesome addition

  123. Avatar

    Sam C.

    Not a huge fan of the way it attaches, but still works and has good movement.

  124. Avatar


    Haven’t modified my vest to mount this yet. 5” wide top-to-bottom; I have a 4” cummerbund currently. Well made though. Looking forward to getting some stuff moved from elsewhere onto this to streamline my daily wear duty vest. Only dropped a star because of my own laziness in getting it into use so I can’t verify it’s as good as it seems yet.

  125. Troy Turner

    Troy T.

    Easy to attach and use. Well designed!

  126. Avatar

    Tyler S.

    Good system !!

  127. Avatar

    Steve M.

    Super easy to install and fit to your liking. Got a decent amount of stretch and ease of movement

  128. Avatar

    Christopher Hardman

    Works just as expected! Love it

  129. Avatar

    Tim H.

    Great product !

  130. Avatar


    Better and faster than the velcro but hard to line up and get connected when wearing the carrier. Very easy to disconnect and get out of carrier tho.

  131. Avatar


    Quick shipping, and actually better than I expected. No complaints here!

  132. Avatar

    Elias Wolfer

    I cannot stress it enough. Get this cummerbund! It is a game changer! Such a huge improvement, not the mention the quick releases are stout and very effective.

  133. Avatar

    City of New Philadelphia

    Once you figure out the movements needed to quick release, this thing is amazing.

  134. Avatar

    Robert G.

    The cummerbund was easy to install as well as adjust. It helps fit the carrier to my body like a glove. The quick release feature is a major plus that is worth the money.

  135. Avatar

    Jesus Loredo

    I purchased to replace the two row cummerbund. As of today, I have only used it once since purchasing. It is on my off duty tact vest I keep in my truck at all times. It is comfortable, but I wish it came in a two row configuration. The two row width fits my sides better. I received compliments on the quality and look. I have to agree it is very well made and I find it to be the same quality of items costing twice as much. Unless something happens during training or work my review and recommendations for people to purchase will stay the same. Very pleased.

  136. Avatar


    Awesome as usual !!!!!!!

  137. Avatar

    Blake A.

    Added quick release and side molle to my Safelife plate carriers! Awesome!

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