HRT Response Placard


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  • Placard features 2 AR15 and 2 handgun magazine pouches
  • Polymer insert to hold magazines in place
  • Bungee retention for magazines
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to HRT HRAC and RAC Carriers (Male and Female Included)
  • placard measures 9.25” x 7”
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HRT Response Placard

The Placard was designed to attach to our HRT HRAC and RAC plate carriers or work in conjunction with Duraflex Buckle system. Our Response Placard holds two M4 style rifle magazines along with two handgun magazines. The magazine pouches feature a polymer insert along with bungee retention to keep your magazines in place. The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place. The placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system.

  • Placard features 2 AR15 and 2 handgun magazine pouches
  • Polymer insert to hold magazines in place
  • Bungee retention for magazines
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to HRT HRAC or RAC Carriers (Male and Female Included)
  • placard measures 9.25” x 7”

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Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Multicam Black

69 reviews for HRT Response Placard

  1. Christopher

    Love this piece of kit. Low profile to the front of my vest is the name of the game!

  2. Davis D

    Work how it should. But I find that it holds my mags a little too tight in the vest for my preference.

  3. Dean

    HRT is the best! Customer service and response to questions and update on orders are great!!

  4. Jacob Aaron

    Another quality product from the guys at HRT. It works beautifully with my HRAC. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Killer!

  5. Joseph

    Exactly what I have been missing. 2 AR and 2 pistol, perfect. I paired this with your TQ holder and I am all set!

  6. Anonymous

    Works very well with the Velocity Plate Carrier. The construction is very durable. Nice Product.

  7. Kevin Gonzalez

    Very good quality


    Great stitching, feels like it was done with attention to detail. Shipping was very quick.

  9. Eric

    Full of awesome. Chuck Norris would be proud to use it.

  10. Avery

    Product looked very well made. Very sturdy and durable. USPS lost my package for a week, but HRT customer service was amazing during that time. Will definitely shop here again.

  11. William C.

    Hi quality placard we’ve dozens of these from HRT.

  12. Michael Souza

    Best mag pouches available. The bungees aren’t even needed to hold mags in securely.

  13. Jonathan

    Very sturdy. Both AR Magazines and Glock mags fit great even without the bungee cords.

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    Image #1 from Jonathan
  14. Jerrod Alford

    Very nice

  15. Warrior Poet

    It’s super simple, and exactly what I wanted. This is a pretty slick placard with good retention straps and seems to be well constructed. I will have to use it a bit more to see if it holds up, but I don’t see a reason it wouldn’t. I’d buy it again.

  16. Damond Duangrat

    Excellent quality and attention to detail. Love the kydex inserts.

  17. William Weaver

    simplistic and minimalistic. Great for a light fighter set up.

  18. William M.

    Excellent retention with the plastic inserts. Well made

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    Image #1 from William M.
  19. Hunter Lafever

    Love it.

  20. Kyle

    Very well thought out. I love the kydex inserts that have retention on the mags

  21. Ryan

    Perfect setup and does not bulk out in front of you like a lot of mag pouches tend to do.

  22. Christopher

    A very versatile placard, one of the best offerings in this space.

  23. Josiah

    Very nice, super easy to switch out with other placards!

  24. Doug T.

    Same quality as the plate carrier

  25. Dalton A.

    Mags stick

  26. Christian

    Simple. Efficient.

  27. Chris Garner

    Very good quality. Great mag retention. I also got the shotgun placard and both are fast and easy to change out without having multiple carriers.

  28. Michael B.

    Excellent quality placard.

  29. Bronson S.

    Great product, sturdy, looks great and mag holders are tight! Love it and will buy another one in the future!

  30. bryan

    Great quality as with the other items from this company. Bought this along with the Maximus Placard to have as options.

  31. Roman G.


  32. Sean M.

    Great service and product. Will be buying more from you.

  33. Anonymous

    Nice design fits double and single stack pistol mags.

  34. Aaron Y.

    Solid front placard, and it fits my carrier perfect! Iv always ran two rifle and two pistol mags but I had to run separate pouches and they were sloppy and flopped around. This placard is a lot more ridged since the pouches are integrated in. Plus the plastic inserts hold the mags great!

  35. Jeffrey P.

    Love my new Response Placard-snaps easily onto my plate carrier and puts my gear within reach for quick reloads-highly recommend.

  36. Matt Field

    Great quality, set up in helpful platforms.

  37. DUANE L.

    Looks great with plate carrier.

  38. mike s.

    high quality and easy to install. Highly recommended!!

  39. Ethan D.

    Great little piece of kit, kywi like inserts work pretty good and have good retention. Adjustment in the buckles would be nice but still really nice

  40. Adam

    Great stitch quality and excellent retention provided by the kydex inserts alone. I removed the shock-cord tabs completely. They’re not necessary. Two thumbs up for good gear.

  41. Chris

    Perfect placard. Minimalistic while still giving 2 pistol and 2 rifle mags.

  42. Patrick

    Would probably prefer a 3 mag placard otherwise great

  43. Tri

    Highly recommend this product

  44. Anonymous

    Great product and excellent quality will be Buying more in the near future. God bless you America!!!

  45. broderick anderson

    One and only problem: rifle mags would get hung up.

  46. SteveO

    HRT Response in Ranger Green is awesome kit. Magazine retention is top notch WITHOUT the bungee cords.
    Material (USA sourced) and craftsmanship is fantastic. Love the load out capability this brings.

  47. Robert F.

    Nice design. Holds mags tight. No extra bulk.

  48. ANDREW

    Having the ability to quickly change placards based upon my needs that day is great. This placard has everything I need for my typical day at the range or most courses.

  49. George

    This placard is exactly what I was looking for as an addition to my plate carrier.

  50. Troy C.

    Exceeded my expectations! Extremely durable and well designed.

  51. Anonymous

    Great piece of gear. Very secure when holding magazines and great color match to my PC. Definitely looking into more HRT gear.

  52. Anonymous


  53. John

    Awesome pouches, built extremely well.

  54. Dan

    Five stars. Great placard for a grab and go setup. Only complaint is that the over insertion tab on gen 3 magpuls is tough to deal with. Gen 2s and GI mags are great. Maybe the nylon will stretch over time. I will say that I would rather use gen 2 mags or GI mags than find a different solution.

  55. Brian

    This is my day-to-day placard for active shooter response. Works and looks great.

  56. Fredman T.

    Great quality and I really like the detachable clips.

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    Image #1 from Fredman T.
  57. Anonymous

    Well made

  58. Benjamin M.

    Strong Solid product from stitch to stitch!!! It goes well with my HRAC Adaptive Plate carrier!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Benjamin M.
  59. David M.

    Great idea quick delivery quality product. So easy when missions change to quickly adapt gear.

  60. josh c.

    Great for police work and its built for exactly what it says it is. Everything you need for an active shooter response.

  61. Justin Baxley

    Fantastic quality and functionality!

  62. Padraic K.

    Perfect for home defense

  63. Edgardo

    Not too happy with this item. At first it came without the pull tabs so I had to contact you guys for those. Got those with no problem, thank you HRT customer service. But after 1 class & another range day I started to notice the kydex insert was trying to cut through the material due to a sharp corner.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Edgardo
  64. Cody Osburn

    The placard fits great on the carrier and at first glance it seems like a perfect solution. The material and stitching is great, and I like the plastic inserts for the mag pouches. I think the the bungee retainers are a bit much when coupled with the plastic mag inserts. They can also get to be a bit tangled when unlatching one and then going for the other during multiple reload drills. Additionally, I found that with the gen3 5.56 pmags, the magazines do not come out. They get caught and I have almost thrown my shoulder out trying to pull it out of the mag pouch. I have also had the whole placard get ripped off the velcro when trying to remove a mag from the pouch. Thank god there are buckles otherwise the whole placard would have come off. This is something that needs to be addressed because I can’t use the gen3 mags in it, which were made to be more reliable. There seems to be no issues with gen2 pmags, aluminum mags, hexmags, or Amend2 mags. I am pretty disappointed that the gen3 pmags can’t be used. I have even been leaving my mags inserted to try and train the pouches/plastic or whatever it gets caught on for the gen3 and it has gotten better but is still not reliable. They still snag and won’t come out for whatever reason. I assume its because the gen3 pmags have a more square edge than the gen2.

  65. Eric

    very effective placard. works for the purpose it was made for. only complaint is the security of hook and loop in relation to the carrier. It is a bit weak and doesnt line up well.

  66. Wykeem F.

    Like this placard will buy more, but my only thing was the Kydex for the pistol mags was alittle loose.

  67. Darren

    Exactly what I needed

  68. Anonymous

    See previous comment. Thank you for being here for the American citizens that the privileged Washington DC elite has abandoned.

  69. City of New Philadelphia

    Having a little more space between the 2 AR mag pouches would make the magazine a little easier to access

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