SMG Maximus Insert


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  • Hold up to 5 Magazines
  • Fits Maximus Placard
  • Elastic construction to fit most magazines
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SMG Maximus Insert

The SMG (Sub Machine Gun) insert allows you to carry up to 5 magazines in your Maximus Placard. This insert allows most size magazines to be inserted from a smaller MP5 (9mm) style magazine up to larger HK UMP (45ACP) style magazine. The inserts are elastic and if your magazine is similar in size to the ones pictured, it will probably work.

  • Hold up to 5 Magazines
  • Fits Maximus Placard
  • Elastic construction to fit most magazines

NOTE: Only works with Maximus Placard System

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33 reviews for SMG Maximus Insert

  1. David Hawkins

    Have yet to use this one

  2. Fernando Quinones

    It’s great will order another one

  3. Fernando Quinones

    Love the item will be purchasing some other items love the gear

  4. Anonymous

    Fits my spiritus mk4 perfectly. Also holds one more mag than their insert. Works great with ets and H&K mp5 mags

  5. Ruben

    Sig MPX mags fit super tight and not easily removed from placard or to reindex

  6. Daniel

    perfect for hk mp5 mags. may require additional double sided loop for some pockets

  7. Robert H.

    Sturdy and well made, functions as described, have yet to run a drill with it so can’t speak to operational functioning however. Plan to install and run in placard and drill this weekend. More to be revealed.

  8. Andrew Smith

    Very pleased. Fits my 35rnd AKV mags nice and snug. Quality materials and heavy stitching. Velcro hold tight, Ive got no worries about losing gear.

  9. Jamison

    Great for stick mags, stays open when needed to easily replace mags

  10. Jermaine Salmon

    The inserts could be a little stiffer, similar to the inserts on the placard. I had difficulty during mag changes when trying to insert the empty mag.

  11. Anonymous

    Got just in case but have not used yet.

  12. Adam O.

    Simple works well

  13. Rob G.

    Intuitive design, works flawlessly.

  14. Mikko L.

    Self explanatory, works fine!

  15. Cody Corado

    Best pouch for a sub gun on the market!

  16. Ray F.

    Very good. I wish it didn’t have an open bottom as it catches on 9mm AK mags a little. One came out of the rig but also snagged and nearly fell from my hand. MP5 mags and other smooth mags are a breeze though. The design doesn’t let me reindex mags easily closes up once the mag comes out.

  17. Donald B.

    Awesome quality.

  18. Michael D.

    Great Quality. Going to do a review on my YouTube Channel.

  19. Colton Howard

    Easy to mag reindex

  20. Anonymous

    Work perfectly.

  21. Alex

    Great product.

  22. Trevor B.

    Good product

  23. Michael Felts

    Makes it easy to swap between AR and SMG, while using the same kit

  24. James

    Perfect insert for my Glock magazines.

  25. James K.

    Works well. Straightforward to install!

  26. carter thurman


  27. Daniel Eckholdt


  28. ChenWai

    Added flexibility to my plate carrier where I can now carry my SMG.45 magazines on my carrier for specific missions.

  29. Anonymous

    It was custom worn on other equipment I had, not the hrt Maximus placard. but it works fine

  30. Anonymous

    Haven’t messed with it much but looks to be of quality.

  31. Josh

    Great addition for running my 9mm sub guns.

  32. Levi

    Overall happy with this with a few critiques. You aren’t going to five five Scorpion Evo mags in here, it’s too tight. You technically can, but it’s completely impractical. I kinda figured that out before ordering, so I just stuck my CAT in the left most sleeve of the insert. I also wish there was more Velcro real estate, you’ve only got little 3/4″ strips on all five “pouches”, and I’m not completely sold on how long they’ll last or keep their position. Overall it’ll work fine, and if it doesn’t I’ll figure something else out.

  33. David

    These work fine with long magazines. Any shorter mags will slip down to the bottom of the placard insert pouch.

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