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HRT RMS (Rigid MOLLE Strip)


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  • RMS Tegris Strap: 2″ long (folded)
  • RMS Tegris Strap: 3″ long (folded)
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HRT RMS (Rigid MOLLE Strip)




MOLLE Tegris Straps is a Thermoplastic Composite fabric is designed for heavy-duty, often dangerous work. This breakthrough material provides excellent protection against fragment, projectile or blast threats, while offering a lighter total weight than traditional thermoplastics and composites. Once properly closed, the strip will not open until it is disengaged by the user. The 2″ strap is best suited for belts as the 3″ is best suited for standard PALS webbing.



  • MOLLE Tegris Strap: 2″ long (folded)
  • MOLLE Tegris Strap: 3″ long (folded)

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30 reviews for HRT RMS (Rigid MOLLE Strip)

Based on 30 reviews
  1. Jess Woodard

    Jess Woodard

    Amazing product. There’s no better alternative.

  2. NicolasMilton

    Nicolas M.

    Very practical for attaching various pockets. The only downside is the presence of a friction noise between this system and the belt when in motion

  3. Avatar

    Douglas S.

    Superior to any other!

  4. Avatar


    These worked so much better that the original Molly straps. Lighter and way easier to weave through the ARC belt.

  5. Larry Lathrop

    Larry Lathrop

    Strong and secure attachment.

  6. Avatar

    Lu Y.

    The second time I bought it, I just thought it wasn’t bad. strong enough

  7. Avatar


    Better than others I’ve used

  8. Darren Frazier

    Darren Frazier

    Very thin and light. A heads and shoulders improvement over flexible Molle straps.

  9. Avatar

    Ivan R.

    Much better than the plastic stuff.

  10. Artjom from Estonia

    Artjom from Estonia

    Had no chance to use it

  11. Avatar

    Zachary C.

    Great attachment method

  12. Samuel Chase

    Samuel Chase

    Holds well

  13. Austin Diehl

    Austin Diehl

    Tough to work through some molle, but rock solid once they’re installed. Much better than old school clips.

  14. Avatar

    Dirk Hiltl

    Have not used them yet. Waiting for my magazine pouches and handcuff pouches to come in from Esstac.

  15. Avatar

    Todd Nielsen

    These are awesome. I have used them to retrofit my favorite pouches. They are super stiff and save so much weight in nylon straps and different MOLLE pouches.

  16. Sylvain Deguire

    Sylvain D.

    Surprisingly work good!

  17. Avatar


    Ground breaking. Best on the market and inexpensive!!!

  18. Robert Olson

    Robert Olson

    Works best with a thin belt.

  19. HRT Marketing


    Apparently I have to review everything I bought all at once. Haven’t tried this yet, but have to put down something for the rest of the reviews to submit. Would give an N/A option if possible.

  20. HRT Marketing

    Vladimir Calovic

    Nice and thin but a sob to manipulate. Guess you can have it all right?

  21. HRT Marketing

    Sebastian A.

    Little fidgety and tough but once its on its set! And not moving anywhere!

  22. HRT Marketing


    Just had to play a little bit with it before I had the gist, good; tight securing strap.

  23. HRT Marketing

    Chris W.

    Better than expected, great retention

  24. HRT Marketing

    Lynn F.


  25. HRT Marketing

    Brandon C. 


  26. HRT Marketing

    Andrew R.

    Light weight, locks up the pouch to the belt, perfectly

  27. HRT Marketing


    Not a big fan of the tegris strips, personally. I would have preferred regular MOLLE mounting strips, or something similar to that of Direct Action Gear’s.

  28. HRT Marketing


    Perfect for rifle pouch

  29. HRT Marketing


    Little finicky to get on but they stay pretty snug once they are in properly

  30. HRT Marketing


    very rigid, tight fit! nice fit!!

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