HRT Maximus Placard


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  • Comes with 3 mag AR insert
  • Two general purpose pouches
  • Two pistol magazine pouches with polymer inserts
  • 500 Denier Cordura reinforced stitched
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to carriers
  • Placard measures 9.25” x 7”
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HRT Maximus Placard

The HRT Maximus placard was designed to attach to our HRT HRAC and RAC plate carrier or work in conjunction with Duraflex buckle system. Our Maximus placard features triple M4 style magazine inserts along with two handgun magazines with polymer inserts. The Maximus placard also features two general purpose zipper pockets on the front. The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place. The Maximus placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex buckle attachment system.

  • Comes with 3 AR mag insert
  • Two general purpose pouches
  • Two pistol magazine pouches with polymer inserts
  • 500 Denier Cordura reinforced stitched
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to carriers
  • Placard measures 9.25” x 7”

Maximus Inserts

SMG Maximus Insert
Heavy Maximus Insert
Replacement AR Insert

***Back-order items will ship in approximately 4 weeks from your time of purchase***


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Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Multicam Black, Multicam Arid, M81 Woodland

371 reviews for HRT Maximus Placard

  1. Brandon

    Awesome quality!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome would definitely recommend

  3. Anonymous

    The whole set is great but the rifle mag insert it comes with is a little tight with PMAGs. Runs real smooth with STANAGs though.

  4. Edward P.

    Very happy with this placard, built well, secures well to pc, nice touches like drains and paracord zipper pulls, quick and easy to change load outs with another placard. Plenty of room in the two utility pouches for odds and ends, using one pistol mag pouch for a CAT tourniquet. Comes with elastic rifle magazine retention. This is my only complaint, even though the elastic does an adequate job, I re-index magazines and the elastic is difficult to do this with (this is personal preference only). Solution: took a sheet of Kydex and made my own retention device, works great!

  5. David Hawkins

    By far my favorite placard!

  6. Charles Thompson

    Very low profile, and efficient placard that allows for a lot of gear to be placed in reach of both hands. I run 3 rifle mags, 1 pistol mag, and a flashlight; using the one of the front storage pockets a a medical/blowout kit and the other for tools/admin/chem light/batteries; allowing me to take a lot of mission essential off my belt and centralize them. See pic

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    Image #1 from Charles Thompson
  7. Bradley H.

    Only complaint centers around the rifle mag area. It would be a fairly simple adaptation to allow it to freely accept AK mags also. Plus include hold open devices similar to the pistol mag pouches. If the included magazine sleeve was full depth of the pocket and accepted inserts to hold the pockets open I think it could work for both. I would say that would be worth an additional $40-50 dollars on price in my book. While sized better for a carrier than a Haley D3CRX, if the HRT had 3 similar concept rifle mag pockets to the Haley (AR/AK compatibility) I don’t think you could make enough of this placard.

    Ive only had this placard for a week and plan on ordering 2 more in the very near future. I intend on equipping my entire household with them. The build quality is beyond what you would expect for any price. If you run a AR15 or variant this is perfect.

  8. Jordan L.

    Everyone has been flocking to the spiritus brand but seem to forget that those hook and loop panels are the loudest most obnoxious things you can carry on your PC. This entire placard system can be stand alone with the separately sold harness or mounted on any PC with loop Velcro and swift clips (comes with purchase). This placard is an easy to use and very organizable system. Although I changed out the 3×5.56 mag insert for the HSP version since I like to re-index my mags during exercises/drills. I keep a Multitasker 3x, stream light and screw bits in one pocket. While having a pair of black talon gloves, a SOF-T wide TQ, compact hyfin chest seals and Celox in the other pocket. It beats needing a GP pouch and works well with a MAP pack (dangling pouch). I will definitely be purchasing this exact placard in different colors when I start putting another rig together. 10/10

  9. Fernando Quinones

    Loving it

  10. Marc

    Great support with good email communications to help me choose the right product, including fast discreet shipping. I also bought the HRT RAC Plate Carrier; high quality, fits perfectly at 5 foot 10.5 inches, 43 chest at 185 pounds as a reference. For larger men, just adjust the straps.

  11. Aaron Rogers

    looks good and very fuctional

  12. Kody B.

    Very good setup

  13. Johnny H.

    Attention to detail is great. Wish the elastic mag / multi purpose slots had a littler more retention.

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome product, as described. Tightly holds all mags in place.

  15. Michael

    This placard has been everything I’ve needed it to be. Easy clip in and quality velcro to keep it snug to my plate carrier. The extra pockets are great for whatever your needs there could be and the magazine pouch works like a champ.

  16. Brian S.


  17. Daniel

    I got this setup based off of a recommendation from someone I trust. It has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to many years of productive use.

  18. Anonymous

    High quality product with a great fit

  19. Brent H.

    Love this placard. Fits everything you absolutely need.

  20. Ruben

    Well made, pistol mags fit good and snug. AR mags fit really tight and not easy to reindex

  21. Christopher D.

    AR mags fit well, the pistol mags have a lock in feel. I like how it has interchangeable inserts for different mags if needed. Pockets have a plethora of internal areas/dividers to store things.

  22. Anonymous

    I wish the insert worked a little better. Pmags get stuck on the side with the end seam. Reindexing mags can be a little difficult going quickly. Zippered pouches are identical inside.

  23. Adam

    Great company. Great Service.

  24. Patrick

    Love this placard.

  25. Anonymous

    Great product. Inserts are a little stiff at first but they work well after cycling mags in and out.

  26. Joshua

    I love the design and construction of this piece. The pouches are easy to manipulate and have plenty of room for a basic ifak and miscellaneous tools. Mags sit nicely and are held very tight while still sliding in and out easily. My only grievance is that part of the stitching on the mag insert came undone after about two days and had to be sewn. Easy fix but kind of annoying

  27. Alec

    Spacious and modular

  28. Brandon Pack

    velcro has some spotty connection in the sides but overall good quality

  29. Doug T.

    Love this placard. Ample storage for mags and other necessities.

  30. Robert H.

    Awesome accessory!

  31. Jameson H.

    Very well made. Stitching is phenomenal and magazine retention is on par with other placards I have owned in the past. The dual administrative pockets are very convenient and well designed for organizing med equipment, lickies & chewies, multi tools, map markers/sharpies etc. I would highly recommend!

  32. Calvin

    Space for everything I need

  33. Benjamin Magargee


  34. Caleb martin

    Awesome Placard! Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

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    Image #1 from Caleb martin
  35. TYLER H.

    Solid piecr of kit, but the zippers can be difficult to grab if you use a taller magazine (AK).

  36. Anonymous

    Excellent quality. Does what it’s supposed to.

  37. Christopher

    Really well made and it actually comes with the swift clips, which always seem sold out on other websites. Very happy with the chest rig, I did end up putting in the Haley Strategic mag inserts for easier indexing

  38. Anonymous

    Solid carrier.

  39. Seth S.

    Great piece of kit, Very durable. Doesn’t bounce around holds everything firm in place, Although the side pouches/mag pouches don’t hold the mags as tight after initial insert.

  40. Anonymous

    Pretty sweet, well made. Perfect for post election riots. Or perfect for protection should rioters break into your private gate to your property. Stay frosty

  41. Nelson L.

    Awesome placard for my purpose/job, affixed to a plate carrier via AXL adapters.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nelson L.
  42. Beau Egger

    Excellent Placard well designed and balanced.

  43. Kevin

    Great design, utility, and quality!

  44. Paul N.

    great quality item!

  45. Nicholas M.

    Best piece of kit for my carrier. Rifle mags hold in place without bouncing. Pistol mags are easy to access. Admin pouches are perfect for hand cuffs, flashlight, pens, rubber gloves, TQ, and a small first aid kit. And the placard is still slim enough to get prone. Very happy with the purchase and can’t wait to upgrade my carrier to the RAC or the HRAC.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nicholas M.
  46. Josh

    Absolutely love this! Holds the perfect amount of gear and ammo without being too bulky, have my multi tool, a couple chem lights, a booboo kit, and still space for a couple snacks

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Josh
  47. Daniel

    Great stitching. Combat stitching is very important.

  48. Bryan D.

    Great way to carry all essentials

  49. Anonymous

    Awesome rig setup and the changeability of plaques are great!

  50. Brian H.

    Solid gear.

  51. Tyler Gladkowski

    Quality is exceptional just like there carriers buuuut. if your a ak guy dont expect running your mags in this, its strictly for ar mags and 1 other gripe I have is salvaging a empty/low mag with this attachment is clumsy unlike other style’s this design is just a giant hole with a added mag holder and trying to do tactical reloads is slowed down if your salvage mags. They get cought up going in 80% of the time so you will need a dump pouch.

  52. Andrew

    Great quality, only downside is reinserting mags into the sleeves is difficult due to the elastic closing the opening.

  53. Christian

    Versatile. I like this a lot.

  54. James Howden

    Runs great with plenty of storage and space for mags, super awesome.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from James Howden
  55. Anonymous

    Works well, would prefer hard inserts for the rifle mags instead of elastic.

  56. Michael B.

    Excellent quality placard.

  57. Aaron

    Easy to setup and use. Works as designed. Would order again.

  58. Jamison

    Well made, can be slim but also capable of holding bigger stuff like maybe a grilled cheese to go or a Capri Sun

  59. Brian Albertelli

    Amazing placard at a great price. High quality and fast shipping. Only reason I’m giving a 4 out of 5 is because I wish it had loops with buckles on the side to let this be worn as a chest rig like my Spiritus micro flight or my RDR MSP. If you develop one with those loops I’ll definitely buy it again. Besides that can’t ask for a better product. Also comes with an insert.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Brian Albertelli
  60. Kristopher S.

    My main concern was my ability to reindex magazines. After some testing I am pleased to say this actually works quite well.

  61. Joel Rios

    Very nice

  62. Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  63. Joshua

    Great product

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Joshua
  64. Jake H.

    Most adaptable pouches I’ve had

  65. Mike m.

    Awesome design

  66. Anonymous


  67. bryan

    Solid product, nice zipper pulls. Only grip is when keeping both pouches zipper pulls in the middle of the pouches to keep them out of the way, it’s a bit tricking grabbing the one you need and using it quickly without fumbling. 1/4 more space would be nice between.

  68. Alonzo B.

    Awesome placard fits my Glock and sig double stack mags. Ar mag holders fit hexmags a little better, pmags are more snug.

  69. Benjamin Madrid Jr

    I like how the are so many pockets and they are placed well.

  70. Nathan F.

    Everything is situated perfectly where you need it and remains secure to you carrier.

  71. Rodney Casen

    And this!!

  72. Jermaine Salmon

    enough inserts and pouches to have everything that you need.

  73. Tanner


  74. alejandro G.

    its 2 cool ive got my leather man pliers on one of the pistol pouches, a regular cat tourniquet cannot fit inside of the pouch.

  75. Ramil Sacpopo

    I like how thoughts were out into it. Loving my black version of it. It can be used as non tactical security uniform. Definitely will buy some more for my range work.

  76. Gary Catalino

    Needs a flap on the bottom to secure better to carrier. Also needs better securement of rifle mags with flap or bands .

  77. Kevin


  78. Anonymous

    Quality product. Well made.

  79. Tyler

    well made and functional.

  80. Dean

    Turned into med pouch.

  81. Kenneth V.

    Great quality, got it fast and awesome design.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Kenneth V.
  82. Anonymous

    The AR placard is really nice! I prefer high-wall magazine coverings with an open top, and the pistol magazine pouches are in a good location. The only thing I would change is to get rid of the included elastic retention. 2” of elastic depth is overkill. I am more likely to doff the entire plate carrier then get a pmag out of that elastic. I know elastic will loosen up over time, but you used esstac kiwi inserts in the pistol pouches, why not do the same with the rifle pouches from the shop floor? It’s an easy DIY, but a hassle to find the inserts.

    The pouches are better than I thought they would be, with internal pouch flap retention so you won’t spill things out of it.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
  83. Mark Landon

    What a well thought out design

  84. Steven

    I was on the fence about this placard for awhile still leaning heavily towards competitor placard/chest rig systems but after reading the reviews and watching several videos, I bit the bullet and went for it. I want to give it a 4.5 but there is no option so a 4 will have to do. The placard is affordable and available vs its competitors and amazing quality and has the pockets/space I need and holds the mags high and tight. My only personal complaints are no kydex 5.56/7.62 inserts the elastic is great but re-indexing is a pain unless you get it at the right angle and no side buckle options for having it extra secured to kit/ running it as a stand alone Recce/Chest rig. Hopefully they put out a revised verse with the side buckles and kydex insert if so I will be first in line to order it.

  85. Blake F.

    Completely awesome placard. The pouches don’t clamshell which prevents you from losing anything and the mags are held firmly in place

  86. Anonymous

    Very nice setup but a bit thicker then expected when loaded up. I would consider the triple m4 or the 2×2 setups fist unless you really need the additional space for admin tools. Then I think I would still consider the above in conjunction with a dangler pouch instead.

    I would like the addition of a ridgid insert though. It almost requires two hands to insert mags. Can be done one handed by rocking the mag in like loading an ak mag.. but a more ridgid setup like the 2×2 would be much better imop. You will absolutely need to be using a dump pouch for half used mags cause you’ll not be replacing them on the move. This is a bit of a big oversight in the design.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  87. Anonymous

    Good quality gear!

  88. Jason

    Very high quality material and a perfect fit. Mags are secured perfectly. Highly recommend

  89. Anonymous


  90. james milligan

    I never received my gear

  91. Josiah C.

    I use this with a Spiritus Systems Overt front, fits perfectly. One favorite feature is the storage space. Very versatile.

  92. Adam O.

    Exceeded expectations

  93. Jordan A.

    I have not received tracking information updates since the 22nd of September, todays date is currently the 11th of October

  94. Jonas

    Very pleased. Kydex inserts for rifle mag wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. You do it for pistol mags. I went with aftermarket one wrap and kydex insets. Works well.

  95. Nathaniel M.

    Very nice quality, can’t wait for my new carrier to come in so I can put it on!

  96. Nico

    Easy to install and remove. Good quality of material and craftsmanship.

  97. Dwight

    Everything you need for normal operations. This is my go too placard. It’s great for active shooter kit!

  98. Zachary

    Awesome placard with great versatility with the two GP pouches. I only gave the 4 out of 5 because the plastic mag retention inserts in the pistol mag pouches quickly loosened up and caused my pistol mags to easily slide out, even with a double stack .45
    Otherwise, this placard is worth its price.

  99. Joseph

    Awesome Quality!

  100. Hunter

    Amazing product that exceeded my expectations! If you want the best, buy HRT.

  101. JAMES

    Perfect for work. Was great in the Tactical games.

  102. Ricky L.

    Great quality, magazine retention is tight, the 2 pouches offers lots of space for handy items

  103. Anonymous

    Excellent quality

  104. Freddie B.

    A Great piece of gear. Capable of carrying either a full loadout of ammo with misc. gear or to hold almost 2 full IFAKs. I ran mine in a medic load with CATs in the pistol slots and Hemostatic wraps in rifle slots, with airways, chest seals, etc. in the utility pouches. I will be getting a second for a rifle/pistol loadout, instead of switching the single Maximus.

  105. Warren H.


  106. Anonymous

    Well designed and built. Leave the front pouches empty to keep the profile low, but have storage available if needed. The empty pouches add maybe half-inch out front.

  107. Zachary W.

    The only bummer is that it doesn’t come with the male end swift clips.

  108. William Corkren

    Best organized placard I have ever had.

  109. Michael I.

    Excellent quality, great features, and very comfortable. I received mine in less than 2 weeks despite their website saying it could be up to 6 weeks!

  110. Anonymous

    Great addition to the rac.

  111. Mikko L.

    Sits a tad high on the HRAC, which is more of a cosmetic thing. Excellent product and readily came with the AR INSERTS!

  112. Tuan P.

    Great price for what you get out of the box. Other placard sets would run 150+ easily once you add in all the features needed to make it comparable to this one.

    I’m able to fit everything I need including a med kit in the front pouches.

  113. Cody Corado

    Excellent placard that does everything it is designed to do. No complaints!

  114. Aaron Ellenberger

    Quality product. Excellent service.

  115. Benjamin Thompson

    Great quality but was missing the female buckles

  116. Kyler

    Good quality

  117. wyatt m.

    Similar design to the haley strategic micro, but the pouches on front are much more useful.
    Only complaint is that magpul mags get caught on the elastic

  118. Anonymous

    Very high quality and ample places for storage.

  119. Ray F.

    Really like this placard it’s nearly perfect but the pistol pouches on the sides get in the way and I can’t take them off. Their positioning is awkward for mag changes and I don’t want to put a multi tool or flashlight in them because they might get lost. The retention is good, I’m just paranoid. The pouches are spacious and perfect for an IFAK or boo boo kit and anything else you might want but they don’t jut out. The mag retention for the rifle insert is technically too good, I can’t reindex mags, but they come out good though.

  120. Anonymous

    It’s good not a huge fan of the elastic rifle mags pouches but still a great carrier

  121. Darryl Newman

    I wish the swift clips were adjustable in length. This would make it easier to adapt to any plate carrier. Otherwise I really like it. Love the amount of admin space. Wish the placard came with both the .556 and .762 inserts. I just ordered some more gear from you guys. I will recommend this piece of kit to other snipers on my team.

  122. Jake A.

    Very nice setup. Wanted a placard that held more than 3 AR mags and this suits that need. Ar mags and pistol mags fit like a glove. Insert well and retention is good. The additional pouches hold small items like marking devices, small tools, etc without needing to purchase them separately. Overall a nice thought out setup to suit most needs.

  123. Jerry

    Perfect for minimalist

  124. broderick anderson

    Solid!! no complaints

  125. Aaron Johnson

    Never received

  126. Oleg

    Great product and great customer service, will definitely buy again HRT products!

  127. Warrior Poet

    Fantastic carrier.

  128. Theron D.

    I realy like it so far but have not ran it much yet

  129. Joe S.

    So far I use the Maximus Packard as my primary. I don’t have any real complaints. The only two things I can think of to make it better; would be to provide some retention straps for the mags (They are relatively secure as is, but a bungie would be a nice touch), and make the pockets a little taller. This would allow for taller items to be stored. Once again this is more of a wish list item then an actual problem.

  130. Michael D.

    Great Quality. Going to do a review on my YouTube Channel.

  131. Taylor

    Really impressed with the Maximus great addition to my carrier . TQ holder on the bottom side would be a sweet addition . Many thanks!!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Taylor
  132. George Elarba

    Amazing quality and perfect for my set up.

  133. Brian

    Haven’t used this one at work yet but once I do I’ll post a full review.

  134. Anonymous


  135. Bryan D.

    The placard is awesome! I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Only thing I wish they would provide is an option to choose which mag insert you’d want.

  136. Sean Bruns

    My only complaint was that I had to order new buckles and break the old ones to allow the placard to fit my JPC. Relatively minor complaint as I understand that it was made for a different rig.

  137. Richard S.

    Very versatile.

  138. Colton Howard

    I like the concept but if I had my choice I’d do a few things differently.

    1st I’d like to see the elastic inserts as an option when purchasing the placard. It comes with ar-15 inserts I have an ar-10 had to spend an extra $20 for that.

    2nd I can only run 2 ar-10 mags with a rather sizable empty space I have to fill I’d like 3 minimum.

    3rd the 2 front pouches could be set up differently in regards to the elastic loops and the very tight inner pocket

  139. Maxwell

    I was worried the admin pouches would be bulky. It is actually pretty slim while still having decent space in the pouches. The mag retention is really good.

  140. tim morin

    Literally an amazing placard for the price, worth it 100%

  141. John Reiman

    Very comfortable, I’m very happy with my plate carrier

  142. Anonymous

    I’m a Detective and use this placard on a carrier with IIIA soft armor inserts as my trunk/call-out setup. I think this is the best LE compatible placard I’ve found, while still allowing for a three rifle mag loadout. I run one of the multi-use pouches as an IFAK and the other as an admin pouch (notebook, FI cards, the usual), and I use one of the mag pouches for a mag, but the other for a multitool.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  143. Robert W.

    This holds a lot of stuff but doesn’t get in the way as much as I thought it would. If you are wondering if this would prevent you from getting in the prone position don’t worry it won’t.

  144. Jose

    Perfect system and load in a compact package!

  145. Anonymous

    Mags could be a tad more accessible

  146. Zack

    I purchased the maximus placard to go with the RAC plate carrier and I will say the whole setup is very nice. I spent a few weeks wearing this around the house and it is very comfortable.

    Snug fit, no chafing, quality build. No complaints with rig.

  147. Timothy P.

    So far. Excellent pack. Works fine. Great stitching and has held up tremendously while training. Great job on this placard

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Timothy P.
  148. Garrett H.

    I bought both the RAC plate carrier and the Maximus placard and there is not enough I can say about this company and their products. Everything was top notch quality, as well as the staff being super helpful. Would definitely give this product and company 10/10

  149. Nicholas Murtha

    Super dope.

  150. James Brown

    Another outstanding purchase . Great quality and craftsmanship

  151. Michael

    Probably one of the, if not the best organized general purpose placards. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but the quality is on point and it’s going into a great American company.

  152. Huy N.

    The best placard so far. Shipping was fast and the item is quality.

  153. Anonymous

    Excellent piece of gear!! Well thought out convenient and the craftsman ship is top notch. I have used quite a bit of equipment from a multitude of different manufacturers over the years and I am most impressed by HRT’s line up. Will for sure be ordering another rig from them which will certainly contain the Maximus placard.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  154. Gabriel

    Very well thought out and I love it

  155. Edward B.

    Quality built and easy to add to my plate rack

  156. Mark A.

    I love that I can switch from slick to fully joy in 2 clicks. Nice to have the ability to have a general purpose/admin pouch as well as an IFAK all in one spot.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mark A.
  157. John Tobin


  158. Patrick S.

    No issues, painless unlike my ex-wife….

  159. ChenWai

    Great for carrying a medkit, navigation items or even a couple of extra pistol mags; yet not as bulky as the old issue IFAKs. Definitely worth it!

  160. Logan

    Solid placard for training and response. Magazine retention is solid and has ample storage for medical supplies and batteries.

  161. Nick

    Great, affordable, just what I was looking for.

  162. Tony

    Very functional

  163. Jose Flores

    Holds everything i need

  164. Renato Corona

    Love this thing! Just wish the pockets were a little bigger to fit a TQ. But I really love it

  165. Caleb martin

    Awesome placard! This is Everything you need and everything you don’t need.

  166. Joseph Marcotte

    Same as for the carrier.

  167. Brandon C.

    Perfect placard

  168. Alan L.

    Great addition to my plate carrier!

  169. Nick

    Placard looks and works great. A little tall to fit on my JPC but not the fault of the placard

  170. CJ

    Magazine retention works very well, two pouches on the front do not add much bulk at all, and are well thought out. Overall, this is well made, as all of HRT’s products seem to be that I have already ordered.

  171. Michael N.

    Great, well built product! I’m very happy!

  172. John W.

    Holds magazines firmly, but it is easy to draw and insert.

  173. Anonymous

    Nice setup with a smaller footprint than I thought, it definitely fu**s!

  174. Anonymous

    Super high quality, ultra strong material. Couldn’t be happier with my “Gucci” gear from HRT!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  175. Steven O.


  176. Robert Keever

    Excellent. Holds all my snacks and note taking gear as well as some chemlights.

  177. Jeff T.

    Very well made.

  178. Chris H.

    Awesome placard, love the multitude of mag pouches and storage capabilities!

  179. Kevin R.

    Fantastic real estate, has a place for everything I need. The zippers are hard to grab when they meet in the middle “canyon”, but if you train yourself you get used to it.

  180. Diego Fierro

    Quality product and fast shipping.

  181. Anonymous

    Excellent this far

  182. Brian

    Best option for multiple missions.

  183. Anonymous

    perfect fitment

  184. xavien fernandez

    Much needed space and functionality

  185. Jose C.

    Must have when buying carrier

  186. Joshua


  187. Reese B.

    The only brand that has a good set up for MP5/Vector Mags.

  188. Anonymous

    Everything I hoped it would be. The quality is absolutely at par With any other manufacture on the market. The versatility and modular design allows equipment to be securely carried

  189. Anonymous

    attached really easy

  190. John Petty

    My only complaint is with the HRT RAC Plate Carrier itself. I wish that the plate carrier compartment would close with some kind of velcro flap, etc. As it is now – it remains open at the bottom of the vest. With extreme use, this allows dirt, debris, and bugs, etc. to enter into the vest and make contact and rub against the plates. Ceramic plates are more fragile than steel and need protection from this for longevity, etc. Other than this issue – I love my HRT gear! Thanks for all that you do – John

  191. Paul

    Well built

  192. Anonymous

    Great addition to carrier. Only downside are the pistol mag holders . My agency use the Sig P320 and with the metal mags . They do not stay inside pouch

  193. Nickolas K.

    Incredible quality. I am very happy with the placard and the carrier. Fits a ton.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nickolas K.
  194. Josh H.

    I love my Maximus placard! Also bought the 762 insert…as well as the .556 +pistols insert. Good price, quick shipping, and awesome customer service.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Josh H.
  195. Anonymous

    Strong, durable and does it’s job great

  196. Tony Guereca

    Great gear. Fast ship. Very satisfied.

  197. Anonymous

    So i have this mounted on my SPC for work, i want to say a few things.

    1 this is solidly made, i carry a tq, rite in rain and some medical in it. Fairly nice capacity. I will say HRT absolutely BLEW MY MIND WHEN THEN INCLUDED THE FEMALE SWIFT CLIPS. More companies shpuld follow that example

  198. seok hyun cho

    I wanted to leave a review one day. I’ve tried Hailey Stretch and Cry and found out that HRT is also being sold in Korea, so I’m using it as a multi-cam. It’s very simple and intuitive, so I’m really looking forward to the black multi-cam set coming soon, so I’ll keep using it. Fracards are available in independent gears. Nice HRT.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from seok hyun cho
  199. Anonymous

    Nice product, wish plastic buckles made from tougher material.

  200. Robert Stevenson

    Good quality product. I would recommend it.

  201. Myles Thompson

    So this is really good. I love all the features, however, the retention elastic thing for 556 mags tore which was a bummer. I tried to gorilla glue it but that didn’t work.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Myles Thompson
  202. Samuel

    I like the placard. Disappointed in size of pouches. Thought they would be slightly bigger. Couldn’t fit as many medical supplies as I wanted. Wanted to run one pouch as a first aid kit and second as my general purpose. Side pockets worked well for leather man and flashlight. Had to remove pistol insert.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Samuel
    Image #2 from Samuel
    Image #3 from Samuel
  203. Michael Fratto

    Very convenient pouches to allow not only extra magazines, but also for first aid and other quick need necessities.

  204. Nicholas W.

    Quality product good magazine retainment

  205. Rebeka S.

    I love it

  206. David Ashcom

    This stuff is very high quality and all well worth the money. Fast shipping too!

  207. Mark

    Great piece of kit. Sturdy and tough–just like me!

  208. Anthony Diaz

    It looks fine haven’t set it up yet waiting on plate but the quality of the placard is great

  209. Ackeem B.

    Solid Product

  210. Derek B.

    Awesome products!!

  211. Daniel

    Great placard with lots of options for storage, taking things off my duty belt to help distribute weight on my chest. 10/10

  212. Anonymous

    Great placard. Love how quick it is to remove, i can quickly switch from a Minimalist carrier for lifting/working out to a functional carrier.

  213. Kapena

    This is a great piece to have up front because of its versatility. I experience the quality and utility when using the Maximus Placard. I would recommend to anyone who needs the options.

  214. John S.

    All HRT gear I have is top quality.

  215. Remberto Trevino

    Good product 👌

  216. gerald

    Excellent additional to my kit. Works as advertised.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from gerald
  217. Dylan S.

    Works well when I’m using a Ballistic shield and right handed reloads. Also holds enough admin material I don’t need more pouch’s everywhere on the carrier

  218. Clark J.

    It definitely adds bulk, but great for small gear (in addition to magazines) you can access easily like a multi-tool, notebook & tactical pen, etc. If you like patches, it’s cool that they have a little Velcro in front.
    There are no kydex inserts for your mags with this placard, but I think since there’s only an inch or so sticking out, I doubt any kydex inserts are necessary.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Clark J.
  219. Frankie C.

    Works great! Looks like it’s made of high quality materials.

  220. Adam V

    Great addition to my K19 agilite plate carrier!

  221. Matthew Byers


    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Matthew Byers
  222. Joel Ross

    Love the placard!

  223. Wade

    Well made. Haven’t done a load out yet but looks like it will hold all I need.

  224. Benjamin C.

    Top of the line shit well worth the cash get one before it hits the fan

  225. Keith

    Great pouch that needs no other additions.

  226. Anonymous

    Awesome peace of gear fits perfectly and is super customizable

  227. Anonymous

    Holds plenty of stuff. I use one pouch as a small ifak. The other for admin and a flashlight. Also a tourniquet fits in the pistol pouch if you remove the plastic inside. Mags are a little stiff to pull out but I’m sure will loosen with time.

  228. Tristin Fulgham

    Mag pouches have great retention. No worries about losing anything when moving from cover to cover.

  229. Ethan M.

    So far the Maximus Placard has exceeded expectations. The swift clips were easy to install and havent moved or gotten loose and the velcrow holds strong on your plate carrier. However, I have noticed that the AR Mag pouches are very tight and are just made with elastic material. You wont loose the, but reindexing empty mags on tac reloads is unbearibly slow. Either get a different plastic insert like the kiwi or just expect to use a dump pouch.

  230. TJ Struck

    Excellent Quality!

    Absolutely love it, it feels great and has no problem fitting into my Invictus plate carrier. Very excited to find out I can use placards lol

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from TJ Struck
  231. Ryan Vance

    I ordered mine in black. Love it! Holds everything I need and then some.

  232. Anonymous

    Great quality, materials, and customer service.

  233. Anonymous

    Best in the market

  234. Alex

    Great product. Quality build. Fast shipping

  235. Daniel Jones


  236. Joel S.

    This is absolutely perfect. Mags, storage and everything you want a placard to be.

  237. Jayland

    Love the HRT Maximus Placard! Very slim, minimalist, yet holds everything I need. Will be buying another for a Crye JPC 2.0

  238. Juan Martinez


  239. Brian

    The elastic inserts were not my favorite, but the overall construction and quality is absolutely top notch

  240. James

    Nice gear

  241. Seongjun Choi

    I appreciate your service

  242. Anonymous

    I am impressed with how versatile this placard is on my Agilite K19 Plate Carrier. It was very easy to install and I like how it is easily swapped out for another placard depending on the type of mission. I primarily found it useful for holding medical gear that I can quickly access to provide aid to any member of my team or victim.

  243. Brockton Dickison

    Arrived fast, great quality for the price you pay. Very happy with this purchase

  244. Matt M.

    Fantastic kit

  245. Melvin S.

    Good quality, holds magazines securely.

  246. Anonymous

    It feels sturdy and and my ar-15 and sig mags fit nicely. I also like how low profile it is.

  247. Anonymous

    Plug and play versatility.

  248. Kapena

    To date this has been the “placard” for me. This placard continues to serve me well in ways that continue to evolve.This is the reason why I am so pleased to own one in coyote, ranger green, and multicam. My favorite🤙🏽

  249. Derrick

    Exactly what they said they were sending affordable and durable

  250. Derek J.

    Love the Maximus. Everything I thought it would be. One of the best all purpose placards I’ve found.

  251. James B.

    Just great and can’t wait to get the Harness for this as well

  252. Dylan Berry

    I got for my buddy and he can’t stop talking about it and now I’m thinking about getting one but on a side note it’s well constructed and well thought out I just wish it would shift with kydex and not elastic insert

  253. John J.

    Transaction was smooth and great price with Black Friday discount and free shipping. Product is very high-quality. I returned a black one to get the multi cam color and the return was easy as well. Still have not used the product to any great extent but no concerns about duraability. Form and fit are great

  254. Kimberly Baxter

    Quality piece of equipment. Very well made. I wish it would have come with some sort of backer for the hook portion so it could be used as a standalone chest rig.

  255. Kapena P.

    To date these have been my favorites, and have found exclusivity as the placard. Quality gear.

  256. Dalen H.

    This is the best placard for the price. It comes with adequate storage for mags and tools. The mag inserts are surprisingly smooth and fairly easy to use. The front pockets use zippers and have limit straps that keep all your items from spilling out when opened.

  257. Dustin P.

    Love it 10/10 would buy again

  258. Steven Coffman

    I’m Very happy with the quality of the materials used. The rifle magazines fit nice and snug, and the pistol magazine pouches have a plastic insert that hold onto the magazines well. The plastic insert allows for single stack or double stack magazines to be used with no issues! Zippers are also high quality and built tough.

  259. Aaron Worch

    I purchased this on sale and got a great price, service was excellent, I gave 4 stars because the elastic inserts that hold the magazines started to Frey and open at seams, so that wont last long, other than that its a great design

  260. Donnie H.

    Great placard

  261. Jacob D.

    Great product, retains everything wonderfully and is very ergonomic. The only critique I have is the uncovered hook material facing towards the chest. I understand HRT sells a breathable loop covering but a simple flat loop cover layer would be appreciated. I use it as a chest rig and the uncovered hook itches

  262. Kyle S.

    Excellent product.

  263. Joseph K.

    Would have been great if the velcro attachment was available.

  264. Hugo V.

    Your Maximus placard is great. I did a lot of shopping around for placards before deciding on yours and I’m glad I made the right choice. One thing I wish you did offer is a Velcro/Molle adapter for the back of the placard. Being in the military, our kit has molle on much of it and I’ll need an additional adapter to fit the placard on my issued body armor or FLC.

  265. Den Mak

    Do you guys have a placard that carries 6 AR 15 mags. Thank you!

  266. Michelle G.

    Very satisfied with the maximus placard, quality product as expected, 4 stars because it is a bit expensive for an imported product.

  267. Nicholas

    Love this placard. Durable, well made and very thoughtful design. Hrt kills it, best products out there.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Nicholas
  268. Trevor B.

    Good product

  269. Michael Felts

    Works great. Made my low profile setup perfect!

  270. Eric M.

    Just need plates next the products are great

  271. Benseven S.

    Best Placard!! 👌

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Benseven S.
  272. Tyler

    Product is perfect and very durable! Will be buying more products from them!

  273. william c.

    Best gear I’ve ever owned

  274. Dakota H.

    Solid piece of kit with quality material.

  275. Matthew Gallaway

    Nice quality, good capacity.

  276. Sascha

    Best Placard I have, all the long way to Germany ❤️

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Sascha
  277. Ryan

    Absolutely love this placard

  278. michael leon

    Works as advertised. Magazines fit well so do the pistol mags. Liked it.

  279. Anonymous

    I use the placard daily at work and have room for all the things that I need and then some. I use one side as an admin pouch and the other for various medical accessories. I carry a radio, baton, flashlight, handcuffs and glasses in the response insert I also purchased. I use the side pouches for my pepper spray and another flashlight for hands free use. This placard is absolutely amazing and I am very happy with it.

  280. Darren

    This product is exactly what I needed and fits perfectly on my rig. Absolutely love the fit, form and function of this HRT Placard, and the quality is superb. My only complaint is that I had to purchase it- I wish this was standard issue with my TYR Tactical Vest.
    Thanks guys-

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Darren
  281. kristopher hedin

    What a great product, good quality, I love it.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from kristopher hedin
  282. Daniel S.

    Amazing product, great quality and design, very well thought out.

  283. Ryan


  284. Nick O.

    Hit a Homerun with this product.

  285. Jane

    High quality and holds mags firmly but gently enough to reload. Pouches have ample space for admin or wound care.

  286. JUSTIN F.

    Great do it all placard system.

  287. Christopher

    Attached to work gear. One pouch dedicated for med gear (replacing cumbersome belt rig) and one for an admin/investigation pouch. Work in a maritime environment and I outfit this placard with sub gun, carbine and pistol mags so no change out for daily ops needed. I love this setup and highly recommend. Zippers and Velcro have stood up to sunlight, sea spray and other exposure.

  288. Derron B.

    This Peace of Gear is Phenomenal and meets the needs of any Mission.

  289. John M.

    Great folks. Placard is high quality, and does exactly what I need.

  290. Michael

    Very nice

  291. Sean O.

    Awesome system! Would love for the placards to come with kydex inserts, rather than the stretchy material.

  292. Anonymous

    Absolutely the best placard I’ve used. Not only is it easily configured to match mission needs, but small details like wrapped zippers for easier access in gloves or adverse environments. Or to organization pockets and flaps inside of the actual pouches themselves instead of one giant open space of clusterfCKK like other companies. I absolutely love this. – 0311

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  293. Anonymous

    Modular and easy to install onto my plate carrier.

  294. Ryan

    Looks great, fits great, feels great

  295. Travis H.

    Great product! I’m a JTAC in the Air Force and was looking for a replacement placard that could hold my loose equipment in an organized fashion. I used a dangler pouch before, and while it worked, I personally hated the flop against my abdomen (not to mention the lack of organization compared to this). I decided to try this out and, while it does add slight bulk to my front, the benefits of organized space and no annoying flop out weigh that slight negative. It does wonders when I’m sitting in a vehicle to access my kit, and I can still go in the prone if needed. My only complaint isn’t even a real one… I don’t need the side pistol mags and my multitool is too short to properly fit, so I don’t use them.

  296. Anonymous

    Fast shipping

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  297. Cody Harrison

    I heard of you guys from Iron Infidel and you guys have thought of everything when it comes to gear, the best plate carrier I own and that I’ve used so far. Very mission adaptable I can gear it up heavily or gear it down to be slick and use for exercise. Highly recommend this carrier

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Cody Harrison
  298. Jose Matilla

    I really like this placard/rig. I cant think of any negative things to say.

  299. Robert Moon

    Every product I have from these guys are top notch I have not been easy on these products and they hold up to everything I throw at them to perfection y’all have a customer for life ! Thanks and God bless

  300. Stanley

    great product

  301. Marquez B.

    Absolutely great quality product. I will definitely be shopping here again. My only hang-up was on the form of the AR pouches. The magazine fits well but re-holstering can be a slight issue. Also the depth of the mag pocket Keeps the magazine deeper into the pocket. To fix it, I just dropped a 12 gauge shell into it horizontally to take up some of the bottom space. Other than that, I’ll be back shopping here again, to get the chest rig straps for the placard (a 2 in 1 deal). I also purchased the multi-purpose hanger pouch that I use for my comms.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Marquez B.
  302. Scott A.

    Great product fits my K-19 very well. I was just upset I did not recive a HRT brand patch with my order.

  303. Thomas B.

    High quality, and competitively priced. Would buy again

  304. Ryan

    Makes is nice that change load outs. I can switch calibers and not have to tear everything apart.

  305. Thomas W.

    The organization is great. Looks sharp! However, the clips don’t fit onto any vest on our SWAT team, so we kind of have them jury rigged. I wish it would fit properly. I also with the rifle mags were more exposed so as to allow for more grip during speed reloads. I will run it for a month or so to get a good feel for it. I haven’t operated with it yet. Company is great. Great customer service. Very much Murica!

  306. Skye Ortiz

    The Maximus placard gives me options to carry lock picking equipment for breaching and an administrative pocket. I can carry spare radio batteries and all the equipment needed to keep me on task for mission.

  307. Kayla Holt

    The stitching on the velcro pad on the right multipurpose pouch is already coming off.

    • admin

      Send it back in and we will out send a new one.

  308. Anonymous

    Excellent quality, super fast shipping, works and performs flawlessly. Could not be happier.

  309. Daniel

    Very satisfied with this product.

  310. Scott W.

    Very nice placard, well built, lots of usable storage. I wish it told in the description that it did not come with the padded backing. I wanted this to double as a chest rig when not on my carrier but actually had to place a second order and pay shipping a second time to get the backing so I could use it as a chest rig.

  311. Anonymous

    As advertised, great quality.very happy with it

  312. Logan

    Great Placard for magazines and essentials. The zipper pockets are spacious and allow for numerous job specific items.

  313. James

    Fantastic design and built just as well. Great company and great customer service.

  314. Anonymous

    Love this piece. Ifak in one compartment light multi tool and batteries in the other

  315. ANGEL

    Love the equipment. The only thing that would make it better is something for radios. I get the winger can fit a radio but its not secure. Something to put a radio on the side would make this the top placard of all. Otherwise its phenomenal.

  316. Anonymous

    Awesome product.

  317. Cody K.

    Perfection. Not to big and not to small.

  318. Chase Davis

    Everything you need all rolled into one neat package; a ton of options as far as how and where to stow what you need. I did not like the elastic they used for the magazine pouches, but that was an easy fix with Esstac Kywis and a 8492NW Mag Wedges adapter kit. Honestly it’s the best placard I’ve ever tried after the slight modification.

  319. Dallon

    It’s a super useful placard that can accommodate a variety of mission requirements.

  320. Anthony R.

    Fit and function are perfect!

  321. Anonymous

    Amazing piece of gear. Couldn’t be happier

  322. David

    Wish would have been asked what insert for magazines i would have perferred.

  323. Daniel W.

    Awesome I love it


    This product is very good with excellent storage capacity.

  325. carter thurman


  326. Matt H.

    This is like… the… placard.

  327. Anonymous

    LEO daily use. Holds a scraper, narcan, nitrile gloves, extra pens, notebook, my phone, mini flashlight, extra 18650 battery, freeze +P can, multi tool, AR mag, 6-round shotgun card, spare charging cord… ain’t remotely close to full or even bulky. Flaps on pouch insides ensure stuff doesn’t accidentally fall out, zippers are very water resistant. Clips and buckles don’t come loose when hands-on is required. Plenty of room to stuff way more junk in this thing than you’ll ever need. Takes a while to figure out the setup that works for you, but once you do it’s like carrying most of what you need to do the job without inhibiting mobility. Plus you can pop it off to eat like a human at a table if need be, without removing your whole vest. The only negative is you WILL end up carrying a bunch of stuff and it’ll take a while to figure out what you don’t need that you stuffed in there 2 months ago, because EVERYTHING fits. And yes, the elastic mag insert is strong enough to hold a G34 with WML if you’re dumb enough to stuff it in there to hop over a fence and end up flipped upside down (we won’t talk about how I figured that out).

  328. Evan G.

    Works fantastic

  329. Jonathan Jamieson

    This is a great placard for my vest. It holds all my magazines and Med gear perfectly.

  330. Nicholas Rizzo

    Absolutely love this placard. Very high quality and despite ordering from canada on a long weekend customer service was exceptional ensuring everything went well. I will 100% be ordering from HRT again.

  331. Troy T.

    What is not to like – superior product!!

  332. Brett

    This is a sweet placard. Very well built. Plenty of space for odds and ends along with organization in the front pockets. Picked up the air backer. Unit snaps directly into my eagle industries yote eod pack shoulder straps. Makes for a sweet chest rig with a pack.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Brett
    Image #2 from Brett
  333. max jewell

    fantastic no notes

  334. Michael O.

    No downside. Super well made. So much versatility in one package. Works great for everything.

  335. Mathew Gonzalez

    The build quality is very good, but I feel that the rifle Magazines sit just a little too low and make reloads difficult as you cant get a good grip on them

  336. Anthony AYN

    Excelente servicio

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anthony AYN
  337. Muhammad H.

    Great quality

  338. Michael T.

    Integrated with my Defense Mechanisms MEPC very well. Very good pouch/pocket placement and initial quality looks to be good. Have yet to fuck around in it to see how it holds up but I think it will do fine.

  339. Henry Yennie

    Everything I needed!

  340. Robert W.

    Placard is well made and fits perfectly. Fixes securely to front plate carrier pouches are well designed. Can’t wait to take it through a range day. A bit pricey but seems worth the expense.

  341. Anonymous

    I wish the entire back wasn’t Velcro or they made some sort of patch to cover it

  342. Joshua

    The only issue I have, and this is me being super critical. The space between the 2 admin pouches are too close and makes it harder to access the zipper. But the pull tabs help out alot. The admin pouches are well designed and I can organize alot of gear in there.

  343. Phillip W.

    Great for the range and hiking

  344. Joseph Ferraro

    Just waiting for the carrier, super excited!

  345. Matt karden

    Great service amazing product!

  346. Anonymous

    Solid piece of gear.

  347. Christian C.

    The Maximus placard is a great way to organize all your gear especially if you are carrying a large ifak or need a lot of admin gear. It allows for 3 rifle mags which is great and can also adapt to hold smg or .30 cal mags. I was worried it would be too bulky but after riding in cars, clearing houses, and perhaps the most importantly, eating lunch, it did not make me too wide. Overall I am very happy with the Maximus and would highly recommend it if it fits your operational needs.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Christian C.
  348. Jonathan Rumsey

    Absolutely great quality would love to see one made for ar10 to!!!

  349. Brady Pierron

    The Maximus is the perfect answer to needing more than 3 Rifle mags, pistol mags, and admin space, all compact enough to move efficiently while still doing the job.
    My only caveat is that I wish the magazine pouches had bungee retention incorporated.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Brady Pierron
  350. Lukas H.

    Does everything as advertised. I hoped I could fit AUG magazines, but unfortunately they are really tight in the AR insert so they kinda hook on each other while drawing. Guess I have to find another solution for that, but with all the velcro in the magazine compartment, this shouldn’t be too difficult. The buckles are very sturdy and hold perfectly on the K19 plate carrier, the GP pouches are big enough to fit all the essentials, but small enough to keep an overall low profile.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Lukas H.
  351. Lamarr Jackson

    Holds lots of gear reliably

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Lamarr Jackson
  352. Sathaphone

    My first placard and I freakin love it. The pistol mag pouches that doubles as another utility tool holder with removable Krydex insert gives you the best of both worlds; while also retaining 3 AR style mags, that can have the insert removed and be used as an admin pouch. You can buy the zipper cover attachment separately on HRT’s accessories section, but currently this placard is used as my mag holder, so no need. Going to be modular with it by having it on my plate carrier, and also have it setup with the HRT H Harness with the thing 2 from spiritus systems, some 3 row molle pouches, and boom a chest rig setup. HIGH QUALITY stitching and fabrics. And it f**ks that it comes with a lifetime warranty. I have yet to go duty mode with it, but i have no doubt it’ll perform how it needs to. 10/10 would recommend.

  353. Patrick Soriano

    I definitely loving it. Initially ordered a spiritus systems placard but found that it wasnt what I was wanting. Watched a review on this one and gave it a shot.

  354. Josh

    Awesome placard.

  355. Ronald

    This placard was an awesome purchase. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. It cam with a 3 slot holder for my AR mags and fit perfect. Not to mention the room inside the pouches hold a great amount of spare equipment.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ronald
  356. Matt R.

    Works as expected. Faster than expected delivery.

  357. Anonymous

    Hand down best placard! You don’t have to buy extra pieces. Everything comes with it and at a price you can’t beat!

  358. Seffan Bune

    Absolutely love it. Great quality and functionality.

  359. Tyler

    More space than I anticipated. Secures well to the front. As always with HRT it’s quality materials and well constructed. The ability to move the inner magazine pouches allows me to secure a handheld radio. Which puts it in perfect position to change channels and adjust as needed.

  360. Steven T.

    Anyone w/ a complaint regarding this placard MUST be working for HRT’s competition.

  361. Andrew

    I’m a TEMS guy on my SWAT Team. I like the versatility this placard provides. It gives me the ability to go “lighter” by dumping my med bag and carrying medical supplies (additional TQs in lieu of two the rifle mags, hemostatic gauze, NPAs, and darts in the pouches, and chest seals in the back) on my person.

  362. Jeremy L.

    Quality material, easy grab zippers run smooth . Easily attaches to carrier, and remains in place. Pack easily holds extra double stack mags, some self aid, and land nav equipment, without discomfort when moving Pocket flap maintains its integrity when open, contents do not just spill out. Only addition I would like to see is possibly a horizontal piece of elastic sewn into the inside front flap to keep pen/pencil, trauma scissors in place. Not a complaint by any means, just a thought to improve on an already great product.

  363. Anonymous

    Great piece of equipment works as advertised. The only flaw in this piece of equipment is that it doesn’t come with the HRT Air pass backer. So I had to buy it in a separate order after my work shirt was ruined while hiking from the Velcro because the backer wasn’t included, which for the price it should!!!

  364. Colton E.

    I was looking for a placard for an active shooter plate carrier for work. I came across this and knew this was what I needed.

    Lots of room in the front pouches for medical supplies as well has mag space. Feels well made and very secure stitching. Fits nicely in my Agilite K19 plate carrier.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Colton E.
  365. HAYDEN B.

    Must have for the rigs, tons of space

  366. Elias Wolfer

    Definitely the most versatile placard in my opinion. Absolutely love it!

  367. Ryan

    Haven’t had opportunity to test it much but its very easy to add to existing PC, all mag inserts are easy to use, and the GP pouches are easy to use while staying relatively slim. So far its exactly what I was looking for.

  368. Anonymous

    Very Good, def will buy again.

  369. Benjamin

    Police Tested and Approved. Interfaces perfectly with my k19 carrier. This product meets and exceeds that standards in craftsmanship and durability that I have come to expect in all HRT products.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Benjamin
  370. David

    This gear is well thought out and nicely constructed. One issue though, is the included magazine inserts. There is no webbing to keep magazines from going all the way through the insert in to the bottom of the placard pouch. A typical 30 round mag barely pokes out enough to provide positive grip on the mag. A 20 round scar 17 mag completely disappears.
    The built in pouches are nice and have lots of storage options and are a good size.
    The placard hangs 2 inches too low on my grey ghost plate carrier, exposing 2 inches of the hook side Velcro on the back of the placard. That could be an issue with the carrier. Over all seems to be good gear with just some small issues that I can deal with.

  371. Jonathan Garcia

    Love the HRT MAXIMUS fit my carrier perfect 💯

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Jonathan Garcia
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