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HRT H Harness


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  • Harness Only
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to GEN II HRT placards with side loops
  • Attached to most placards on the market
  • Modular design for user requirements
  • 500 Denier Cordura
  • Backed by a LIFETIME Warranty
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HRT H Harness


HRT H Harness



The HRT H Harness was designed to attach to our placards or work in conjunction with other placards on the market. The simplistic yet robust design allows users to maintain a streamlined profile without the unnecessary bulk. The H harness features webbing and Velcro for hanging your Push-To-Talks or weaving cables and hydration tubes. The back features a Velcro loop panel for placement of identification or patches. The harness is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system. Comes with the harness only, placards NOT included. Like all HRT products the H Harness is backed by our LIFETIME Warranty.



  • Harness Only
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to GEN II HRT placards with side loops
  • Attaches to most placards on the market
  • Modular design for user requirements
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Backed by a LIFETIME Warranty

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55 reviews for HRT H Harness

Based on 55 reviews
  1. Avatar

    Josh S.

    Ocp/multicam h harness for my tap rig from the army. Wanted to make it better as a civilian after I got out. Great quality, feels a little thin, but you can see the quality and feel it too. Plus backed by a lifetime warranty? Awesome deal. You’ve got my business.

    Image #1 from Josh S.
  2. hyung suk eun

    hyung suk eun


  3. Avatar

    Ricardo Olivas


  4. Bobby Snowdell

    Bobby S.

    It’s seems made very well. But it needs adjustment at the shoulders. It’s loose no matter what. And I’m not really a small person at all. It would be fantastic if not for that.

  5. Avatar

    Nick B.

    Paired with Maximus placard. Works great! Wish there were some expandable side pouches for a radio/extra mag, but it’s an easy modification to add those. If you’re taking a placard off of your plate carrier, remeber to order the placard backer to cover the exposed hook and loop fabric.

  6. Avatar


    Makes it super easy to move my placard from my plate carrier to the chest rig.

  7. Avatar

    Noah S.

    Works great /fits well

  8. Avatar


    Well made and low profile. You can wear a backpack or other gear with it fairly easily.

  9. Avatar


    High quality material. Highly adjustable.

  10. Avatar


    Heavy duty material but no need to break it in. Pliable but strong.

  11. John Woodmansee III

    John Woodmansee

    HRT makes the best gear out there!

  12. John Woodmansee III

    John Woodmansee III

    Great products as always

  13. Arens Marthone


    Versatile, endless placard options.

  14. Avatar

    Russell C.

    Perfect for my shotgun placard.

  15. Avatar

    Antonio P.

    The harness is nice enough. I bought it for an HRT placard that I have. I didn’t realize that the older HRT placards are not compatible with this harness. I will say though that HRT has some work to do with their customer service. I reached out to coordinate a return and haven’t heard back in over two weeks. That’s a little disappointing.

  16. Avatar


    Good so far.

  17. Avatar


    works well, easy to prep, comfortable and doesn’t jab in anywhere

  18. Avatar


    High quality

  19. Avatar

    Dan k.

    Great gear

  20. Avatar

    Joshua Hunt

    Well made, and fits good.

  21. Avatar

    Joel Patterson

    Wasn’t the best quality would of like to seen sturdier and better padded straps.

  22. Avatar

    Nickolas K.

    This is a great option for swapping my maximus placard loadout to when camping or plinking. The quality is awesome, as is all HRT products. My only complaint is that mine came missing 2 female side buckle attachments. I found some krydex buckle attachments around that worked fine though. I like my armor, but certainly don’t want to wear it that often and this helps maintain consistent access.

  23. Avatar

    Richard B.

    I was missing a set of clips but i had some leftover from my first order.

  24. Michael Riportella

    Michael Riportella


  25. Avatar

    Joel S.

    Love the h harness. It’s comfortable and unlike an x harness it doesn’t cut into your neck or move around a lot. Just wish the adjustment on the clips didn’t have to be so tight. If it’s not really tight they’ll let out slack and it’s really annoying when so you have to synch them down hard

  26. CHOI Seongjun

    Seongjun Choi

    I appreciate your service

  27. Avatar

    Brockton Dickison

    Arrived fast, great quality for the price you pay. Very happy with this purchase

  28. Avatar

    Melvin S.

    Good quality, works as expected.

  29. Avatar

    Hai Tran

    honestly love all my hrt products except for this harness. Feels super cheap. would have liked more slip locks on this as adjustment as it is too easy to do by accident, and the little rubber bands do little more than hold the loose end, and nothing for keeping any adjustments retained. its a $2 part, so i can just grab some, but i was hoping this cookie cutter design would have a bit more features than amazon chinezium offerings but…

  30. Avatar

    Kimberly Baxter

    Quality equipment. Well made.

  31. Avatar

    Trevor B.

    Very strong and very slim, the only issue I have is the horizontal strap across the back should be adjustable or elastic to allow for different size people to wear it. As it sits it is too wide for me, and slips off one shoulder, until I modified it.

  32. Avatar

    Tom C.

    Extremely well made like all HRT gear. Light weight and comfortable. Came with buckles to attach to placard. If you’re needing an H-harness I would highly recommend this!

  33. Avatar

    Andrew C.

    Harness works well, hooks up nicelty with HRT Maximus and other similar type placards. Easy to adjust and comfortable.

  34. Avatar


    Durable and comfortable

  35. Ryan McNamara



  36. Avatar

    Scott W.

    Nice quality, easy to fit and customize with detachable placards.

  37. Avatar

    ANGEL E.

    Its an H harness. Wish it had more molle and just something for extra gear but overall its an H harness so I guess thats what comes with the territory.

  38. Avatar

    Daniel Eckholdt


  39. Avatar

    max jewell

    i wish the edges weren’t so abrasive. when I run or it shits it can rub a sore on my skin.

  40. Avatar



  41. Avatar

    sebastian P.


  42. Avatar

    Phillip W.

    Strong and durable

  43. Avatar

    William C.

    Love it

  44. Avatar

    Matt karden


  45. Avatar


    kinda frustrating. only works with newer placards that you have to purchase at full price. Nothing covering the velcro on the back of the placard means it sticks to your shirt and damages the fabric. would be a big pain if you were using the expensive frog shirts. the bottom strap really stops the harness from being quick to put on and gets in the way if you’re trying to do so without unclipping it, which makes storage in a “go bag” or anything a nightmare. Making my own adapter to work with it but at this point, I wish instead of going with HRT i just purchased a JPC from crye precision and an old army H harness/LBV from a surplus store. definitely my last purchase from HRT

  46. Avatar


    Great shipping time. Harness does it jobs very well and is comfortable for long periods of time. I wish there was some type of adjustability with the front buckle, to change height up or down.

  47. Avatar


    Great concept had to re-adjust every several minutes as it got loose while hiking. Eventually, I just stopped and taped the straps to prevent them from getting loose. Other than that sturdy piece of equipment.

  48. Avatar

    Daniel G.

    Very pleased with the Quality of all HRT gear but this harness is the perfect piece to slim down your kit. When you get tired of running around the range in plates its perfect to do dynamic drills and have everything upfront you need. Paired with a Maximus placard your ready to go.

  49. Avatar


    Great value for the price!

  50. Avatar


    Excellent and well made. It does the job comfortably.

  51. Avatar

    Cody R.

    Tough durable harness, does what is needed.

  52. Avatar

    K Burton

    3 stars only because of the harness. I’m 5’10 165, so not a huge guy. I have broad shoulders and the harness simply does not fit. Always slips off my shoulders unless I wear the rig basically at my belt line which is too low for me. Placard is nice and well made. The harness is quality too, just poor design if you’re not a big dude.

  53. Avatar

    Trent R.

    I bought the H harness to hold the Maximus Placard for now and I am very impressed with the comfort and feel of it. The straps and buckles are of quality work.

  54. Avatar

    Scott Mustovich

    Sits great on and across the shoulders

  55. Avatar


    Feels well built, seems like it can slide off my shoulder slightly but tightening it up seems to work well to fix that small issue

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