Heavy Maximus Insert


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  • Hold up to 2 Large Magazines
  • Fits Maximus Placard
  • Elastic construction to fit most magazines
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Heavy Maximus Insert

The Heavy insert allows you to carry 2 larger magazines in your Maximus Placard. This insert allows most heavy size magazines to be inserted. The inserts are elastic and if your magazine is similar in size to the ones pictured, it will probably work.

  • Hold up to 2 Large Magazines
  • Fits Maximus Placard
  • Elastic construction to fit most magazines

NOTE: Only works with Maximus Placard System.

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22 reviews for Heavy Maximus Insert

  1. Alec

    Works like a charm

  2. TYLER H.

    Works great with my AK P-mags.

  3. Anonymous

    Works as it should

  4. Edward P.

    Easy to adapt the Maximus placard to a heavier caliber.

  5. Kevin S.

    Better retention and easier insertion than I expected.

  6. Matthieu Page

    Awesome gears ! Very good well served

  7. Blake F.

    Securely holds my mags perfectly.

  8. Adam O.

    Simple works well

  9. James Hopkins

    It works.

  10. Oleg

    Great product and great customer service, will definitely buy again HRT products

  11. Colton Howard

    Not so easy to reindex mags also I’d rather have 3 mags then 2

  12. Jose

    Can’t say enough, provides easy conversion from one caliber to another. Sweet!

  13. Chace Downing

    Maximus is the best placard out there and this is the last insert I was missing.

  14. John Petty


  15. Obadiah L.

    Excellent for my AK magazines. Fit securely with no issues whatsoever, both P Mags and Steel. Great quality stuff!

  16. Josh H.

    These are do dope!

  17. Joel Ross

    I bought this thinking it’d fit an AK mag, don’t really have any use for it

  18. Louis Overstreet

    They fit perfectly, hope they hold up for the use I’m going to do with them

  19. Dylan C.


  20. Justice Page

    My only issue is that I cant fit 4 in that pocket on my vest. Otherwise a excellent product

  21. Steven T.

    Heck… exACTLY what I was looking for. Great retention, low weight, perfect fit.

  22. David

    There is no webbing to keep magazines from going all the way through the insert in to the bottom of the placard pouch. A 20 round scar 17 mag completely disappears. Construction is nice, materials are good to go.

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