HRT RAC Plate Carrier


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  • Proprietary Dual back panel zippers for user configuration
  • Quick Release should buckle can be configured to the right, left or removed
  • 500 Denier Cordura double stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Dual YKK zipper sections to add mission specific panels
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting.
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro pontoons or spacers can further extend comfort to long period of use.
  • Large Carrier fits 10”x12”
  • X-Large Carrier fits 11”x14” or X-Large SAPI plates
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HRT RAC Plate Carrier

The HRT RAC Plate Carrier is a multi role versatile plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular allowing users to navigate obstacles. The base model is easy to don and doff, while holding life-saving plates. The carrier is made from 500 Denier Cordura treated with DuPont Teflon and has attachment points for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system (Comes on HRT Placards) on the chest to instantly don/doff additional equipment based on your operational needs. Our proprietary dual back panel design features dual zipper sections to allow users to configure the back of the carrier with a multitude of panel options based on your specific tasks. The quick detach buckle can be configured for right or left side operation or completely removed. Our optional cummerbunds expand real estate for additional pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you might need to fulfill your mission.

  • Proprietary Dual back panel zippers for user configuration
  • Quick Release shoulder buckle can be configured to the left, right or removed
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard Double Stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Dual YKK zipper sections to add mission specific panels
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting.
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro pontoons or spacers can further extend comfort to long period of use.
  • 10×12 carrier fits 10”x12” or SAPI Large
  • X-Large Carrier fits 11”x14” or X-Large SAPI plates

***Back-order items will ship in approximately 4 weeks from your time of purchase***


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Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Multicam Black, Multicam Arid, M81 Woodland


10×12, Large, XL

243 reviews for HRT RAC Plate Carrier

  1. Jonathan

    Very sturdy and feels comfortable.

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    Image #1 from Jonathan
  2. Blaine G.

    fits nicely and sits well on my body.

  3. Darin

    Very well constructed.

  4. Jerrod Alford

    Excellent product

  5. Ricardo O.

    Love it so much. Its the best bang for your buck. Its an amazing piece of craftsmanship. You guys are the best.

  6. William Weaver

    Just purchased the HRT RAC carrier. Awesome quality. Recently ran it at the range. Very comfortable!

  7. Alan Tramposch

    Great plate carrier well made and fits great.

  8. William M.

    I’ve been running this gear hard and testing it in harsh conditions. 100% comfort and durability. I’m really happy with not only the plate carrier but all the accessory pouches etc. Worth every penny

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    Image #1 from William M.
    Image #2 from William M.
  9. Anonymous

    Awesome would definitely recommend

  10. J. Dillon

    Very comfortable, high quality material and stitching. The standard strap it comes with is adjustable and the pontoons make it easy to breath and stay cool with plates in. Profoundly satisfied with my carrier.

  11. David Hawkins

    My only complaint is not having a medium sizing option

  12. Anonymous

    I am smaller guy it is a little big. Wish they made different sizes but nonetheless excellent quality still very happy with my purchase.

  13. Chase Foster

    Good fit form and function

  14. Aaron Rogers

    I’m a bigger guy, this doesn’t provide adequate coverage of the vital area

  15. Anonymous

    Came as described and is very high quality. The stitching in particular is excellent. It holds my plates very well and appears to be very versatile when it comes to fitting different types and sizes of plates.

  16. Kody B.

    Amazing customer service!

  17. Johnny H.

    I do not have much experience with plate carries. However I have purchased and use other types of critical equipment and this is top notch.

  18. Hunter Lafever

    Absolutely perfect

  19. Scott B.

    Very comfortable flexible fit! It has been extremely useful in my workouts during this COVID 19 quarantine

  20. Shelby B.

    I’m a small dude 5’8″ 170lbs not very wide shoulders. I am able to shoulder my rifles no problem while wearing the PC. Extremely comfortable, and easily adjustable. Looking forward to putting this through some rigorous training.

  21. Michael

    This plate carrier has been a game changer in my line of work. Whether I’m training or have a mission it has done its job. The very light weight plates to the Maximus placard that allows me to have most everything I need on the front of my plate carrier with easy access. Also the rear zip panel to have my med kit for easy access with either hand. I can’t be more satisfied with my purchases.

  22. Braden D.

    Currently a big fan of this plate carrier. After messing around with it shouldering rifles and moving in kit, I removed the shoulder quick release and trimmed 2-3″ off the tops of the foam inserts that sit behind the plate because the very top interfered with my buttstock. Since purchase I’ve gone in and added the 3 row molle cummerbund with quick releases, 2 wing pouches, the TQ holder and the 3 mag placard. Only issues I had with my dealings with HRT were the slight mods mentioned above and shipping. Shipping was timely considering the coronavirus situation, but sometime after ordering my shipping address got altered to exclude my unit number (same thing happened on all but 1 of 3-4 separate purchases. I had to wait until postal tracking listed my address as insufficient and go to the post office and find all the packages. In terms or product, I’ve got a lot of faith in HRT’s gear and innovative ideas though, keep up the great work!

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    Image #1 from Braden D.
  23. John Grande

    Great fit

  24. Brent H.

    Great feeling carrier. Top of the line for a decent price!

  25. Travis Davidson

    Great fit and very comfortable. Great quality!!

  26. Jameson H.

    One of the best plate carriers that I have own. It is my go to.

  27. Richard Vezzani

    I think this is one of the best plate carriers at any price , certainly can’t be beat at its price point. Full featured but not bulky.

  28. Christopher D.

    Extremely happy with it! Very comfortable and mobile. Easy to take on and off.

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    Image #1 from Christopher D.
  29. Christopher

    An awesome plate carrier that scores high in durability, modularity and affordability. I would highly recommend it for entry as well as beyond. I will be buying more products from HRT.

  30. James P.

    Extremely comfortable and versatile.

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    Image #1 from James P.
    Image #2 from James P.
    Image #3 from James P.
  31. Anonymous

    Solid. No loose threads and fabric is legitimate Cordura. The quick release is changeable to left/right shoulder. Plates fit nicely inside plate pocket. Not a fan of the cummerbund and will be changing it out for a different quick release.

  32. Joshua

    Awesome design, comfortable to wear, sturdy, low profile, easy quick detach. Would easily trust my life to this carrier.

  33. Alec

    Awesome customer service I had to switch the address because of a move and it wasn’t a problem. It’s high quality, comfortable, modular. For the price you can’t beat it. Better than anything I ever wore in the army.

  34. Brandon Pack

    Good quality, easily adjusted and many additional features available for purchade

  35. Doug T.

    Very comfortable. Top quality craftsmanship. Worth the wait.

  36. Robert H.

    Awesome plate carrier! Fits great, and very comfortable

  37. Preston C.

    Unbelievable fit and finish. Quite easily my most favorite piece of gear now. Can’t wait to LARP around with the boi-os with this one! Actually sent links to all my buddies to pick some up for themselves.

    Currently running the RMA 1155 ceramics in it and they fit nicely. As per some other reviews, you’ll want to keep a stiff envelope or some cardboard nearby to get the plate retaining velcro fields nice and snug.

    All the kids at the airsoft arenas are going to be big jealous. But seriously excited to run it through both rifle and pistol classes. Doc said it even made the pecker grow a few inches.*

    Now… Just waiting on my Maximus Placard to complete the set!

    *I found out Doc wasn’t really a doctor. He just wanted to look…

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    Image #1 from Preston C.
  38. Alexander M.

    Great quality and extremely comfortable. Carry’s my milticurve plate perfectly.

  39. Anonymous

    Could use a better design to keep plates in. Other than that it’s a solid carrier.

  40. Isaac S.

    I needed a lightweight, modular carrier for work, the RAC is exactly what I was hoping for. I have worn a few different carriers while I was in the Marines. I like those. But this carrier is lighter and super customizable. I’m excited to purchase future additions for it.

  41. Seth S.

    Very comfortable and I didn’t have to buy aftermarket shoulder pads so that’s a plus. Great kit everything I was hoping for and more. Check out the YouTube reviews if you want to know more and see it in action.

  42. Jeremy

    Very adjustable and extremely comfortable. Only way it could be more comfy is if I got the multi curve plates 🤷‍♂️👍

  43. Dalton A.

    Build good, but a bit too much velcro

  44. John Raterink

    No complaints.
    A lot of thought was in this design, and I appreciate that.

  45. Josh

    Absolutely love this carrier! I’ve used quite a few over my years in the army and buying gear for civilian use and this is hands down my favorite. As comfortable as a carrier can be, great build quality and very durable. Paired with the Maximus this is a dream setup!

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    Image #1 from Josh
  46. Adam Horst

    Love it

  47. Bryan D.

    Great quality and fit

  48. Anonymous

    perfect amount of protection,adjustability and comfort

  49. Brian H.

    Solid gear.

  50. Tyler Gladkowski

    Product is well made and priced correctly for what you get but as a first time buyer (this is my fault) it’s hard to gauge what size you need i bought a large and I realize now I’m a medium. I’m on the very minimum of adjustment to the carrier to make it work, so if your a Tall slim guy like myself get the medium.

  51. Andrew

    Top notch gear. Quality materials and heavy stitching should hold up to anything I’ll put it through. Storage space big enough for utility essentials and a med kit.

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    Image #1 from Andrew
  52. James Howden

    Well after being a auto tech for ten years you kinda get a sense for things that are crap, and this carrier is absolutely well made and super breathable and comfortable. Wore it all day first day I got it, any buyer will be more than satisfied. Thanks HRT.

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    Image #1 from James Howden
    Image #2 from James Howden
  53. Anonymous

    Good carrier, well made. I enjoy the modularity

  54. Anonymous

    Great quality!

  55. Michael B.

    Excellent quality, well made, comfortable, a perfect fit for me, modular and adaptable. It is pictured here with the Maximus placard, a Warrior Poet Society hanger pouch, as well as two ShotStop Dutritium GT plates that fit perfectly. I’m definitely happy with my purchase. HRT is top quality gear.

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    Image #1 from Michael B.
  56. Jacob S.

    Fits great!

  57. Zachary

    Extremely comfortable and well made. Great price! Going to order a second RAC system

  58. Aaron

    Fits perfect and is comfortable to wear for long periods. Only suggestion would be to add a molle field to the back.

  59. Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  60. Mike m.

    Awesome construction and design love it

  61. Tony

    Fantastic plate carrier! High quality materials and construction. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. I would suggest to anyone planning on doing a lot of physical activity or running in the carrier however to purchase the additional cummerbund…definitely worth the extra money.

  62. bryan

    Prior military so when I by these products as a civilian I have high expectations, this carrier meets those.

  63. Alonzo B.

    Highly adaptable carrier. Good price and quality

  64. Benjamin Madrid Jr

    Such great quality and very thoughtfully made!

  65. Nathan F.

    The carrier is easy to put on and take off and fits comfortably.

  66. Rodney Casen

    Love this sh**!!

  67. Jermaine Salmon

    Lived up to all the hype. Awesome and quality product. Versatility and ability to swap out attachments is amazing.

  68. Jason Stamper

    Comfortable fit and well made.

  69. Tanner

    Very impressed with the overall quality of plate carrier the placards and the cumberbund these products are made to last I will be wearing this for the next ten years easy great work hrt and thanks for the service

  70. Anonymous

    I have only had the opportunity to put it together. The products are well built, comfortable, and excellent innovation was put into the design. I look forward to using the carrier and accessories in training.

  71. Jake P.

    Great product great service

  72. Michael U.

    Very comfortable.. you can set this carrier up in any way you need to. HRT was quick shipping as soon as back ordered items came in stock.. great communication.. will order another one soon for back up and family members

  73. Anonymous

    Completely satisfied with the quality of the plate carrier and the cumberbund side body armor. Also the completion of and prompt delivery of all items.

  74. Gary Catalino

    Fits nice and materials are good .

  75. Daniel M.

    Very quality. Very comfortable.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Daniel M.
  76. Anonymous

    I cant rightfully judge my experience specifically with this brand of gear for this is the first vest I have purchased and began to build in my life. However I do appreciate the dominance of versatility over all other brands. I will most definitely be purchasing more from HRT

  77. Alex L.

    Loved it! It’s very versatile and adjustable!

  78. Dean

    Work mandated we have vests available for high risk calls and active shooter situations. They issued a vest type style that was bulky, uncomfortable and not user friendly. After some research I ordered the HRT RAC. I upgraded the cummerbund, added a Maximus placard and 2 multi hangers (For radio). After playing with it for a bit, I have made the Maximus a Med kit for basic quick trauma. Shears, TRIAGE Tags, Sharpie, Chest Seal, Decompression needles, Trauma dressings and 2 tourniquets. Running lvl III soft armor. So far it has been very comfortable in training scenarios. It is and will probably always be a work in progress.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Dean
    Image #2 from Dean
    Image #3 from Dean
    Image #4 from Dean
  79. Michael Z.

    Amazing Carrier. It was the perfect peice for my kit. Fits amazing, well made and as comfortable as you’re going to get…. and it comes in MCB!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Michael Z.
  80. Anonymous

    Great quality. Solid carrier

  81. David W.

    More comfortable than I expected, doesn’t interfere with shouldering a weapon, shoulder straps stay out of the way without digging into my neck.

    Waiting on a backordered hydration zip pack for the rear to complete the kit.

  82. Blake F.

    Awesome carrier, the plate pocket can easily fit large plates. Would like a dedicated medium plate pocket with its own retention. The shoulder strap is not replaceable. I initially planned to swap it with a cobra buckle but it doesn’t seem possible. I also would have preferred the Velcro under the placard to cover the entire area instead of two separate pads.

  83. Anonymous

    Simply the most comfortable plate carrier period. Wore for hours after arrival doing normal everyday things fully loaded to 31lbs and never got hot spots and could hardly tell I had it one.

    One side note.. the Maximus plaques did a little thicker then anticipated. By the time you add plates, mags and out some admin essentials in the pouches it’s almost a thick as a triple m4 setup. I might be changing the Maximus out for the basic triple m4 pouch. Will have to see if this become an issue when going prone or not

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  84. Anonymous

    Good quality gear!

  85. Jason

    Very high quality material and a perfect fit. Highly recommend this carrier.

  86. Connor


  87. Anonymous


    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  88. Dustin Koehn

    I bought this carrier for myself. I am 5’-10” with a chest size 41”. This carrier is ideal from 41”-45” chest range. If I was any skinnier, I may of had to go with the HRAC. That one is ideal for people with chest range of 37”-40”. But I think there can be some tolerance made if you are borderline for either size. Great carrier. Super modular and versatile to meet anyone tactical needs.

  89. Adam O.

    Great product. Quality product at a outstanding price. OH

  90. Nico

    This carrier is very comfortable and easy to adjust to your body. It sits snug and still allows air flow to come between you and the carrier. I do wish they sold a bladder for there hydration back pack, but thats not to big of a deal that they don’t. It is made with great craftsmanship and finished very well.

  91. Mat

    Pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality of the carrier. Worked will my hesco and hardwire plates.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mat
  92. DUANE L.

    Fits great. Very pleased with product

  93. Ricky L.

    Light weight carrier with great shoulder strap design that does not impede how you shoulder your rifle. The air channel this PC creates in the middle is great for ventilation.

  94. Rick James

    A lightweight plate carrier with a plethora of modularity. It’s got a whole lot of room for adjustment in the shoulder strap area; which is a point of contention for many other plater carriers. I’m not built like a tank (5’7″ and 156 on a good day), and this plate carrier fits me very well with (or without) the pontoon inserts installed on the front/back. The double stitching is solid and I suspect it’ll hold up to many field exercises/range outings in the future. 10/10 would purchase again!

  95. Chris

    Great product, and great customer service. estimated lead time was 4 to 6 weeks, it was here in about 2 weeks. Good quality build and packaged very nicely. My only complaint
    is that the bottom of the plate pocket is left open. Wish there was either velcro or a flap in addition to the interior plate flap for extra security or to close the opening, at the bottom. Otherwise great carrier, and accessories. Would recommend to anyone.

  96. Loren

    Out of all the plate carriers I have worn the HRT RAC carrier is thee most comfortable one. Upon receiving this I decided to go for a simple jog and had no issues with it at all.

  97. Blake

    Exactly what I was looking for and excellent quality for a reasonable price.

  98. Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic!!

  99. James

    Affordable and high quality with plenty of upgradability. I came here after watching Warrior Poet Society’s review.

  100. Derik M.

    Works great and the adjustment ability to fit the individual is a good range. Just wish the pockets where the plates are inserted would have either hook and loop closer or a snap button instead of being open at the bottom. Overall a great plate carrier that gets the job done.

  101. Warren H.

    Carrier is awesome. Fits great, feels great looks great.

  102. Al

    When I get the rest I can give a better review

  103. Seth L.

    It fits great, easy to adjust, very comfortable, and is very easy to change different things about it. Will definitely continue to do business!!

  104. Anonymous

    This plate carrier is made with quality and adaptability. I have different placards setup for each of my rifles. I love having one plate carrier for everything I have.

    Looking over the plate carrier, you will find little things they have, which shows how much thought was put into designing it.

    Buy with confidence. I wish I could have had this when I was deployed.

  105. Michael

    Very comfortable with my plates. It distributes the weight well. Quality feels nice.

  106. Anonymous

    Great quality setup and the Maximus placard is awesome.

  107. Cody Corado

    Overall this is an excellent plate carrier. My only complaint is the drag handle needs to be reinforced better. If you had to drag someone who is wearing this carrier I don’t feel this handle would hold up. Other than that I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a plate carrier.

  108. Anonymous

    Side clips combined with the low profile make this PC extremely handy, fits my RMA ceramics very well.

  109. Derrick G.

    Excellent quality, it is very comfortable and extremely well built! Fits my real steel level 3+ 10×12 plates no problem! Would recommend!

  110. Richard Seal

    Great carrier, easy to adjust, comfortable, cha he our rig out easy.

  111. Allen

    Build quality is excellent. Carrier is comfortable as well. Overall a well made product.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Allen
  112. Richard serfass

    Great gear just what I’ve been looking for.

  113. Benjamin Thompson

    Came missing the female buckles that would attach the placard. Was not included with the placard either.

  114. wyatt m.

    Absolutely perfect. The pontoons feel amazing compared to a slick interior and the shoulder are much more padded than they loom. Much more robust design then the crye JPC and still lightweight and functional. Plates fit great in them and the carrier fits snug to the body. Movement feels so much faster in this that a standard flack jacket. Fine work, and an exceptional price. Thanks HRT

  115. Ray F.

    Sturdy rig. Very nice, but I wish you could add the larger cummerbunds in a drop down menu to replace the one that comes with it. Now I have a mini cummerbund and nothing to use it on.

  116. Sarah

    High quality, very adjustable for a custom fit. So many options.

  117. Jeffrey

    It’s great

  118. George Chumillo

    Great product, shipped fast!

  119. Blake Miller

    By far my favorite carrier. Modular and well built

  120. Joshua

    Great carrier. Surprisingly comfortable. Worn all day with no problems

  121. Anonymous

    More black camo options and accessories please.

  122. WILLIAM M.

    Very well made carrier. Plenty of velcro and molle straps to customize setup.
    Excellent customer service.

  123. Jake

    The quality and features is absolutely top notch. Everything is very well thought out and executed. I couldn’t recommend these carriers more. Thanks to john lovell of warrior poet society for recommending HRT products and thank you HRT keeping high standards.

  124. Christopher D.

    Awesome piece of kit!

  125. Brodie H.

    I’m beyond impressed. this carrier is really awesome in my opinion. Before buying this I was looking at crye,tactical tailor,ect. Then found these guys and was sold! If I had to reach and say something negative it would be that three mags is a tight fit when you have your pistol mags in placard but other than that it’s a great carrier!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Brodie H.
  126. Trevor P.

    Fit and function were second to none! Quality was excellent! Would highly recommend this Plate Carrier to anyone in the market for one. Will be purchasing more from this awesome company!

  127. Chris C.

    Still awaiting my armor plates, but the quality of the material is excellent and the design is well thought out. My only suggestion would be rudimentary instructions for fitting and adjustment; it’s fairly self-explanatory, but for those who have never used armor before it might be useful.

  128. Aaron P.

    Love it. For the price, would have like to see the pontoons included. Otherwise, A++

  129. chad

    Nice quality, would have been 5 stars if an example of how to properly tie the cummerbund in the back was shown.

  130. Joemar

    Looks great and Very comfortable. Waiting on some accessories to load it out.

  131. Brian D.

    I LIKE IT! That is all.

  132. Kevin R.

    It feels great and comfortable

  133. Aaron Johnson


  134. Anonymous

    So I bought this because Warrior Poet Society had it on their website. Holy crap this is comfortable to wear and I just love all the attachments available (ordered them after but can wait to get the Maximus Placard and the Hydration Pack). I’ve already recommended to a bunch of friends. It’s nice that it’s cheaper than the general go to at 5.11 (not hating on their also good product but this is cheaper). I look forward to using this during training.

  135. Robert F.

    Awesome. Great fit. Plate pockets are secure. Good, useable real estate on the carrier.

  136. John Reiman

    I LOVE my RAC plate carriers, I looked at review after review so I took a chance and glad I did.

  137. Travis

    It is well made and feels really good, one of the most comfortable vest I have worn.

  138. Randy Hinds

    Could have a bit more robust cummerbund, otherwise good.

  139. Troy C.

    Super modular and very affordable. Best carrier for the price!

  140. Anonymous

    Pretty good, especially for the price.

  141. Christopher Chan

    it has a better fit than my crye jpc

  142. James B.

    Love my RAC . Great fit and quality . The service was also top notch. Will definitely continue to buy from HRT .

  143. Joe S.

    I love the RAC Plate Carrier because it is very comfortable and extremely modular. The back panel options really allow for the carrier to be customized for individual missions.

  144. Richard S.

    I find the plate carrier and all the accessories that I bought to be of excellent quality. However, they all came in a box with no instructions. By trial and error and also searching for on-line videos, I managed to get everything properly assembled. I love the gear, but I would suggest the inclusion of some instructions or at least links to instructional videos in the box.

  145. Colton Howard

    Good fit and comfortable seems to be high quality so far. Showed up promptly as well

  146. Anonymous

    One of the most comfortable carriers I’ve ever owned, honestly fits and feels better than my JPC, paired with the Maximus placard , hydromax back panel, and the quick detach cummerbund, great stitching and materials, RMA 1155’s they chonks but are a nice snug fit.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  147. trent

    A great quality carrier that works with thicker plates but my Hesco L210 plates did not fit in it well and were loose and moved around a lot so I had to buy another carrier for those plates.

  148. Nicholas Murtha

    Freakin’ awesome carrier, price is ✅

  149. littlemandaddy8

    how long did it take you guys to get your plate carries my amor plates all ready shipped out but still waiting on my plate carrie to be shipped

  150. Mark A.

    Breathable, light weight and super comfortable to wear when you’re stuck having to wear it all day long. I’ve got a shellback tactical available if anyone wants it because I’m never switching from my HRT-RAC!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mark A.
    Image #2 from Mark A.
  151. Tony R.

    I ordered the RAC plate carrier a while back, and let me just say it is without a doubt the best carrier I’ve ever owned. Because of the insane demand it does take a while to get (about 6 weeks if I recall), but its deff been well worth the wait. Because I was so happy with the carrier I ordered the quick release cummerbund as well. This combined with the maximus placard and hydromax back panel has made for a really great setup at a reasonable price. Again, there is a wait involved with some of these products, but the customer service has been outstanding and the quality of the gear has been amazing imo.

  152. ChenWai

    Well made vest. Very comfortable with the Maximus Placard and the Zip on medium pack. I wish we’d been issued something like this! Once again HRT delivers!

  153. James Castillo

    Well made, fits great, outstanding feedback and customer service. 10 out of 10 would shit here again!… I mean shop. Shop here again!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from James Castillo
    Image #2 from James Castillo
  154. Travis Fox

    I love it with the exception of the left buckle on the carrier. Though the right side is stitched on, the left is not. Because of the velcro, it makes it seem unimportant but that fact lingers still.

  155. Justin Baxley

    Fantastic quality! Fits great. Very comfortable. Awesome ability to customize to your needs and wants.

  156. Jamel T.

    Really great product. Comfortable and breathable. Only thing is I wish the plate compartment had a Velcro flap to fully secure the compartment.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Jamel T.
  157. Padraic K.

    Amazing may buy another for my vehicle

  158. Anonymous


  159. Jose Flores

    Love it! Bad ass

  160. John J.

    Great plate carrier! Extremely versatile, well made and easily adjustable. Can’t say enough about the customer service as well. Very helpful.

  161. Joseph Marcotte

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Multicam or Ranger Green, so I ordered the Multicam and figured I’d exchange it if I wasn’t happy.

  162. Matthew Webley

    The Black Mulitcam is awesome and it’s comfortable and it fits really good. Love this set up. Would highly recommend this

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Matthew Webley
    Image #2 from Matthew Webley
  163. David Twinam

    Great plate carrier! Very comfortable, easy to adjust and lots of options for attaching placards and eventually back panels@

  164. Anonymous

    The adjustments made it fit near perfect very comfortable! Still suggest to be over 150lbs though lol

  165. Anonymous

    Super high quality, ultra strong material. Couldn’t be happier with my “Gucci” gear from HRT!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  166. Edgardo

    I’ve only taken it through one training course so far & it’s held up with no issues yet. It stays in it’s place with minimal shift & the Panton set up it great. I own a few other plate carriers & so far this one is the go to.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Edgardo
  167. Robert Keever

    Banned for use by my first sergeant. That’s how you know it works better than issued crap.

  168. Jeff T.

    Love the adjustable options on this carrier

  169. Anonymous

    Great quality! Very Comfortable

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  170. Anonymous

    Excellent this far.

  171. Brian

    Best of the best

  172. Anonymous

    quick delivery, comfortable and breathable

  173. xavien fernandez

    Great quality and comfort in this vest very pleased.

  174. DIEGO

    Extremely comfortable and well made. The quality stitching and materials feel like this PC will last forever. I love the quick release buckle on the shoulder strap. Shouldering a rifle is easy, the PC doesn’t hinder at all. Highly recommended.

  175. Shaun Bolger

    Amazing quality for the price, and the modularity is hard to beat! This is a well-kept secret/gem amongst the big players such as Crye & Spiritus!

  176. Jose C.

    Pricey but worth every penny

  177. Anonymous

    This is an excellent plate carrier. Highly recommend. Super durable and comfortable.

  178. Joshua


  179. Anonymous

    Well built carrier

  180. Anonymous

    Well made piece of equipment. Definitely will recommend to other local agencies

  181. Isaac

    Havnt done much work with it yet but after working out with it and practicing. Its very solid feeling.

  182. Anonymous

    Nice product, wish the plastic buckles were made of something a little bit more robust.

  183. Robert Stevenson

    Quality and fit is very good.

  184. Nicholas W.

    Modular and easily put on/off

  185. Remberto Trevino

    Well made 👌

  186. Ackeem B.

    Solid Product

  187. Anonymous

    Shipping was extremely quick I received my items in days. Love the modularity, this is a great plate carrier for multiple different scenarios. I enjoy that its minimalist and not to bulky. High quality product would recommend to others.

  188. Anonymous

    Absolutely amazing plate carrier! Seriously wore it for about a 7 hour training sessions with Hesco L210’s and it was the most comfortable carrier I’ve worn and carried the weight very well!

  189. Dylan S.

    The most versatile Plate Carrier I’ve used to date. First time using a modular system and I am not disapointed.

  190. TIM Lovato

    Joy in Customer Service was awesome! Assisted with all questions and got my RAC ordered. The RAC Fits like a minimalist carrier, with the capability to carry so much more. This is a great addition to both my duty kit and personal use kit. It shipped and was received within a week of ordering. Definitely a fan!!!!

  191. Anonymous

    Well constructed kit! The PC listed above (Rac) indicated that it would accommodate Med/Lrg plates. We run medium plates with our kits but opted for this model due to its quick release feature. Unfortunately our plates did not fit properly with this particular model. This is a common issue issue with “one size fits all” designs. HRT customer service was outstanding and got us straightened out extremely quickly.

  192. Anonymous

    Well worth the money. Very high quality and comfortable for a bigger guy like myself. I’m 265 5’10”

  193. Tristin Fulgham

    It took a good bit of adjusting to make the large fit me because I’m a smaller guy, but once I got it there, it fit great and is pretty comfortable for what it’s meant for.

  194. Anonymous

    Seems to be quality made. Not bulky like other plate carriers. Purchased the front placard and rear molle placard and they were not to $$$$. Only complaint is the hydration placard is real $$$$$$$ for hydration only. Can get an aftermarket molle hydration pack for 1/3 of cost. Other than that system is awesome. Customer service is great!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  195. Tristan K.

    I am vary satisfied with this vest it is grate quality and vary comfortable this vest fits my needs perfectly

  196. Daniel Jones

    I am very impressed with the quality and fit.

  197. Ryan K.

    Best gear Ever!

  198. Chris Fick

    I pretty much can assume at this point anything WPS recommends is worth it. I’ve used A LOT of carriers over the years, this is now one of my primary ones. You can tell A LOT of thought went into these, from additional reinforcement on areas that rub to the added no cost pontoons. They are worth the wait when you order. I picked up their quick release cummerbund and medium zip on pack as well. The material in these and felt construction feel more robust to me than others at higher price ranges. 100% recommended!

  199. Juan Martinez

    Your product is great. Your service isn’t. When I made my purchase, the item was in stock. After a few days I inquired and I was advised that it was not and that I would have to wait a month. The wait was not the issue. It was the total lack of communication after my money was taken. As a business owner, that is a solid pass in my book.

  200. Seongjun Choi

    I appreciate your service

  201. John

    Very comfortable and affordable. Don’t mind getting another set. Great job HRT!

  202. Shawn D.

    This has replaced my old LBT 6094. That was a solid carrier but man is this RAC comfortable as well as modular.

  203. James B.

    This is as comfortable as a plate carriers can get and I have been wearing plate carriers since 2002 in the Army. Just can’t beat this for the cost. Great product and great company…

  204. Dalen H.

    Great plate carrier. It seems oversized, which is a good thing in my opinion. There is built in cable management, padding, and venting. It is a thick plate carrier meant for a decent load carry. All around a great rig for the price.

  205. Dustin P.

    Love the plate carrier. The ranger green is spot on.

  206. Donnie H.

    Awesome carrier, very comfortable

  207. Ralph

    Great product and company mission. The logistics (order processing and shipping) were not the best nor the worst, they were however, acceptable.

  208. Anonymous

    Actually really high quality

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  209. Trevor B.

    Absolutely love this carrier. Tough, comfortable, the only thing that would make this a 5/5 for me instead of 4.5 is if the bottom of the carrier was closed to prevent wear and tear on my plates.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Trevor B.
  210. Ryan

    Very comfortable carrier. Would like to see plate retaining straps cover the entire bottom of the plate carrier. Shoulder straps very long, but all in all have recommended to others.

  211. Craig Koelblin

    Awesome quality. Better than I expected. Very happy customer.

  212. Ben S.

    Great carrier, it fits comfortably.

  213. william c.

    Best plate carrier I’ve owned!! Very vertical!

  214. Todd E.

    The plate carrier was amazing the quality to detail the fit was extraordinary and I am not over exaggerating unfortunately it just didn’t fit my Plates but I definitely would order it again this is one of the best plate carriers I’ve worn so I haven’t worn a lot of them the name itself HRT That’s a great name in the industry

  215. Matthew Gallaway

    Very good quality, just a bit pricey.

  216. Aaron Utt

    Amazing. Only downside I feel like the cumberbun loosens over time

  217. Ryan


  218. Matthew R.

    Could not recommend this carrier any more. If you’re new to PC, use them for work, or whatever the case may be, I would 110% go with this carrier and HRT. You cannot go wrong.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Matthew R.
    Image #2 from Matthew R.
    Image #3 from Matthew R.
  219. JUSTIN F.

    Glad to finally get a product that is American made and made of good quality materials. Wish it came standard with the double cummerbund for the price but worth buying both.

  220. Darren

    Great product, great price, very modular, exceptional quality.

  221. Michael

    Very comfortable

  222. William B.

    Very nice quality carrier. Will definitely be buying the placard and cummerbund from them for the RAC. As I expect them to be the same awesome quality as the carrier. Definitely recommended.

  223. Sean O.

    I’m a tall skinny guy (6’4” 200lbs) so I needed to adjust the straps to be as tight as possible, and it still doesn’t come up high enough in the back. This nulls the quick release function on the shoulder strap. But very comfortable and disperses the load well.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Sean O.
  224. Devin D.

    Arrived quickly, good quality

  225. Cody Harrison

    I heard of you guys from Iron Infidel and you guys have thought of everything when it comes to gear, the best plate carrier I own and that I’ve used so far. Very mission adaptable I can gear it up heavily or gear it down to be slick and use for exercise. Highly recommend this carrier

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Cody Harrison
  226. Ryan

    I can arrange anything how I want.

  227. Logan

    One of the best carriers on the market. Fit is great and the larger size is a great option.

  228. Anonymous

    Great product, comfortable and highly adaptable. Will continue to recommend to coworkers

  229. Dallon

    I love the HRT RAC, my only real issue with either of the two that I own is that I have to tighten the shoulder straps almost as far as they can be tightened in order for the plates to be in the correct position. Even now, I don’t have them 100% adjusted how I’d want them to be.

  230. Michael H.

    Awesome Product. Plates fit great.

  231. David

    Was as i expected from my research of product.

  232. Daniel W.

    I love you it very happy with it

  233. Tristen H.

    Solid construction, good design, worth the price point.

  234. Andrew

    I wish I found HRT earlier! Awesome quality and I’m always asked where I got my gear from when other LE see it

  235. Caleb S.

    Great vest. I honestly think the clips that go on the vest for the pouches should be included. Otherwise it’s great material and durability

  236. Troy T.

    Daniel was a huge help in both selection and fulfillment!

  237. Tyler S.

    I have enjoyed the carrier

  238. Henry Yennie

    Pre-sales support was fast, accurate and polite. Best I’ve experienced!

  239. Dustin

    Great product…. Setting up my 2nd carrier, all HRT RAC and gear

  240. Ronald

    Im more than excited about my RAC Plate Carrier. It was all I expected plus more. Very durable, solid build. Ive used it at the range training and I have no complaints about it. Fit my 10×12 plates perfect. They don’t move around while inside the carrier. All of my attachment I purchased went on with ease. I definitely recommend this PC as well as the Maximus Placard and the Hydromax Zip On Pak. Awesome company, fast shipping and great customer service. I will be purchasing more from them soon.

    Thanks HRT Tactical.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ronald
  241. Xavier A.

    Very customizable and easy to adjust

  242. Anonymous

    It fits very well (5’5”) and is easily adjustable. I’ve paired it with the maximus placard and it is a great combo.

  243. City of New Philadelphia

    The construction of this carrier is top notch and well worth the money.

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