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HRT Triple AR Placard


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  • Placard features 3 AR15 magazine pouches
  • Polymer Insert to hold magazines in place
  • Bungee retention for magazines
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system
  • placard measures 9.25” x 7”
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HRT Triple AR Placard


HRT Triple AR Placard
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The HRT Triple AR Placard was designed to attach to our HRAC and RAC plate carriers or work in conjunction with Duraflex Buckle system. Our HRT Triple AR Placard holds three M4 style rifle magazines. The magazine pouches feature a polymer insert along with bungee retention to keep your magazines in place. The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place. The placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system.



  • Placard features 3 AR15 magazine pouches
  • Polymer Insert to hold magazines in place
  • Bungee retention for magazines
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to HRT HRAC and RAC Carriers (Male and Female Included)
  • placard measures 9.25” x 7”

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76 reviews for HRT Triple AR Placard

Based on 76 reviews
  1. Avatar


    Favorite triple m4 placard I’ve ever used

  2. Avatar


    Fits as advertised, fast service. Great product.

  3. Avatar


    Polymer inserts and retention straps are great. Durable construct. Necessary and useful to have hook and loop on the rear of the placard, which provides great stability when on the move. Very happy with this product.

  4. Avatar


    Well made, good value, HRT always responds to m emails

  5. Avatar


    Outstanding quality. Thank you

  6. Avatar

    Alec Felmlee

    Easy to use and I love the how they always retain their form

  7. Avatar

    Dylan James

    Works great nice and simple

  8. Avatar


    Excellent product!!!

  9. Avatar


    It’s nice to have a slick option for carrying just rifle mags in certain training scenarios. The quick attachment system is amazing!

  10. Avatar

    Travis Davidson

    Very good product!

  11. Avatar

    Jameson H.

    Amazing placard. Very slick with the plate carrier.

  12. Avatar

    James P.

    Easy on and off if I need/want to change the load out, but has stayed in place when I need it to.

  13. Avatar

    Hunter Baird

    Very good. The mag pouches have reinforced material inside to help with keeping mags in place. Only thing I see is the mags are a little difficult to place into pouches at first. I’m sure with more use they will lighten up and allow for a smoother insert. Overall, love it!

  14. Avatar

    Randy Wills

    Works perfect with the plate carrier.

  15. Avatar

    James F.

    Definitely a solid placard built very well and sized perfect, fits great on my plate carrier.

  16. Avatar

    Brandon Sexton

    Excellent quality, exactly what I wanted and the best stitching I’ve seen.

  17. Avatar



    I just used this placard in a Carbine class and I was very happy with the mag retention and overall quality of this product.

  18. Avatar


    Well made. Holds magazines securely. Feels like it is part of the plate carrier.

  19. Avatar



  20. Avatar


    I like the retention of the plastic inserts. Quick detachment of the buckles along with velcro make for a secure fit. The construction is solid. It’s Good stuff.

  21. Avatar

    Derik M.

    Fits very well and low profile. Mags fit snug and do not move around even without the strap over the the mag. Great quality just like every other product from HRT.

  22. Avatar


    Fits the carrier perfectly; holds the mags; all good.

  23. Avatar

    Luis Verissimo


  24. Avatar

    Joseph F.

    Seems very well made haven’t taken it to the range yet but pairs perfectly with my HRAC

  25. Avatar


    Well made product

  26. Avatar

    Mike m.


  27. Avatar

    Zachary A.

    Finally had the opportunity to run this placard through an FTX. The only thing I didn’t find preferable was the shock cord, though even with it getting in the way of reinserting it never prevented me from being able to fully reinsert the magazine and didn’t compromise any retention. I removed the cord in the field and since then drawing and reinserting mags has been more fluid. I’m glad it came with the shock cord retention instead of being another purchase so we at least have the opportunity to decide which works better up front. No holes or rips after being on my belly for half the FTX either. Definitely a well made product all around, just as everything else I have from HRT has been.

  28. Avatar

    Jason Stamper

    Happy with the product, but would like a tab at the bottom of the magazine tension straps to assist with getting a grip on the strap to tighten down.

  29. Avatar

    Heather Schmidt

    very good product, and holds magazines well!

  30. Avatar

    Derek M.

    Very well made and the inserts that hold the mags in grip very good but not to excessive to where you can’t get the mags out.

  31. Avatar


    Satisfactory fit and finish and quality…

  32. Avatar

    David W.

    Works great with solid retention for any 5.56 mag I’ve used in it (Magpul, Lancer, OK, 30 and 20 rounders).

  33. Avatar

    Steven Davis

    Easy to install. Like the Plate Carrier quality is great.

  34. Avatar


    Wish it also fit ak mages… but AR is in the name.

  35. Avatar


    Holds mags secure and easy to reindex.

  36. Avatar


    Solid retention for the mags and the stitching is really quite good. Happy overall with this item.

  37. Avatar


    Limited time (~8 hours) running with plates but everything fits and is comfortable. The mag inserts are stiff at first but after a few hours of work they were holding the right amount of retention. I removed the bungie straps due to the inserts providing great retention. Product shipped within hours of order and arrived with 48 hours during plandemic and Election season. Very impressed with product and service.

  38. Avatar

    Joseph Konopka

    Good quality and good service

  39. Avatar


    Just what I needed.

  40. Avatar

    Derik M.

    Fits perfect on my HRT RAC plate carrier. The mags sit firm in the pouch even without the use of the bungee cord wrapped over it. Great product!

  41. Avatar

    Michael F.

    Clips seem durable enough (for being plastic). Cheap feeling molle.

  42. Avatar

    Mitchell D.

    This placard is exactly what I was looking for. It works great on my slickster

  43. Avatar

    Corey ware

    Changing the placard’s is super easy no need to wrestle with Molly straps

  44. Avatar


    Nicely tensioned, retention just right for me

  45. Avatar


    Love it 100%

  46. Avatar

    Wes I.

    Fits AR mag. Low profile and minimalist. It has Kydex mag inserts inside the pouches. I do wish the inserts were a bit taller. Inserting Mags(PMags to be exact) may stick a little bit but not to the point of being difficult.

  47. Avatar

    Aaron Hildebrand

    Great retention on the magazine, sleak and doesn’t move when running.

  48. Avatar


    Good fit with Magpul magazines. Easy in and out process.

  49. Avatar

    Arne S.

    They serve their role. I would like to see Velcro across the entire back. In the middle there is no connection to the vest and when using a PMAG it wants to pull apart from the Velcro connection it has.

  50. Avatar


    tis good.

  51. Avatar

    Michael FREY


  52. Avatar


    These placards are absolutely top notch. I love the clamps that are built in that not only grab onto your mags to hold them tightly, but also keep your mag pouches open for re-insertion. I couldn’t be happier.

  53. Avatar


    All around impressed with the quality of this item. Compared to the more budget friendly options out there, this is well worth the money in my opinion. I have a cheaper mag holder, and this blows it out of the water. Good job HRT.

  54. Avatar

    Christopher Chan

    great retention, although i wish the actual slots were not as high, maybe 1inch lower would be perfect in my opinion

  55. Avatar

    Travis Fox


  56. Avatar

    Christopher T.

    Great low pro setup for my carrier.

  57. Avatar


    Shit is awesome. Bought it for my boy and he is in love with it. Stellar product.

  58. Avatar

    Austin Roth

    I absolutely love that it attaches with Velcro and the clips. Stays super close to your body and doesn’t move under stress

  59. Avatar

    Matthew Webley

    Love how its easily detachable and looks good in Black Mulitcam

  60. Avatar

    David Twinam

    Works well, nice option if 3 Mags are enough

  61. Avatar


    Great product overall, only improvement that I could see would be single molle on the side of the outside mag pouches. If that would fit it would be pretty sweet. 10 outta 10 though!

  62. Avatar

    Charles D.

    Overall a great addition for the plate carrier. It allows you to have a sleek look that fits closer to the plate carrier. That on top of having the inserts makes it a must have!

  63. Avatar


    Just what I was looking for to finish out the carrier…thanks

  64. Avatar


    Amazing quality

  65. Avatar


    Supports mags including the metal speed mags and Pmags! Huge fan !

  66. Avatar

    Christopher Amato

    Great fit for my gear! And Laura was amazing in customer service I will be doing a review on the mag placard for you guys.

  67. Avatar


    Great versatility for placard swapping setting up for specific mission use.

  68. Avatar


    Great product

  69. Avatar


    Gets the job done.

  70. Avatar

    Devin D.

    Arrived quickly, good quality

  71. Avatar

    Timothy Rash

    Again…. amazing quality, and I can rock the placard without bungee if wanted.

  72. Avatar


    Great product. I will buy more. Well done.

  73. Avatar


    Great product…. Setting up my 2nd carrier, all HRT RAC and gear

  74. Avatar


    works, just absurdly expensive for what it is. seems like kind of a gimmick for instagram influencers. does not work well with the velcro on the cummerbunds or radio/tq velcro attachments. it’s a struggle to get the vest on or off without sending attachments everywhere and they don’t really seat very well. velcro system on the back of the placard sometimes comes loose when running or leaning over for whatever reason and the placard just starts swinging around. The placard system is cool in theory but hasn’t really worked out for me. my gear queer buddies really oversold this system to me, should’ve just gone with the JPC instead.

  75. Avatar

    Xavier A.

    Great retention and can fit AK style mags if you remove the inserts

  76. Avatar


    Great quality!

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