M81 Woodland – Limited Edition set


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In this package:

-Package 1 Quick Release

  • RAC Plate Carrier
  • 3 Band Quick Release Cummerbund (photo shows 2 band, this will ship with 3 band QR cummerbund)
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M81 Woodland

This is the last of our special run of M81 Woodland pattern for our most popular products.

The woodland pattern is a camouflage pattern that was used as the default camouflage pattern issued to the United States Armed Forces from 1981, with the issue of the Battle Dress Uniform, until its replacement in the mid 2000s. It is a four color, high contrast disruptive pattern with irregular markings in sand, brown, green and black. It is also known unofficially by its colloquial moniker of “M81”, though this term was not officially used by the U.S. military.  The U.S. Navy retains the Woodland Pattern for specific units and organizations, such as the U.S. Navy SEALs and SWCC, who are currently the primary U.S. users of this uniform.  The Woodland Pattern BDU was phased out by the Marine Corps in 2002, although it was reintroduced for the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command in 2011 and was also worn by MARSOC forces in the War in Afghanistan.

Several state defense forces use the Woodland Pattern on their BDUs. The pattern also sees use among police departments as well.

In this package:

-Package 1

  • RAC Plate Carrier
  • 3 Band Quick Release Cummerbund (photo shows 2 band, this will ship with 3 Band Quick Release cummerbund)

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7 reviews for M81 Woodland – Limited Edition set

  1. Anonymous

    Great piece of kit. Super quality.

  2. Kyle

    Was very happy to receive the woodland pc order, great quality. Quite light, I’m tempted to get a black pc for work. I look forward to ordering from them again in the future.

  3. Nicholas G.

    Love it, I wished I would have ordered the front placard and back zip panel. I hope yall offer them in m81 in the future to fill out my kit.

  4. Michael FREY

    It’s real beast.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Michael FREY
  5. Jon

    Solid and intuitive

  6. Josh

    Excellent quality kit.

  7. Frank L.

    Quality quality kit . Right size and matches my old issued drifire uniform

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