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HRT ARC Pistol Pouch


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  • Fits most common common 9/40 double stack magazines
  • Thermomoulded plastic for precise retention
  • Includes 2″ RMS (Rigid MOLLE Strip) for belt mounting
  • MOLLE mounting will require purchase of 3″ RMS Strip
  • 500/1000 Laminated Denier Cordura
  • LIFETIME Warranty
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HRT ARC Pistol Pouch


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The HRT ARC Pistol Pouch was designed to be lightweight, low-profile with positive retention. This effective solution is the perfect option for mounting pistol magazines on MOLLE or belts. The key feature of this pouch is its ability to maintain a precise retention utilizing the thermoplastic insert and laser cut precision assembly. The back of the pouch features several mounting locations for various belts, MOLLE or positioning. The pouch is made from laminated 500/1000 Denier Cordura and back by our LIFETIME Warranty.



  • Fits most common 9/40 double stack magazines
  • Thermomolded plastic for precise retention
  • Includes 2″ RMS (Rigid MOLLE Strip) for belt mounting
  • MOLLE mounting will require purchase of 3″ RMS Strip
  • 500/1000 Laminated Denier Cordura




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73 reviews for HRT ARC Pistol Pouch

Based on 73 reviews
  1. Avatar


    It’s a simple pouch, but the retention is awesome! I’m never concerned about losing a mag when I take off running or having to low crawl! Great product!!

  2. Jeem Newland

    Jeem Newland

    One of the best mag pouches hands down!

  3. Nikolaos Tzianakakis

    Nikolaos Tzianakakis

    Light weight and sturdy pistol magazine pouch, with very good retention capabilities.

  4. Ryan Whitmeyer

    Ryan Whitmeyer

    I like the option of being able to adjust the height. Tight to the body with good mag retention.

  5. Avatar

    Dean L.

    Better alternative to esstac style rigid pouch with less weight. Smooth retrieval and re-indexing with great retention.

  6. Mike Coll

    Mike Coll

    The aesthetic look is very clean. I run sig p320 mags and the retention is not strong. I paired these with the angled pistol adapter, and with a slight jog the mags begin to lose their retention. When I sit down, due to the bottom of the pouch coming into contact with my thigh, the mags begin to push out of the cordura material with the plastic insert. I think if the insert was stiffer, provided more traction for retention, and secured to the cordura material then it would be a much better product. The way it sits now gives me reliability concerns.

  7. Avatar

    Jake G.

    Excellent product! Good magazine retention without being too tight. I used Blue Alpha molle straps to attach to my Blue Alpha Light belt. Love the color also. Great mag pouch at a very reasonable price.

  8. Avatar

    William J Bailey IV

    Great pistol mag pouch. Tight fit to the ARC belt with the RMS strips. Fits my Stacatto 2011 mags well.

  9. Jess Woodard


    I like everything about this pouch, except the fact that it doesn’t really retain my double stack pistol mags very well. It seems a little slippery and I might need to add some material to the inside to help them retain better.

  10. Alain Querry


    It’s very good product

  11. HRT Marketing


    Best pouch ever used!

  12. Cesar Lopez

    Cesar L.


  13. Avatar

    Grayson P.

    Fits good feels great

  14. Keney Nguyen


    My first time sending something back for warranty, and I am very happy I got my items replaced.

  15. Avatar

    Kalen P.

    Quick shipping. Updates for every step of the process. Awesome gear. Will definitely order from HRT again.

  16. Avatar


    Love them. They work with just about everything that’s double stacked. Very secure but easy to get in and out if that makes sense.

  17. Avatar

    Justin C.

    all of my mags fit perfect

  18. Avatar

    Brandon M.

    After watching Tactical Considerations on YouTube I chose to go with the HRT pistol pouches over others. This is my first belt setup so I’m not yet sure if I’d prefer either of these on an angle but for now I’m just getting used to my belt wearing it around the farm while doing chores. So far retention seems good and when I hold the belt upside down and give it a shake the loaded mags don’t fall out. I’m not an operator, just a guy with a family. Currently they’re mounted on a Kore Battle Belt with a Dara drop holster for a shadow systems mr920 and a Refuge Medical IFAK out back.

  19. Avatar


    Have not taken them to the range yet, however first impressions are that the mag pouches are great. They fit both my double stack 9mm mags as well as my double stack .45acp mags. Did some dry fire 1R1’s and retention felt good. A few range sessions will flush them out, but very happy with them.

  20. Avatar

    Lee E.

    Excellent product and great fit and function.

  21. Manuel RamirezJr

    Manuel J.

    The pouches are very well made and function as described. I would recommend using Velcro one wrap over the tegris strips. They had me pulling my hair out trying to mount on my 1.75” Kore battle belt.

  22. Avatar



  23. Avatar


    Well built pistol mag pouch, great retention

  24. Santana Camberos


    Great pouch, great retention. Used it for boat raid package and fast roping package. Was worried about mags falling out since there is no retention band or Velcro but that was not an issue. I did have a couple of magazines that where harder to insert then others because the feed lips scratch the inside polymer portion of the pouch but that was not the case for all of my magazines

  25. Avatar

    Conrad G.

    Solid retention and easy reindexing, have yet to try strenuous activities to see how the retention holds up but I don’t see it being an issue.

  26. Bruce Strack

    Bruce Strack


  27. Ryan Meacham

    Ryan M.

    Best pouches out there. Perfect retention

  28. Zviadi KAKHOIDZE

    Zviadi K.

    Superb, léger et très bonne qualité

  29. Darren Frazier

    Darren F.

    These are the next generation from the esstac pouches

  30. Lou Ryu


    These are great. Good quality and good retention.

  31. Avatar



  32. Avatar

    Ivan R.

    Easy to install and very good retention. I retired from LE and I was in a tactical team. Now I use it for USPSA shooting competition.

  33. Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Side saddle

  34. Dustin Palmer

    Dustin P.

    Very secure and easy to draw/reinsert magazines

  35. Avatar


    Would be better if the 30 adapter fit properly. One is good but my second is not.

  36. Avatar

    Zachary C.

    Great mag carrier and great service.

  37. Austin Diehl

    Austin D.

    Great retention, and easy installation.

  38. Ean White


    Extremely fast shipping.

  39. Scott Kiefner

    Scott Kiefner

    Great light weight mag pouch.

  40. Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Fast draw

  41. Avatar

    Joe C.

    Awesome product and I will be buying more for my next belt set up.

  42. Avatar


    Seriously quality products. I’ve purchased and used a number of different pouches, and so far these are proving to be the best, and my favorite. Awesome retention for mags, and a much easier mag insertion during reloads.

  43. Ean White

    Ean White

    Lightweight, durable, and versatile; ready to accept an assortment of 9mm magazines

  44. LTaylor

    Larry Taylor

    These mag pouches are amazing. They are lightweight and of great quality. The way it incorporates cloth and kydex, it keeps it light and sturdy. The mags stay put when I run and jump, no movement whatsoever. But are easy to pull out when exchanging mags. All out great product.

  45. Brian Vogtsberger

    Brian V.

    These are awesome definitely recommend!

  46. Jerrod Bryan

    Jerrod B.

    On initial review these look simple yet ingenious design. Again as the rifle magazine pouches these seem to have just the right retention on the many pistol magazines that I put into them. I look forward to full evaluation of these to see how they handle rigorous movement that competition will put them through.

  47. Avatar

    Alex T.

    I’m a tiny dude these mag pouches help get every inch of tactical real-estate

  48. Joseph Progar


    Much better than my HSGI pouches.

  49. Avatar

    Paul S.

    Very nice product

  50. Sylvain Deguire

    Sylvain D.

    Nice mag holster, fits glocks mag firmly, easy to pull out and easy put back too.

  51. Avatar



  52. Avatar

    David N.

    Excellent product. Well made, secures the magazine well, easy to set up and install on my Molle belt.

  53. devon pardy


    Retains 17 and 21 rd P320 mags well. Good to go.

  54. Avatar


    Even better than EssTacs!

  55. Avatar


    Well-made and perfect for my application

  56. Avatar

    Michael M.

    Best pistol mag pouch on the market

  57. Leo Cheung

    Wing C.

    best pistol mag pouch i have used, tight and fit, no risk of droping the mag. easy to take out and put in

  58. Payton Gregg


    Fit and finish are fantastic. . The tegris molle straps are great and mount solid on the belt. Retention is spot on, snug with a very smooth draw. Best mag pouches on the market hands down

  59. Robert Olson


    This pouch gives you a lot of mounting height options due to the 1/2-inch molle slots in the back.

  60. Avatar


    The quality feels second to none. The retention seems a little light for the things I do but we’ll see as time goes on if that’s a problem or not.

  61. HRT Marketing

    Nhia T. Yang

    Love it! Light-weight, durable, and good retention.

  62. HRT Marketing

    Vladimir Calovic

    Again great pouch but wish the plastic was more secured in the wrap

  63. HRT Marketing

    Sebastian A.

    Love the sleek look and retention of the mag holder

  64. HRT Marketing


    Easy to use and great!

  65. HRT Marketing

    Chris W. 

    Good retention, low profile

  66. HRT Marketing

    Lynn F


  67. HRT Marketing

    Daniel Cherpin

    Great build quality and look.

  68. HRT Marketing

    Brandon C.

    Nice and firm

  69. HRT Marketing

    Andrew R.

    Solid and super light, with great retention

  70. HRT Marketing


    Excellent retention and lightweight

  71. HRT Marketing


    Good low profile pouch. Pairs great with the angled belt mount. Not the best retention for slimmer smooth metal mags like p226, but I was able to fix that with a strip of talon grip tape.

  72. HRT Marketing


    Great retention and the look and feel of these are great as well. I received quite a few comments on how nice these look at my most recent range day, both the pistol and rifle ones

  73. HRT Marketing


    retention seems good, hope it holds over time.

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