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  • Placard features 6×3 PALS webbing
  • 500 Denier Cordura double stitched construction
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system
  • Placard measures 9.25” x 7”
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The HRT MOLLE Placard was designed to attach to our HRAC and RAC plate carrier or work in conjunction with the Duraflex buckle system. Our MOLLE Placard features 6×3 PALS webbing. The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place. The MOLLE placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system.



  • Placard features 6×3 PALS webbing
  • 500 Denier Cordura Double Stitched construction
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to the HRT HRAC or RAC Carriers (Male and Female Included)
  • Placard measures 9.25” x 7”

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83 reviews for HRT MOLLE Placard

Based on 83 reviews
  1. Matthew Moulton

    Matthew M.

    Quality product, this is now our preferred panel for client buildouts.

  2. Samantha Brooks


    Excellent quality. Sales team was great to work with. Will do business with again in the future for sure!

  3. Avatar


    I like it. Well made and serves it’s purpose very well. I would recommend HRT equipment to anyone. The order process was easy and the item’s arrived in a timely manned. Y’all are doing a fantastic job. Maintain the Flame.

  4. chad reynolds

    chad r.

    Excellent product and service!

  5. Avatar

    Carl Stuff


  6. Jacob Clay


    Works as intended.

  7. Avatar


    High quality

  8. Avatar

    seth p.

    Simple MOLLE front placard that fits all of the equipment that I couldn’t get from HRT.

  9. Avatar


    Works great and great price

  10. Avatar


    Its just a molle panel for the front of the carrier. Quality is good, price it great and the customer service is outstanding.

  11. Avatar


    I like to leave the front of my carrier slick, but I didn’t want the velcro exposed so this works great for that.

  12. Avatar


    Solid panel, fits like a glove on the hrac.

  13. Avatar

    Jordan Sorenson

    Worked perfect with my esstac kywi’s

  14. Avatar

    Richard Vezzani

    just basic molle type webbing that allows me to add what i already have with molle straps and webbing

  15. Avatar

    Michael Swain

    Great gear

  16. Avatar


    Strong stitching, perfect for modular plate carrier

  17. Avatar

    Isaac S.

    I chose this because I needed the option to change pouches on the front. Some days I want single mag, some days double with pistol pouches on it also. It sits snug with six 30rd mag loadout on it even though it has Velcro. Nice a solid.

  18. Avatar


    Perfect option for a blank slate plate carrier

  19. Avatar

    Anthony B.

    Fit my plate carrier awesome!

  20. Avatar

    Kevin S.

    Simple product but in a good way. Well made, and does exactly what it should. Great for making a customized modular placard.

  21. Avatar



  22. Avatar

    Robert Brown

    Fantastic Customer service. Product came fast and on time. Great quality. Only wish you guys would make a molle back panel for your RAC…

  23. Avatar

    Jake P.

    Great product great service

  24. Avatar

    Daniel Heydenburg


  25. Avatar


    Works as it should and makes swapping out fast and effortlessly. Some days call for a shotgun setup, I set one placard up with two 12 gauge pull out pouches along with a KYWI double pistol pouch. Some days its the patrol rifle, my other placard is set up with KYWI 5.56 triple mid length pouches.

  26. Avatar


    works great

  27. Avatar

    Danielle S.

    Great quality! Well made and quick shipping. I wish I could afford one of everything.

  28. Avatar


    Great quality.

  29. Avatar


    Worked great!

  30. Avatar


    Well made with good stitching.

  31. Avatar

    Michael Rosas

    Good quality, but hangs a bit too high on the RAC plate carrier. It blocks access to the bottom row of MOLLE and doesn’t sit flush with the bottom of the velcro.

  32. Avatar


    A blank slate, possibilities are whatever you make of it.

  33. Avatar

    Mark A.

    extremely well made

  34. Avatar

    Matt Field

    Great quality set up in helpful platforms.

  35. Avatar

    Charles T.

    Works perfect with my RAC carrier. Flawless fit and finish just like all my other HRT gear.

  36. Avatar

    Jonathan F.

    Need AK placard!

  37. Avatar


    Sits a little higher on the HRAC than I would’ve cared for.

  38. Avatar

    William Corkren

    Works great with my esstac kiwis

  39. Avatar

    William Corkren

    Great placard and it fits perfectly

  40. Avatar


    Well made have not used it much as I am waiting for other items to arrive. Works as designed.

  41. Avatar

    David Goss

    buckles are not compatible with mayflower and some other placards i have, not a major issue, but could be for some customers.

  42. Avatar

    Zach N.

    Great quality

  43. Avatar

    Jonathan K.

    Great, well built product. The HRT team took great care of me and went out of their way to do so. Great people that I would buy from again 100%

  44. Avatar


    This was what I was looking for. I needed the ability to swap placards depending on what the situation is. Thank you

  45. Avatar

    Steven D.

    Very well made and functions great.

  46. Avatar


    It works great easy to install.

  47. Avatar


    I love this placard. I run subgun and rifle kits. I can just pull one off and attach the other. Very simple and sturdy.

  48. Avatar


    Works well. Fits three magazine carriers 2 molle apiece. Arrived quickly.

  49. Avatar


    Just large enough to hold three double pals magazine pouches. Went with this so I could use my 5.56 and .308 size magazines in the same setup.

  50. Avatar


    OH HELL YEAH, buy more than one, make’s life easier, when setting up for different ops!!!!

  51. Avatar

    Riley H.

    Works as described, fits and stays tight, and holds up well (so far)

  52. Anthony rohn


    They work wonderfully with the plate carrier. Super nice to make the work carrier more flexible.

  53. Avatar

    Daniel P.

    Good, simple, customizable placard. Quality construction. Having this as an option is essential to me. Those giant, bulky placards with bloated admin pouches and double-stack mag pouches behind them are not realistic. What if you have to lay prone or fit through a tight space? This type of placard from HRT is a must have to custom fit your gear to its use.

  54. Avatar


    Very well made placard, keeps the front of your chest rig or plate carrier modular. I haven’t put it through very rigorous testing, but my initial impression is that it’s made well, good stitching, and fabric.

  55. Cameron Potter

    Cameron P.

    This was an excellent buy! I’m super happy with my plate carrier. Also got the molle front placard. Definitely would buy and recommend!

  56. Sidney Lopez

    Sidney Lopez

    Great product

  57. Jeff Taluy

    Jeff T.

    Clips on and of no problem

  58. Avatar

    Abdiel Ortiz

    Fits great on my Ferro concepts plate carrier and is very durable material. I recommended for your plate Carriers needs. Will buy my gear from them.

  59. Avatar


    This was just perfect for what I needed and exactly what the associate I spoke with told me it would be. Great job

  60. Avatar



  61. Avatar


    Fits double mag pouches well

  62. Tommie Reber

    W. Thomas R.

    Excellent construction and very useful in switching out custom pouches for very specific needs. Would recommend highly if you need added flexibility to your kit.

  63. Avatar


    Works good very modular. Use it for AK mags so I can run them on my other plate carrier by just clipping them in. Very nice even if you don’t have one of their plate carriers.

  64. Avatar


    High quality

  65. Avatar

    Richard B.

    Moly is a little tight but that makes it better.

  66. Avatar


    As advertised. Well made. No complaints.

  67. Avatar

    Andrew Russel

    Fits perfectly, making the carrier much lower profile when needed.

  68. Avatar

    Adam B.

    It is a quality made item, unfortunately made in china.

  69. Avatar


    Quality kit at a great price point. Would give it 5 stars but want to see how the plastic clasps hold up over time/wear.

  70. Avatar

    Ryan K.

    Best gear ever!

  71. Avatar

    Aaron Worch

    this molle placard is a must, it allows for quick change based on mission purpose or training needs, will buy more

  72. Avatar

    Donnie H.

    Great placard

  73. Avatar


    The Only placard I use.

  74. Dominic Muhilly

    Dominic Muhilly

    Along with the HRT HRAC, it really does fit well, comfortable and compact with I like! I currently have the Maximus placard coming in today, so I’m looking forward to it!

  75. Rosendo Mesa


    Mounted hgsi 3x m4 taco

  76. Avatar

    Tristen H.

    Thought to have been a little pricy but after getting it and feeling the build quality, you begin to understand the price point

  77. Avatar

    Tyler S.

    Good system

  78. Avatar

    Christopher B.

    Quality placard can place a bwc and mag pouches onto it.

  79. Avatar

    sebastian P.

    needs some form of backing to make it more rigid as well as shortening the total height to fit more seamlessly with other plate carries/ chest rigs, it should have the height of a hrt maximus

  80. Avatar


    It works

  81. Avatar

    Phillip W.

    Really nice placard

  82. Avatar

    Robert G.

    It fits tight and secure to the front of my carrier and holds my AK molle pouches very well.

  83. Avatar


    Used it to upgrade my Safe Life Defense Tactical Carrier. A lot of people have been asking about it the setup on my TikTok and hopefully will help people upgrade their setups

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